Europe, North America · 12 Days · 12 Moments · June 2018

Anisa's trip in Croatia

7 July 2018

Today we woke up a 3:00 to go to the airport. We have two layovers One in Germany and one in Atlanta. I am so excited to go back home and have my own room with my own bed. Anyways, it has been a great trip and I hope we can do something like it again.

6 July 2018

Today we went on a pirate ship. They had activities including going to an island, jumping off a boat and walking on a slippery board. When we went home we packed, went in the pool, and ate dinner It was a really fun day but we have to leave tomorrow.

5 July 2018

Today we went back to Split because people wanted to do some souvenir shopping. We got an ornament like we do for every place we travel. We also got a really cute wine magnet for Aunty Rashna. Tonight we went back to the restaurant because it was Ryan Fua’s Birthday. They had also bought a cake for him. That was my day.

4 July 2018

Today we went to Kirka falls. Today was also Uncle Fi and Aunty Shireen’s 25th anniversary. At Kirka falls we went swimming. It was so cool because we we so close to the waterfall. When we were walking to the water fall there were streams running right next to us. For dinner we went back to the local restaurant as their anniversary dinner. They also had this amazing chocolate cake.

3 July 2018

Today we just chilled after the hectic day we had yesterday. We went in the pool and the hot tub. We played 2 on 1 basketball in the pool and had relays. Anyways we did not do much today.

2 July 2018

Today we went on a boat tour. We went to the blue caves, which is a cave where the crystal blue water is lit up by natural lighting which looks like led lights. We went to a lunch place on another island and swam in Havar. Anyways, the water was very choppy and hard on everyone’s back, a specially the elderly. At one point nana said she wanted to lay down and die. After, we went to Split and ate dinner on the way home.

1 July 2018

Today we went to the red and blue lakes. The red algae had not bloomed yet so the red lake looked blue. After sightseeing we went to a beach. We went on this thing called wibit it was an obstacle course that was in the water. We swam all the way out to get on the wibit and then they told us we had to pay. So we swam back payed and swam to the wibit. Anyways I think today will be my favorite day of the trip.

30 June 2018

In the past few days we went to Montenegro and a walking tour. On Thursday we went kayaking but we had to stop when we got in the cove because the waves were too big. On the walking tour we walked to places that Game of Thrones was filmed. We also went to Montenegro where we went to their local mall. We also went on a boat that was ment for 10 people, but out family brought 20. When we got off the boat we saw a Catholic Church on a man made island. One night we went to the ice cream shop and the ice cream guy gave Zane a unicorn looking ice cream contraption. Zane tiled him the next day and we went back on our last day. We are now heading to the castle and are doing some tours on the way their. We went sightseeing and saw amazing mountains. For dinner we went to this restaurant where they prepared home made food that was amazing. We had food including fish, chicken, steak, sausage, and crapes. That was a fun day.

27 June 2018

Today we went to a crape place for breakfast and I got a Nutella and banana crape. We had to pack our bags because we are driving to another city. We picked up the rest of the family at the airport and then had lunch together. We went on the buss and listened to music. We also stopped at a wine tasting and coffee shop. We are on our way to Dubrovnik.

26 June 2018

Today we started off the day by eating at this small cafe that was really hard to find. I had a really buttery croissant and a cappuccino which parents never let me get. We looked around the shops and climbed the bell tower. We had lunch where me and Ariana shared a pizza and my dad got sea bass again. We ended the afternoon by having ice cream and looking around more shops. This evening we are going on a boat to see the sun set.

25 June 2018

I am so exited for this years family trip to Croatia! On Wednesday the whole family will meet us in Dubrovnik. Anyways, on Sunday night we left for a 10 hr flight from Miami to Rome. Today we are in Rome for a 6 hr layover and than taking a 1 hr flight to Split, Croatia. For lunch I had a margarita pizza and amazing tiramisu. Also bought a foldable backpack because my string bag broke.After we got off the plane we went to are ari b&b (which is supper awesome by the way). We went to a place called feife for dinner. Me and Ariana got chicken, but they are known for their fish. After that we got this funnel cake-like thing with Nutella on it. We also each a street show and looked at all the things people were selling.