Malta · 1 Days · 4 Moments · September 2016

Angela's adventure in Malta

30 September 2016

Day 12 29th September 2016 I had a dream about dad last night... I woke up knowing he is at peace.... I feel comfort in know this and it's amazing that I had this dream in his home town. Today we went to the blue lagoon in Comino. The weather was hot but a bit cloudy. So many people in a small place! No where to sit or tan! The water was very blue and a few caves to explore. We spent the afternoon at Sams bar. I kicked Danny's arse in bocci 😊 we finished off our time in Gozo at dinner with Sam.
Day 11 28th September 2016 Today we took the ferry to Malta to tour the island. The weather was pretty horrible but we made the most of it! We did the south tour... the highlight was a little fishing town called M . It was so beautiful and the seafood was great! The Harbour of Valletta and Selima was beautiful. Lots of people in these areas. It was a very long journey back to Gozo in the wet! Took over 3 hours!
Day 10 27th September 2016 Today we ventured to Victoria and walked to the citadella. So much history here in this small island. Amazing view of Gozo on top! Are next stop was the azure window! This rock formation is so cool! I'm glad we got to see it before it disappears! All the rock pools look amazing! Wish we brought our bathers to swim!
Day 9 26th September 2016 We have arrived in Malta! It's very different here. All the homes are made from the local limestone and are called farm houses. Many area for farming. Our first stop was my Aunty's house. My dad lived here when we was still in Gozo, it's pretty amazing to see. It seems everyone here is family, I have met so many second cousins! We are staying in a quite place near San Blas bay. It's a fair trek to the tour but the public transport is great. We walked around Nadur on are arrival but everyone closes shop at 12 and reopens at 4! We made it to Victoria by bus easy enough and got what we needed to start our adventure in 🇲🇹 Malta! Dinner at the fat rabbit was delicious!