United States of America · 6 Days · 21 Moments · June 2017

Our adventure to Boston, MA, United State

14 June 2017

We are in Chicagoish .... What a cluster. Headed straight to lake Michigan... Steven is a kick ass driver while I'm over heated and near panic from all the people...
On the move to Chicago! So pretty!
Chilling by the pool charging up

13 June 2017

Across the mighty Mississippi!
Found where A.A is supposed to be, so far locked doors.... Waiting, waiting, waiting
We are stinky, hot and sweaty and these ladies are super sweet. Looking for a meeting in Dubuque!
Many more pictures will be added once I up load from camera, my phone went dead!

12 June 2017

Cool place however a tent is not adequate cover for a tornado. Woke up and ran out by massive thunderstorm and tornado conditions.
Wyoming.. phone went dead between here and east of Yellowstone.

11 June 2017

Idaho falls

10 June 2017

Ready, set, here we go!
As far west as possible
Here we go.... Ha ha the right way now!
Caylan's graduation.
Loaded up and heading out!
Road buddy's
Today is the day! Woot woot!

9 June 2017

The gathering of stuff and things, pre deployment. Leave tomorrow!