Netherlands · 3 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

The Hague, Netherlands​

7 September 2017

Ok, last day in The Hague, and still things to see! I found a nice place to have breakfast. Blossom is a trendy place where they serve breakfast and lunch. I chose a breakfast plate with bread, croissant, cheese,... Good size of breakfast for only €9,50, fresh juice was included. For a coffee you have to pay extra. After that one last stroll through town towards the Escher-museum. Escher is the most famous graphic designer, well known for his optical illusions. The museum is located in an old palace. The building itself is amazing too. So overall a place worth visiting. The museum is situated in a more exclusive area of town. It's on a big square where there was a fleamarket with antiques.

6 September 2017

Day nr 3. A walk from the city center, through forests and dunes, towards the beach ( Scheveningen). A long walk (about 20km) since i got lost here and there, but i enjoyed every minute of it. I also was lucky, because it was great weather! The walk is one i found through the office of tourism (VVV The Hague), although i'm not sure they have an English version. The walk takes you through The Hague forest, you pass the future palace of the king, the large estate Clingendael (with Japanese garden), a huge dune-area, to finish of at Atlantikwall and the pier of Scheveningen. Really, truly amazing. After 3 days of walking, the beautiful surroundings gave me the energy to keep going!

5 September 2017

Day 2: time for some culture! In the morning i went to visit the Peace Palace. You can visit the information centre and use a free audioguide. Quite interesting. After that i walked towards the old town. Took a stroll down the big shopping streets, since i had an appointment there. I've made reservations @ Jamie's Italian. He recently opened, so i took this opportunity. And i wasn't disappointed. Foodgasm! Seriously; perfect food, very friendly staff and a reasonable price. I chose the ultimate garlicbread (it was ultimate!), tagliatelle bolognese (with slow cooked veal) and a local dutch beer. After that i had planned to visit The house of humanity. It gives you an insight in the life of a refugee. A must see, not a traditional museum! After that, continued my stroll downtown to see some of the old buildings (Binnenhof,...).

4 September 2017

Day one. Had some spare time on arrival, before i could go to my hotel. Decided to already do one of the walks i planned. I did a short walk from the guide​ TimeToMoMo. It took me to 'Zeeheldenkwartier, Duinoord en Statenkwartier'. Very nice walk in a great neighbourhood. So many options in trendy places to drink/eat or for shopping. It was also nice to see the many embassies.