United Kingdom, Germany · 8 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Anett's and Victoria's adventure in England

6 May 2017

Today ended our wonderful trip in England. We went to London airport and then flew by plane to Frankfurt. There we had little free time. We arrived to Estonia at midnight and our families had come to meet us in airport. They were very happy that we are back but we would have wanted to be in Brighton one more week. It was amazing journey in Brighton. British people are so kind and helpful. They are always polite and say sorry, excuse me.... We enjoyed this trip so muchπŸ’›πŸ’›

5 May 2017

Our last school day. We present our presentation and got certificate. After school we had treasure hunt and had to take lots of pictures with different things, for example: curly wurly, sausage roll, ninety nine that is edible, beach hut, lamp post and many other things. It was fun and we got fourth place. The prize was a box of chocolates. In the afternoon we went to buy souvenirs for our family and we ate pizza in Pizza Hut. It was good end to our trip! Tomorrow we'll fly back to Estonia.😊

4 May 2017

Today we had a very long school day. We asked people from the streets and they were very helpful, kind and able to answer our questions. We asked about their favourite food, drink and about Estonia. For example: what is your favourite food? , what drink do you really dislike? , do you know what is Estonias national dish? or have you ever been to Estonia? Most popular answer was that their favorite food is Italian food like pasta, pizza and only 2 people of 12 has been in Estonia. It was very interesting to ask what people know about Estonia. After school our two friends visited us and we had really good time together.😊

3 May 2017

Today we had our trip to London. We travelled there by train for an hour and 20 minutes. The weather wasn't as good as we wanted but it didn't matter. First we had a tour in London. We saw Buckingham palace, guard seremony, Big Ben, London Eye and many other buildings. We ate in chinese restaurant. Also we had three free hours and went to shopping in Oxford Street. We went to Urban outfitters, Bershka, Hollister, New Look and many other shops. In the evening we came by train back to the Brighton. We enjoyed this day so much😎

2 May 2017

Today was our second day of school. It was really interesting and we learned some new things. We started to working on our project what we need to present on Friday. We needed to figure out five news. After that we had little free time and then went to Royal pavilion. We had an audio guide. Royal pavilion is a palace in the centre of Brighton with a colourful story. Beginning in 1787, it was built in three stages as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811. It was really good day and tomorrow we are going to London. So excited...πŸ˜ƒ

1 May 2017

Today was very productive day. It was our first day at school and our teacher was very cool. His name is James. We learned and had fun together. In the afternoon we had free time and went to Churchill Square shopping centre. Also we drank Starbucks and went to Poundland. Everything costs one or two pounds there. After that we went to the tivoli and rode with a very scary attraction. We also ate fish and chips for the first time. It was really delicious but portion was too big. πŸ˜‹

30 April 2017

Today we woke up about nine and then ate breakfast. It was very delicious. We met our group in Churchill square and then travelled 50 minutes by bus to Seven Sisters Country. We had a long walk and then climbed on top of the one sister. Seven Sisters is the most popular place in the world for making a suicide. In the evening we had a tour in Brighton and our guide talked very intresting stories about it. There are lots of beautiful shops, restaurants and sightseeings in Brighton. I really like these red double deckers. We enjoyed this day so much.πŸ’œ

29 April 2017

Today begun our amazing trip to Brighton. At 6.15 AM we flew by plane to Frankfurt and then to England. Frankfurt airport was so big, it was like a shopping centre. From London airport we traveled by bus to Cambridge. Cambridge is very beautiful city. There are many colleges and shops. Cambridge University consists of 31 colleges across the whole city. We took lots of photos and had fun. In the evening we came to Brighton and met our host families. There is a mother, dad and very lovely dog called Albus in our house. Host mother's name is Luisa and dad's name is Giles. They have a daughter who is in London this week. Our room is on the second floor and it's very nice and beautiful. We have our own bathroom. We hope that next days will be as fun as today. 😊