United States of America · 13 Days · 38 Moments · June 2018

Angela and Elise’s Summer Adventure

25 June 2018

Time to head home!

24 June 2018

Tapestry Gallery
The Library
Music Room
Sunset from the “loggia.”
Breakfast Room
Banquet Room
Chihuly on Fire! All lit up at night.
Dinner at the Stables
Chihuly Exhibit at the Biltmore.
Just a little sweet shopping at the bulk candy section. We went overboard... almost three pounds.

23 June 2018

We stopped in Savannah for a night. We ate at Lady and Sons for dinner. Fried Green Tomatoes are delicious. After that? Bed. We were TIRED!

22 June 2018

Dolphins in the Indian River
Maggie and Angi went on a little nature adventure while Elise went with Reece and the grandparents to the beach. We saw some cool land animals and some AMAZING sea life on the Indian River.

21 June 2018

We took a break from the sun today to see Incredibles 2.

20 June 2018

We enjoyed our time at Kennedy Space Center. We learned a lot.
Atlantis... it went into space 33 times before it was retired and placed here for us to see. Amazing!
A little space silliness.
Apollo Missions

19 June 2018

An evening at the beach. It’s so quiet around here.

18 June 2018

Lunch after shopping at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop... We ate at Squid Lips. Food was good but the views were even better.

17 June 2018

Fun at the pool
Our first look at the Atlantic.

16 June 2018

Dinner was fantastic! We had chocolate barbecue wings for an appetizer... that Elise loved! Pasta for main course and the craziest milkshakes for dessert. We won’t eat for a week... which is good because now we can’t afford to!
Dr. Seussland seems to be Elise’s speed, though the Thing 1, Thing 2 ride kept stopping.
A little Hogsmeade fun
Riding the Hogwart’s Express!
Stopping Point #2: Universal Studios... we’re coming for you, Harry Potter!

15 June 2018

Welcome to Florida!!!! It was a long drive, with periodic downpours and frequent slow downs due to accidents... I suspect because people drive like maniacs in these parts!

14 June 2018

We wanted to ride the carousel, but it wasn’t running. 😔
We went for a walk across the Tennessee River. It was beautiful. Riverbend Music Festival leant the perfect background music.
Dinner at Tony’s Pasta Shop. Delicious
Bluff View Inn, Chambliss Room. It’s HOT here... and picturesque.
On the road again... we are amazed at the beauty of the mountains
A horsey farm in Kentucky... who knew?!

13 June 2018

Rain... rain and more rain. “It’s ok! We have new all-weather tires!” ~Elise F.
An hour into our big road trip... the sky looks menacing. Hopefully the rain stays away!!!!