Philippines · 5 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Angela's journi to Philippines

10 July 2017

So long dear friend! I'll see you soon. After all, as Jenny's instructor says, happiness comes in waves 🌊💙 we come!

9 July 2017

Think I'll be leaving a piece of my heart in this lovely island. Aside from the ah-mazing surfing, the people are so wonderfully kind and genuinely happy. We filled our final day w 2 surf sessions: an early morning and late afternoon which allowed for gorgeous views of the coast and orange rising moon. I am particularly proud of myself for using a shorter board this afternoon. Manoi encouraged me to turn, "like a snake," and even to whip it back to create a spray. I'm not sure I quite got the spray but I definitely feel more confident in my ability to direct the board. Just when u thought nothing could top this time in Siargao, we ended the day w the most relaxing, in room massages. This time in Siargao has been some of the most fulfilling, exhilarating, and just crazy fun. I can't wait to come back!

8 July 2017

A day like today is one to remember. Started out w an early morn surf. Beautiful perfect waves once again. Jenny brought her GoPro out, and Manoi was kind enough to record. Can't wait to show you guys when I get home. We came home (to a scheduled island wide power outage) for breakfast and a quick nap. Then it was off to island hop w a wonderful Australian couple we met our first day surfing. Great, laid back peeps. We took a catamaran to the local market and bought fresh (caught this am) prawns, squid, "male" fish, and a fish a local bought so we did, too, for the 4 of us. Jenny grabbed some fresh mixed veggies, sweet rolls, and baked choc cookies. We loaded back on the boat and stopped at 1. Naked 2. Daku 3. Guyam islands. We spent the most time at Daku isle where our fish, veggies, & of course rice were locally prepared and grilled. We ate right there in a small "cottage" (hut), facing the gorgeous view. My fave meal yet! This is the stuff dreams are made of!

7 July 2017

Another day in paradise. Jenny & I decided to allow ourselves a morning sleep in, a plan that couldn't have been better. We took the morn slow, starting w a leisurely breakfast. We then hopped on the bikes we rented yesterday; this time Parker and Eddie joined. We rode up to cloud 9, showed the boys the pier and spot of the world famous break where we surfed yesterday. The tide was low, so the pics look a bit diff than during our surf adventure but still beautiful. We did a little shopping, and stopped for lunch. Red snapper wrapped in banana leaf w garlic rice and cucumber for me. Then we headed back to our place to change and head out to surf. This afternoon was probably my most enjoyable surfing experience yet (costa rica included). The waves were consistent, but remained calm, allowing for time to swim back out and catch the next. PB and Eddie joined which made it all the more fun. I'm elated after such a great afternoon on the waves. Sunset was gorgeous. Couldn't be happier!

6 July 2017

Up & at it at 4:30 this morn for more QT w the ocean. Manoi was waiting for me out front of the hotel with our boards. I hopped on his motorcycle and we headed to cloud 9. I recommend a google search. The water is the most crystal clear with gorgeous shades of aqua. Hard not to fall in love with this place. Getting up so early allowed us to enjoy steady, but calm waves. This morning was spent working on my turns. I'm trying to focus more on riding along the wave, rather than more diagonally/straight out of them. As the sun rose, the waves became stronger and def took work to get back out to catch. But totally worth the effort. After a few hours, the tide started taking us too close to shore and the shallow, rocky bottom. It was time to paddle in. We loaded our boards and Jenny and I headed to breakfast. Surfing brings a massive appetite. Fried veggie rice w sunny side up egg and a pancake helped to restore. Gonna rest up for a bit and check out the island. Surf again at 3? Perhaps.

5 July 2017

Finally! After a long, semi stressful race against time to catch our connecting flight we made it to Siargao in the Philippines. We did not sleep a wink (ok maybe a bit on the plane) so we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed for a nap. 4.5 hrs later, my talented surf instructor, Manoi, was tapping at our door. We had overslept to meet him. No worries in this laid back place, though. Jenny and I quickly changed and hit the beach w each our own instructor. Guys I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am to be here. It is gorgeous, small, quiet and most importantly has the BEST waves for days! I just finished my first afternoon and l-o-v-e-d every second. About to head to dinner and probably crash for the's up at 5 AM to catch some more! 🤙🏻🤙🏻 Until next time...