United Kingdom · 7 Days · 10 Moments · October 2017

Angela and Dorothy's Grand Adventure

20 October 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017: Belfast. Enjoyed a private tour and learned about the history, saw the massive shipyard where Titanic and the Britannia were build. Toured the Titanic museum. Spent the afternoon shopping with Betsy Gray.
Saturday, October 21, 2017. Travelled along the beautiful, scenic Ayrshire Coast to the ferry. We crossed the Irish Sea with raging winds and rough water to enter Northern Ireland’ capital city, Belfast.
Friday, October 19: The day started with a breathtaking drive in the heart of Scotland through Glendon and Rannoch Moor. Arrived in the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow. We toured the city with a dapper tour guide and on our own. The girls, Judy, Betsy, Dorothy and I had a great lunch at the renowned Chef, Jamie Oliver.
Evening of Oct. 19. We stayed in a haunted hotel and had some fun with people staying in those rooms. Graham was in 215, one of the haunted rooms. Pam from Kansas tricked him and got his keys. Dorothy stalled him downstairs while Betsy, Pam and I set up his room...short sheeted bed, tosses room, leaned pictures, greased toilet seat and unscrewed light bulbs. Later we climbed many steps up to the bridge and to the wooded area where a monument of James Steward marked the sight of his hanging.Pam’s husband, David took pictures.

19 October 2017

Thurs. Oct. 19, 2017 Eastern Highlands, Loch Ness and Ballachulish.

18 October 2017

October 17....more
Wednesday October 18, 2917 : We traveled to St. Andrews (eastern Highlands) the beautiful town in the Kingdom of Fife that gave the world the game of golf. Next stop Pitlochry, a vibrant Victorian town and later a Visit to one of the best Scottish distillery. We stayed the night in one of the oldest Hotels in Scotland, visited by Queen Anne and Elizabeth. The hotel dates back to the early 1700s. People here jokingly refers to us as being from the colonies.

17 October 2017

October 15, 2017 started with a delay at the chamber. The bus coach was an hour late arriving to take up to the airport, then a delay on the tarmac for an hour. We finally arrived in Edinburg, Scotland in old town by the Edinburg castle at 9:00am (3:00am US). Long day of walking tour, 3hour lunch and shopping. At 5:30 pm drinks and dinner with large tour group. Tour guide is Geoff and Charles .
October 17, 2017: Dorothy Jensen, Becky Gray and Angela Buck outside the gates of Holyroot Palace in Edinburg. An enjoyable breezy day with part of our group having a pub lunch on the retired Royal Britannia Yacht and part of the group shopping many miles. That evening we enjoyed rollicking fun with the classic Scottish taste and sounds and celebration of the Haggis.

13 October 2017

Looks like we will be blowing in the UK with Hurricane Ophelia. Currently schedule to arrive early Monday with temperatures at a balmy 75* Adding raincoat and boots to overstuffed luggage