North America, Europe · 22 Days · 84 Moments · July 2017

Our tour through Europe...July 2017.

27 July 2017

Heading home. - a great 3 weeks in Europe! 5 countries 10 cities and thousands of miles traveled...

26 July 2017

Our final night in Rome - dinner at Il Palazzetto at the top of the Spanish Steps. It's been an unbelievable journey thru Europe the past 3 weeks. Amazing experience to see so much history and culture. But, we are excited to return home...and start planning next years travel!

25 July 2017

Visited Pompeii and couldn't believe how immense the ruins were. It is said only 70% of the city has been excavated. Destroyed in 79AD - a city of 20,000 disappeared for almost an eternity. Archeologists continue to work on the site and find more treasures and history. Fun day of exploration!
Enjoying the Amalfi Coast! Positano and Amalfi in perfect t weather - so much cooler than Rome! Another place that seems from a different time. The roads can best be described as "Mamma Mia!" Not for the faint of heart as you peer over a cliff 1,000 feet up while driving on a two road designed for one way traffic.

24 July 2017

Spanish Steps this evening. Great view from the top'
Part 2 of our Vatican City tour today. Officially recognized as an independent city-state in 1929, over 1,000 people live and work there. The various chambers of the early Pope's were rather simple yet adorned with artwork. It would be hard to put a number of the amount of total artwork on the Vatican. Arose before every corner is a famous piece!
Tour inside Vatican City this morning. Absolutely packed with tourists but was manageable to navigate. The artwork, sculptures and grounds were beautiful. The Sistine Chapel is something to see - no photos or talking are allowed inside the chapel. What I can tell you is that Michelangelo's work is astounding. I cannot even imagine the effort and skill it took to paint the ceiling. While the chapel isn't huge, it still took 4 years for him to paint!

22 July 2017

Very hot today in Roma. 92 degrees which made our 5.25 mi walk a tiring one. However, we are still amazed by the sights and history of the city Tomorrow is a full tour of the Vatican which is geographically the smallest nation in the world!
Hello Roma! Visited the Colosseum today - no sight of Russell Crowe or Joaquin Phoenix however. Hard to think about the gory battles and gladiators who walked the grounds. The size is unbelievable considering it was built over two thousand years ago.

21 July 2017

Evening walk. #venezia
Final day here in Venice. The history here is difficult to comprehend. From the construction of the islands to the political history, this is one amazing city. The people who live here take such pride in their home town. I have never been in a city as unique as Venice. There is no easy way to describe it, you just have to see it! #ciao

20 July 2017

Rialto Bridge and other wanderings thru Venice today. One more day of discovery here before we head to Rome...
Gondola thru canals of Venice today!

19 July 2017

Dinner and walking the canals tonight! #venice
It's easy to walk in a circle in Venice! Every alley looks almost the same, every canal looks almost the same, and every foot bridge looks almost the same. At least to this visitor. Beautiful day here!
Hello from Venice! Excited to explore a city that seemingly rose from the water!
Hello from Salzburg, Austria. Apparently there is a 90 minute stop and as I can't sleep I am off to stretch my legs and sing "the hills are alive...with the sound of music!"

18 July 2017

On the night train from Vienna to Venice! Sleeper car - arrive at 830am. 10.5 hour trip. Hope we sleep well!

17 July 2017

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. #Vienna #Genius
Vienna pub.
Along the Danube River this afternoon. One of the longest rivers - you can actually sail from Amsterdam all the way to Romania!
More along the Danube River today.
World famous Sacher Cafe and chocolate torte cake. Glass of champagne to top it off!

16 July 2017

At the Vienna Film Festival tonight. Outdoor showing of Joe Cocker concert from the 80's. Glass of wine and dinner from local food trucks! #RIPjoecocker
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Famous German writer, philosopher, and statesman.
The public parks throughout Europe are beautiful. They are always full of people relaxing and enjoying each other's company!
Afternoon sights in in Vienna. St. Stephen's Cathedral was impressive. To think it was built stone by stone by hand to its great height is staggering.
Day 1 of exploring Vienna. Lots of stories about young Mozart and his antics in the palaces!

15 July 2017

Our train arriving to take us to Vienna! We had fun in Prague and are excited to see Wien!
Found my new ride here in Prague. Always a distinguished gentleman! 😜

14 July 2017

Fun night walking thru Prague and across the Charles Bridge. Nicole was looking for Ethan Hunt from "Mission Impossible" but we couldn't find him!
Charles Bridge in Prague...
Part 3 of our travels thru Prague today!
Path 2 of our morning travels thru Prague!

13 July 2017

Enjoying the sights of Prague today! Part 1 of our mornings!
Wandering the streets of Prague this evening. It's almost like a movie set. We've been to some beautiful places but this city might take the cake. #wow #praha
Hotel rooftop in Prague! Local brew - Two Tales Bohemian Lager. Tasty!
Now in the Czech Republic! Amazing countryside. Excited to get to Prague in a few hours.
Waiting for our train to Prague! It was a great visit to Berlin and we will be back in the future. Amazing city and culture!

12 July 2017

An amazing night at the U2 concert at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Great performance at an historic venue - in 1936 Jesse Owens won 4 Gold Medals here defying Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime at the Olympics. Proud to be an American!

11 July 2017

Visit to the Berlin Wall. Trying to imagine as we stood on the east side of the wall what it must have been like before reunification.
The Brandenburg Gate.
Visited "Checkpoint Charlie" this morning. Infamous crossing between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Hard to believe a city divided by a wall today but 30 years ago such was the case.

10 July 2017

Checked into our hotel here in Berlin. Wandered over to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - the bells sounded beautiful. The Marlene Dietrich Bar here at the Intercontinental has the feel of sophistication and time gone by...
Auf wiedersehen Köln! On our way to Berlin!

9 July 2017

Köln train station.
At one of the most famous breweries - Früh am Dom here in Köln.
Cologne Cathedral this afternoon. Absolutely in awe of the size of this church. One of the few buildings not destroyed during WWII.
Just arrived in Köln at the Marriott. Just an overnight on our way to Berlin. Excited to see the Cathedral!
Wish I had paid more attention in junior high German class...
Ready to depart #amsterdam for Köln! The land of brats and beer!

8 July 2017

Entrance to the Anne Frank House. #amsterdam
What a day to walk around #amsterdam!
Banksy exhibit part 1.
Banksy exhibit part 2.
Banksy exhibit part 3.
Rijksmuseum part 2.
Rijksmuseum part 1.
Our time is ending here in Amsterdam. Tomorrow we depart for Köln and Germany. We experienced quite a bit in 4 days and if you haven't been to this city put it on your list. Culture, art, sport, diversity, and its amazing canal network make this a special place. We will be back! #IamSterdam

7 July 2017

Street art. #amsterdam
I saw this building today on a random street and for some reason it made me feel like I was in some Cold War movie spy drama. I half expected James Bond to come barreling out of the door!
It's hard not to fall into art when walking around a European city. It's virtually everywhere. And almost every local we run into during a conversation says how special their museums are. Refreshing to hear about culture based on the arts...
Skateboarder at city park here in #amsterdam. #SkateOrDie
Cocktails at the bar. Nicole chose the "Snow White". #iamsterdam
Traveling along the canals of Amsterdam today! Amazing engineering that created this network of waterways!
We found Nicole's car. Hard to believe we had to come all this way to see it! #PinkFiat500
The Rijksmuseum behind me - dedicated to the art of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Works by Rembrandt. Vermeer and others highlight the collection.
The homes along the canals seem so enchanting. But I wonder how quickly having tourists float by quash the romantic notion of another time and place. Nonetheless it is a seemingly idyllic setting...
Did I mention there are lots of bikes here? They say there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam and I believe it. This is a multi level bike garage near the train station.
View from our hotel room. Cathedral off in the distance. Heading out now to the museum square!
New York Times....International edition! #AllTheNewsThatsFitToPrint Heading out in a bit for sightseeing in the canals and back streets of Amsterdam!

6 July 2017

Amsterdam Centraal Station. From here you can get to and European capital by train!
The canals are amazing here in Amsterdam. Between the cars, buses, bikes and boats it's a crazy transportation system!
Evening stroll down an Amsterdam back alley....
The backstreets of Amsterdam...
Chocolate...of course we are in Amsterdam. #StachFoodCoffee
Waiting for our Uber at Schiphol Airport. Next stop Kimtpon DeWitt Hotel!
Salt and Pepper shaker Dutch style. Along with a GPS of our flight to Amsterdam.

5 July 2017

Settling into my seat. Upper deck on the 747!
Boarding soon! #AwayWeGo
Nicole and I are headed to Europe for the next 3 weeks. We arrive into Amsterdam and then head to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice and finally Rome. We have our rail passes and are excited to travel by train. Last year we experienced rail travel in France and England and fell in love with it. The train station architecture is amazing in Europe! We have tickets to see U2 in Berlin on July 13th at the Olympic Stadium. Can't wait as Nicole and I have seen them before and it I always a great show. We are excited to experience the history and culture of the "Old World"!
Our KLM plane to start our journey to Amsterdam! Departing at 1:55PM!