United States of America · 1 Days · 9 Moments · January 2018

Anita's voyage in Canada

15 January 2018

That dog walker had a handful of big dogs including a husky who cantered like a trotting horse! Then there was another big dog who decided to try to poop in the middle of the road, being dragged while in the squat position!
Looking at the Cascades
What a fantastic day for Seattle in mid January
Lunchtime at the Highland Park overlaps ok, then to get Ivar’s as dictated by Ali, and met Iris from SF and her 10 Mo old AKK Kona, and Library closed on this holiday (d’uh)
Found a lovely hidden garden and another viewpoint down the street from Highland Park on Queen Anne Hill.
Made a quick trek to Ballard but parking was difficult so had to settle for a drive-by shot
Liking the clear mountain views
Soren’s Boy Scout troop at their “day of service” after helping to spread tanbark on a walking trail behind the senior center in Lynnwood - a visit to the fire station is always fun - just ask Alison
Morning starts early at the Tanbergs... Erica up and out by 6:15 and Audrey up with boys shortly thereafter. Auggie was fascinated by the aerobed and particularly by the valve that lets out the air. Soren was the Air Cop. His recent birthday netted some cool gifts like Shrinkie-Dinks and a yo-yo which he demonstrated for me.