Thailand · 6 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Angela's voyage in Thailand

21 July 2017

Oh my Bangkok! I found myself in a very crowded, very busy SE Asian city once again. Thanks to Mrs. Graham, we were supplied 1 nights stay @ the fabulous Marriot Bangkok. Gotta say, it was nice being back around familiar creature comforts. We showered up & began the search for food. We grabbed dinner & then hit up the red light district. This part is more of a verbal share-you can look forward to this one-along w my return. 😉 This morn, my roommie of 3 weeks departed for an early flight. I stayed behind & slept in. After waking, I headed down to the large breakfast buffet. To say that I was thrilled to have an egg white spinach omelette is an understatement. I then scheduled an hr long aromatherapy massage. After, I walked down to the market w the boys. Bangkok is so terribly polluted. I soon called it & we headed back. Still abt 8 hrs till our flight, so the boys & I took a spa day. Yep another message during 2.5 hrs of spa package bliss prepped me for 24 hrs of ✈️. See u guys soon!?

20 July 2017

My last night in Railay Beach was spent by taking a stroll on the west beach followed by sitting and watching the sky turn beautiful shades of pink. Jenny & I then met PB & Eddie for a beach side dinner w gorgeous views of the limestone crags. My dinner wasn't so tasty, so I ordered a second (Italian) choice. After dinner, I headed back to pack for the beginning journey back to America. In the morning, Jenny & I headed to bfast @ our resort, then walked to the rock climbing and best known coffee spot on the peninsula. The views here were higher up and showed wonderful sights of both limestone and the Andaman Sea. After coffee, we grabbed out bags, and set sail on our final long tail boat ride. So long, Railay, you're quite beautiful!

19 July 2017

Yesterday, Jenny & I ventured off to Kata Beach in Phuket for more surfing. It was a bit of a puzzle putting all the travel pieces together, but after a speed boat to the Ao Nang Pier & shuttle to the beach, we began our hunt for a place to stay. 3rd times a charm, we found a place just across the road from the water. Unfortunately, I ate something yucky/got motion sickness and was nauseous the entire day. A little stomach bug wasn't going to come btwn me & my fave companion, the surf board though. We grabbed a bite, arranged for a private car to take us back the next day & hit the waves. They we beautiful, but quite diff. Some were very large. In btwn a few runs my tummy decided it wanted to feed the fishies, but overall a good experience. We went back out this morning, and caught beautiful views of deep aqua waves..more viewing than riding, but no complaints. I suffered a fin cut to the side of my foot, so it was time to pack it in and get myself cleaned up. J&I are now back @ Railay

17 July 2017

After an all nighter of travel, we were exhausted & slept in. I went to bfast at the resort for espresso & a spread filled w delights-coconut bread was my fave. I went back to the room & Jenny & I began our, "new country, new surf opportunity" research. We found out that Kata Beach in Phuket is supposed to have great waves this x of yr. we mulled over the travel deets over fresh fruit w yogurt and muesli & another watermelon shake for me (yep bfasr #2 for this girl). Railay Beach is known for rock climbing, so we also arranged a 1/2 day climb. I'd never done it before so this was sure to be an adventure. Gotta say, my first climb was a bit unnerving. Not bc of fear of falling, I wasn't having those thoughts. I think it was my body's natural, "what are u doing on the side of a mtn only attached by a rope & ur limbs" response. By climb 2, I felt more relaxed. I had a blast! Jenny's direction & encouragement was motivating. Super cool experience w beaut views! Now (tues) it's off to surf!

16 July 2017

Another overnight flying adventure (😴) brought us to Railay Beach on the SE peninsula of Thailand early Sunday morning. It is a great little beach village that has no roads and can only be traveled to by long tail boat. We checked into our resort to be greeted w a sign showing my name and delish guava juice and ice cold towels for cooling. We arrived to find the cutest little beach bungalow. Jenny & I are thrilled by all the amenities. We all napped, grabbed lunch (I was still full from pad Thai earlier 😋), then headed to swim in the Andaman Sea beneath the beautiful limestone formations (craigs). On the walk, I grabbed a tasty watermelon smoothie & we were greeted by monkeys galore. They're adorable and everywhere. After the swim, we headed back to shower and dinner. Every restaurant serves the freshest sea food (day of catches). After we ate, we hit up a Muay Thai fight. These fighters were legit-kicking &punching each other across the ring. Sum=Thailand is fun & GORGEOUS!