China · 20 Days · 39 Moments · June 2017

Andria's adventure in China

23 June 2017

DM- Our trip has come to an end. We have visited five cities and they are definitely unique from the others. In Beijing, our first city, it had so many historical sites to visit. When people think of China, most think of the Great Wall. I consider the brand of Beijing to be iconic history. Then we travelled to Xi'an, a city that had even deeper history, going through the city wall to get to our hotel and noticing even the architecture for newer buildings gave nods to the past. For me, the image of Xi'an is the start of China. Then we went to Hangzhou and I loved it. There is so much green there, Westlake was incredible. The image of this area that it left on me is serenity. It's so calm compared to the other cities. In Suzhou, they want to preserve their town, the image they left to me was stepping into the past. Shanghai was completely different! It is so busy and has tall skysceapers and is very modern and advanced in technolgy. To me, the image of Shahgahi is the Future of China
CcToday we went to Shanghai DISNEYLAND and was blown away by everything!!! I wanted to eat all of the food I saw but I knew that I needed to make my decisions wisely. I have been craving pizza since we left the airport in Orlando so I decided to try their take on western pizza. I went with regular pepperoni pizza and found it was pretty similar to that at home. I will say that the pepperoni was much spicier than what I am used to, but I'm somewhat of a spice wuss. Overall I was satisfied with my pizza, and I don't think I will need that the night I come home anymore. For dinner we had a hotdog with ketchup, relish and mustard. It was Delicious ! This was one of my favorite hotogs I've ever had, at home included. I loved every bit and it made me feel so relaxed after eating it. Now I feel a bit of heartburn, but it's worth it. We also had a small icecream with strawberry sauce that fave me all the sweetness I have been missing this last few weeks. My food was a perfect addition to my da

22 June 2017

DM Our lecture at Fudan Univeristy was very insightful. It is clear this is a very large gap between the marketing efforts in the east compared to the western parts of China. Because of its assessability to foreigners the eastern parts of China have been progressing into a more modern society over time. In the beginning, areas along the sealine saw more visitors becasue they were close to a major waterway. Over time this has evolved and  the building of large international airports  make it quite easy to visit these destinations. Transporation is a key concept in tourism because if a major dedtination cannot be reached, it will not retain the potential guests that it could. Over time, the West has had some advanced but is quite far behind it's eastern counterpart especially in this area. Because of this, it is more difficult to market these destinations as much. Only very few niche markets would be interested in visiting these destinations.
Cc-Most cities promote tourism in their area. The reason for this is that it brings revenue to the city. This total revenue earned is not solely from the attraction in the destination but has a vast effect on the whole area. Tourism is good for individuals as it helps give them revenue by purchasing the trinkets or food in the vendors shops. But past this, the more tourism to the area the more the community has to be involved. By updating roadways and facilities to be apealing and user friendly to tourists it also benefits the citizens of the community who utilize these things as well. Streets and sidewalks that are used will be cleaned more frequently to appease the desired look for the area. In China, we visited these gardens that, because they are tourism destinations, have been landmarked and produce revenue for admission as well as nearby restaurants and giftshops producing revenue as well. All these areas we have visited have been well maintained as well.

21 June 2017

Cc- importance of ping pong diplomacy. In 1971 there was a ping pong tournament being hosted in Shanghai. This was important because it began a close relationship between The United States and China. At the time the tournament began, China and America did not have a talking relationship at all. The  Chinese delegations bus invited an american player to ride with them and presented him with gifts wanting to impress the player.  Over the course of the tournament a friendship started and they began praising eachother during the tournament. This small act had a massive impact on our government relationship. Tbis comradery was like an olivr branch to begin relations between the two nations. This illustrates the importance of giving  face and  shows a good example of how the chinese form those long term relationships. It's important to remember to be hospitable to everyone you meet, because it's the beginning of those possible long term relationships.   

20 June 2017

DM- message to stakeholders to manage tourist behavior. On our first day in Shanghai I was surprised to see how the other tourists were acting in the wax museum. I felt that the tourists that were climbing over the barriers and posing with the figures, where they were not meant to. In contrast with this when we went to the Shanghai museum of art I did not see any sign of this. The most clear difference between the two places was that in the museum of art there were guards in every viewing area ensuring that people were not going beyond those boundaries. Addiontionally at the beginning of each segment there were very large and clear signage written in multiple languages and in picture form. A note I would give to stakeholders would be to have things like this at the location. Signage helps when people are not present but having someone monitor tourist behavior will have the destination hold it's integrity.
DM- first impression of Shanghai as a destination. When we were driving into Shanghai my first impression was of how large the city actually is and it's stark contrast to Suzhou. While in Suzhou they wanted to keep the historical elements and didn't want buildings too tall, I feel like the developers of Shanghai have dared each other to build the tallest building they can! There are so many tall and unique buildings. Each is vastly different than the one before it. In hangzhou they had many buildings that created an overall similar look, with a few unique structures. When We were driving through Shanghai I never really saw any buildings built in the traditional style with the dynasty rooftops or anything. The only time I saw anything like that was when we were driving past old apartment buildings. They looked like they haven't been maintained very well, the driver even stating the residence want their buildings to be torn down so they can move.
CC- discuss historical relationship between Suzhou and Shanghai Our new tour guide, Jeffrey, told us some fun facts about Shanghai as we drove in from Suzhou yesterday. The most interesting was that said he actually lived in Suzhou and commutes to Shangha for worki. The only confusing part is that he says he does it only a few days a week, not every day. So i do not know if he works in Suzhou for a few days and Shanghai a few days or if he simply stays in Shanghai with friends or what not. But knowing the cost of living is so expensive in this big city that he chooses that commute is very interesting. It's like people working in New York City but living in Jersey. with apartments costing $10,000 per square meter, I would want to commute as well. What I found very interesting was that in the beginning Suzhou was considered the big city and Shanghai a fishing port town. But over time these two cities have switched to what we see today with Shanghai blooming into a major city.

18 June 2017

CC- over the past few weeks in China we have seen different crafts that people do, maybe to relax or even for a profit. When I am doing crafts it is for relaxation and it could be as simple as coloring a picture or painting on a canvas. One of the coolest things I have seen that I would be very interested to learn to do would be the art of caligriphy. It is beautiful and takes time to make each stroke of the language. In a few of the marketstreets we have gone to I have seen people make this art a way to make a living. I am sad that I missed the opportunity to get my family name in caligriphy when I had the chance. When I watch the artist work, I can see this ease take over them when they put the brush to the parchment and just a soothing feeling exudes from them. I like how a person's Chinese name is more complex and in order to write it you have to break down the name into it's roots. If I could learn an art form in China I would be most interested to learn caligriphy.
DM- Every destination has similar characteristics in regards to somewhere for visitors to stay, something for them to do that is unique to the area, and options for dining. During our time in Suzhou we have seen all of these things. There are hotels near the more historical attractions, and like the one we are staying in that is in the newer part of the city. As far as things to do in Suzhou, we had a plan to go to Tiger Hill but due to weather we had to change our plans. With our changes we still had a full days worth of activities to enjoy. I really liked our visit to the Humble administrators Garden because not only was there a beautiful garden to walk through, but they had opened a tea shop there as well so people could relax in the garden. This is a unique twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. On my time alone I have looked in the hotel book and saw a variety of other attractions in the area. This is a destination people could easily spend a few days in.
DM- the impact of tourism affects so many different sectors all depending on what view point you are looking at. In the community, tourism creates a revenue stream. We have seen it with out own eyes by walking down that water town that people have turned their houses into little shops selling bottles of water, little trinkets, even art. If Wuzhen was not made a destination these people would not have this opportunity for tourists to come and buy their products. This also provides an opportunity for prior with specialized skills to find work doing something they enjoy. In WuZhen we saw an atialist performing on the water by climbing a long bamboo pole and doing his acrobatics. Tourism promotes the community to maintain cleanliness to attract more visitors. So more often, the communities with strong tourism are considered more up to date than others unless they have specifically requested not to become modernized. It is done slowly like suzhou where there are no tall skyscrapers.
CC- this trip has been absolutely amazing. I have seen and learned so much in this short amount of time. When getting fatigued was mentioned I realized that I am one that is experiencing this. We are doing so much each day to maximize our time, which is great, but not something I am used to. In Orlando i sometimes have full days where I go to work then school so am busy from 6am to 7pm but I have a day off to look forward to after where I can recharge. This is something we have not gotten while on this trip and is not expected. Now we are thinking of things we miss at home. I had the thought, I haven't even driven a car in two weeks. How strange. It is said that it takes 21 days for a routine to become habit. Well we are at day 16, I feel like we are hitting our wall. This is the hardest part. Being aware of our limitations and giving ourselves time to relax, like taking time through the day to reflect, like sitting for tea, will help us maintain a good group energy.

17 June 2017

We have visited three different Chinese universities now. We are able to notice differences between cultures of China and the United states. In regards to Hofstede Chinese culture is very long term relationship while America is mostly short term, very transactional. Chinese culture builds a relationship that they expect to last for a long time. At BISU, a small thing they did to express this was by providing snacks and water for us. They wanted to make a good first impression. They wanted to make us comfortable. In XISU, they brought in a large amount of students for us to do our cross cultural talk with so we could get a better experience. In ZJU, the girl I spoke with exchanged information with me and really wanted to show me her city and take me out to dinner and host me more fully. She asked about 4 times what our plans were and if we had free time. I didn't understand the importance then, but I do now. She was trying to build that relationship with me.
Yesterday we visited WuZhen. It was a little water town that has many different shops as well as some of the inhabitants have turned their homes into shops as well. While we were there of course we did some shopping and watched a few of the shows. Some intangable products that the town offers are the various shows they had. There was one man who climbed way up a pole and did various acrobatic stuff. It was beautiful to watch and it definitely enhanced my experience there. By adding the shows WuZhen has been made more unique from other shopping venues we visited in the past. Another intangible product would be the crowds. WuZhen had so many narrow roads a lasting impression that I got from our visit was a slight feeling of unease. This is because so many people would try to walk but because it was such a small street it was very overwhelming at times. This makes me feel that it is a very popular destination if so many people go to it.

15 June 2017

I think as time passes mire companies will begin to offer similar services and monitor guest usage using smart hotels. Parts of this can already been seen in North America where disney uses the magic band system to monitor guest activity like where they go and what they buy. The technology that this company is using is more on the micro level where they are going to record various things inside the room itself like water and power usage. I think it is very interesting that they can interpret the data from the power usage to infer whether or not the first is an early bird or night owl. This is something I would not have thought of. I like that the systems will do a check up on itself and see if there are any outliers to determine if something is malfunctioning before the guest has to complain a out it. This technology will make for a very effefmcient hotel and I am excited to see in the next few years how technology is going to continue to grow so we can provide better service to guests
Today we did an exchange at Zhejiang University. We got to experience a ceremony and then listen to a lecture on smart technology in hotels. I did notice that when we walked into the class that the front row was reserved for the most important people, like the gentlemen giving speeches. Then the empty seats in the rows were for us, the guests, and finally the students would take the remainder and back wall. Another example of Hofstede' s power distance would be when we were taking a group photo, the Chinese students did not more from their seats until instructed from the professors. Even then, some waited for specific instruction on where to stand before taking their places in the photo. Finally, a third observation I made about power distance in the Chinese culture was in regards to the introductions. Each chinese student would hand the microphone to the professor instead of passing it to the next person. To me this showed them returning the power to the professor

14 June 2017

CC- Hangzhou day 3 ancient and modern China When looking back at our visit to Beijing Xi'an and Hangzhou we have been able to see many different historic and modern things that each place has to offer. I remember when we were riding bikes on the City Wall in Xi'an I was impressed how they were able to preserve something so old and still bring people to it to enjoy. As you looked out at the City you saw a mix of new buildings and some that looked very old. I really enjoyed that the new buildings kept the same roof style as the old buildings around them. In Hangzhou it seemed much more modern. There was a lot of construction going on, I saw many apartment buildings in rubble, but I also saw many new buildings being built. In the City they wanted more modern things, but all the farmers apartments, even though they were very new and modern, had the style as those of the farm houses of the past.
Cc- Bing is so fascinating to listen to when we are driving to our destinations. Not only does he have fun stories but some pretty interesting ones as well. A few fun facts that I have learned from Bing include an interesting tidbit about chopsticks. you are not to stab your chopsticks and leave them in your food upright because it resembles a funeral pyre with incense. I had heard something like that earlier from Nikki but not the why behind it. Also, giving someone a watch is looked down upon because that means that time is running out before the relationship ends. My favorite thing he said though would have to be regarding fans. Apparently, in the Chinese culture you cannot give a gift of a Chinese fan to someone because it symbolizes separation and that it is seen as you are cutting off your relationship that you have with that person. You do not wish for them to be in your life anymore.

12 June 2017

DM when we arrived in hangzhou and we were driving to the hotel I sat next to my roommate and just started listing off things I found different about the area. I loved that we were able to see some farming area. You coule see the older houses that the farmers lived in and the new ones that were still being built for multiple generations. When as we were going over the river and we saw the opera house and convention center I made a comment that I feel this location is more of a destination for conventions and meetings as opposed to leisure tourism. We have only seen limited places of the area but from the taste on the drive that was the overwhelming impression I got. This differs from Beijing as there were not as many shops with large signs and big flashing lights on everything. Architecture wise I feel hangzhou has more consistency with each building looking very similar to the others around it. Unless it has a specific purpose like the G20 summit venue.
DM technology has been woven into our experiences here in China. This is elegantly done especially well when we visit museums. our most recent visit to a museum, the fan Museum in Hangzhou was really interesting because there were different interactive pieces that you could immerse yourself into the experience. you could push a button and go into a room where a movie would start 360 degrees around you of girls doing fan dances. There is also really cool screens that we saw that showed people walking around little diorama towns. This brought something inanimate to life and really draws your attention and interest into what you are seeing. This is an especially important piece to tourism as it will keep children interested in those "boring museums." Another cool use of technology that I have seen in China was how wechat is so widely used. This could be used for your communication, wallet and even Wi-Fi connection! This helps foreigners and locals alike.

11 June 2017

DM- when we were walking around and visiting all of the shops in the Muslim Street it was very special because so many people were there buying and selling and bargaining for the best price. I think that this is a must see destination. Not only do you have so many different souvemeers you can bargain for, and looking past all of the yummy food you can see being made a buy, but this is a truly cultural experience. When We visited the university later in the day the group of girls I was talking to we very adamant that we go there. They were instantly pleased when we told them that we had gone before coming to visit them. It is a special place. I like it because you are really able to immerse yourself in this culture and get first hand experience on how people buy things in the area. Personally, I was amazed by looking at all the food preparations. It is so very different from the standards back home. I found that very interesting and I believe many other people would enjoy seeing that.
CC- From our day at XISU we were given the opportunity to mingle with our fellow peers in the hospitality program. This was a very interesting experience. As we were introducing ourselves i could tell that this group of students were much more reserved than our counterparts in Beijing. Even though there were more of them present, their presence in the room was very mild. When talking to a few of the girls I noticed there was a "lead girl" that the others held on to for support. This girl, Abby, would talk for the others. They would whisper something in Chinese then she would ask their question in English. They were very shy of their English. One thing I found very interesting from our talks was that they attend classes between 32 and 38 hours a week and then they have homework in addition to that. Finally, one girl was pursuing her graduate degree in hospitality after getting her bachelors in communications. She said communicationd was her tool and this was her sharper weapen.
cc- when comparing the meals of Beijing and Xi'an I can pick up on key differences. In Beijing I felt that the food we consumed was the food I would of expected. In Xi'an the food wasn't cooked in as many sauces. There was much more of a noodle and dumpling selection in Xi'an. I have enjoyed the fact that I have liked at least one of the food options every time we have gone out to eat. My favorite meal day occurred in Xi'an when we dined at the recreational hotel. That meal was prepared exceptionally well and a true treat on the pallete. One thing I am struggling with is that in both Beijing and Xi'an most of the places we visited feel like tourist places that cater to the large tour groups and I'm feeling we are not getting the true dining experience of the area. When I think about all the food we have experienced I am still blown away by everything in the recreational hotel. Everything was prepared fresh and that noodle soup was the best thing i have had. It was so amazing.

10 June 2017

CC- Today we were told some cultural tips to follow while in China to help us make good impressions for the wonderful people that are hosting us and to appropriately represent our professors and Rosen College. When We arrived at the recreational resort we greeted our hosts with salutations, handshakes, and eye contact. I listened intently while on the tour, keeping my voice low if I happen to talk at all. When We arrived at the beautiful lunch we waited until all the dishes were presented and discussed before trying any (which was super hard because it all looked so delicious). And we showed our appreciation for the meal by taking our time and really relishing the different food we were given- know I slurped my noodle soup with delight. By taking the extra time to enjoy the meal, greet and thank each person I interacted with using eye contact, by listening intently to everything being said and making positive conversation from can be classified as giving face.
DM- Today has been, by far, one of the most impactful days I have experienced on this journey into China. I have really begun to fall in love with this culture and their dedication to service in hospitality. Today, I kept seeing the passion in their service. This is a great characteristic in Chinese hospitality. Everyone we interacted with on our trip so far has been so accommodating and excited to share their knowledge and experience with our group and had a willingness to always try to go above and beyond our expectations. Knowing that Yan stayed so late after getting off of work to give us a great tour was very special, and then going out of his way to extend the complimentary tai chi class in the morning has absolutely floored me. This characteristic of gift giving is so new to me and really creates a very positive lasting impression. It makes me so grateful to be sharing these experiences with the group.
Cc- I am a human of routine. Once I find something that works for me I typically do not sway from that. This includes my food as well. I Am the person that goes to the restaurant and orders the same thing every time because I know I like it. This trip has been stepping out of that comfort zone. Not only have i been doing completely different things every day but each restaurant we go to I am trying at least 5 new things. I am not in control of ordering my standard meals so I get to experience that much more in my dining. One challenge i am currently facing is that of my allergies. So far we have not had a lot of shellfish prepared for us but I have seen it more prevalent in Xi'an. At our trip to the recreational resort they had prepared a lot of shellfish dishes. They were beautiful and I can appreciate the art behind the dish even if I cannot eat it. The biggest struggle is not being told what a dish is, but I feel that as long as I ask multiple times, I usually can find the answer.

9 June 2017

DM- each day we are in China we get to experience a new and exciting thing. Each day coming home I have thought "this has been my favorite and most memorable day." While visiting the terra cotta warriors I felt in awe as I let the magnitude of it all wash over me. It is such a well known destination that had all my friends back home quite jealous. But I feel that the most memorable experience for me would be our visit to the city wall. I stepped out of my comfort zone by taking the bicycle around enjoying the beautiful atmosphere with my new friends I have made in this trip. Those intangible tourism products like the local community made such an impression on me while visiting. Seeing all the beautiful couples getting their wedding photos done really helped me see the beauty of the wall. The bikes themselves were great because it have the destination that but off uniqueness which made me love it so much. South the cafes along the path I felt I could stay there for hours and enjoy.

8 June 2017

CC -In China we have seen many different things. One of them being is this idea of collectivism. Hofstede's theory has USA and China being near opposites with USA being very high in individualism. From our group meals we always ate together and shared good using the lazy susan. Getting on the bus I noticed that the soup place outside of the hotel was always very busy. Many people were alone but it was not like a McDonald's fast food where you did grab and go, but rather they all stayed in that location to eat together. I also noticed when we were doing our tours most other people we came across were touring as well. Larger families went to see these historic sights together. Very rarely did I come across a party of two and seldom did I see someone visiting a location on their own. This is very different than America where I go to the various theme parks by myself all the time.

7 June 2017

DM-This trip has been so impactful already and it's only day 5! One of the reasons I feel that it has been such a wonderful trip is mainly because of the people I'm getting to experience these things with. Everyone has a different reason for going on this trip and different perspectives when they see different things. When We were walking the Great wall, I feel that my personal experience was co-created by witnessing everyone's separate journeys. In the summer palace, when we would walk through different courtyards we would make thought provoking comments to each other about topics I would have otherwise not thought of, changing my experience and giving me a more rounded perspective. I believe that in situations like this it is helpful to have others around you sharing their thoughts and opinions on what they are seeing as well in order to give you a better understanding and overall perspective.
DM- of course when I think of tourism products the first thing that comes to mind would be souvineers. But when you expand that theory into something deeper you realize that so many things can be tourism products. Whether its souveneers, interaction with others, personal challenge of the activity. For me, taking pictures is a fantastic product that helps me not only remember the time I spent in the area and see what I did, but also brings me back to that point in time and I can relive the feelings of being there not just emotionally but what i was physically feeling at thay time,like being tired from all those inclines to feeling the breeze through the pocket holes in the wall. I love being able to take a picture of someone and try to gain their perspective as well. There was this older man sitting in a wheelchair ( How he got up there in that I will never know) but seeing how peaceful he looked as he was looking out from the Wall was quite inspiring.
DM- Beijing had many different activities for tourists to visit. There were western eateries that would be somewhat familiar to them and they had many many different local eateries as well. There are a few logistical things that we didn't get to experience so in unsure how they would operate but I know I would not like to rent a car in Beijing. The transportation system is important to a destination and westerners would be heavily reliant on public transportation or group tours that we utilized. Another big difference I noticed between Orlando and Beijing was that with all the attractions the city had to offer I didn't see very many advertisements for it. In Orlando we have big billboards with attractions on them but I saw none here. For guests that don't efficiently plan their trip they are again heavily reliant on tour operators to know what to do and see. Overall the best thing they have done was with the tour operators. If guests use this service they will have a fantastic time.

6 June 2017

CC- From my short visit so far in China the most obvious cultural difference i have noticed is the concept of space. It appears that no one has a personal bubble. This is completely conflicting from the states as if you get too close to someone they will yell at you. I distinctly remeber being on The Wall and feeling peaceful. I heard some talking, but as many people were there and everyone battling their thighs to make it to the next step I heard no yelling of people standing in the way or too close to someone else (if they were saying these things in Chinese they did not raise their voices). This trend not only extends to people walking in crowds but also on the roads too. They use their horns liberally but as a sign that they are there, not from anger. I haven't witnessed any signs of road rage from the crazy driving I have witnessed. I am very impressed that people seem to know the exact dimensions of their cars. I would not attempt half of the close turns I have seen here.
CC- looking back on the journey I have made up the wall, I was very nerouvs, so much that, I gave myself a stomach ache! Then I was given the option for the cable car and knew I would be okay. My experience was different from most because I got to travel with people from all ages and levels of fitness. I was inspired to do my very best because Ms. Anne never once complained about anything took each step like a champion to get to her goal of being on the Great Wall. My goal was to get to the highest point and because of her I did not give up. Mariah and Anne decided on a comfortable spot to enjoy the Wall and Jeanne, Dr. Wei, and myself continued on. We came to the steepest slope and, with breaks, conquered that step as well. It's then I realized everyone has different Walls to climb in their life but the important thing is not to compare yourself to others. Do not think you need to do something because everyone else does. Know your own strength and climb your own wall.
CC- Meeting at BISU was a great experience. As far as the set up of the classrooms go it reminded me more of  high school rooms than what I am used to with classroom at Rosen. When We did the cross cultural experience with students of BISU i really was amazed at how similar their lives and struggles mirror that we would experience.  When Fan was complaining about how being frontline hospitality he worked so hard with little breaks, really surprised me and gave me this ah-ha moment where i realized that even though they live in completely different society we can have such similar experiences and gripe about the same things. I think I've just had such a naivety about the chinese culture, never really considering their experiences that I didn't realize someone in the other side of the world as me could be going through similar situations as myself. This made me learn more about my own misconceptions that I didnt even realize I had. I cannot wait to learn more as this journey continues

5 June 2017

DM- The world is evolving. Using the same techniques and experiences in the past may not be the best practices in the future. During our discussions we really hit on this topic of globalization and being more culturally aware of others. This is going to start with students. What we are doing right now is a great example of getting yourself out of your own comfort zone and learning about a completely different culture. We all have our own personal reasons for coming on this trip but I feel I can make a solid assumption that one of those reasons is to become more culturally diverse. We need to not only experience these things but go back and share our experiences with others. By being the voice that guides others to step out of their own boxes and seek to grow as individuals then we can build these intercontinental relationships with one another. By having these connections we can build the need for others to experience and grow the destination itself.
CC- I have had my first full day of dining in a new place. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in China have been a great experience. We have been doing a lot of family style dining which is great. I notice that there is a lot more significance during meal time to the Chinese culture. This is a time groups come together to eat and talk and share and give thanks. I felt like I was celebrating Thanksgiving every meal! The food has always had a great variety so there has been something for everyone to enjoy. I like the lazy Susan, the round table that spins so you don't hear the constant "pass the rice" questions. When it was explained that the people will move it slowly so everyone has a chance to have something before the intended person gets it is a nice gesture. In my family, it's very much first come first serve so we take turns but if we want something we have to be fast to get it first! These differences are small but very culturally significant.
For tourism to prosper in any area there needs to be cooperation between all the affected members of the community that the destination would bring. In the case of HouHai village they have clearly worked with the community to create profitable tourism. Different stakeholders involved in that would be the government, the local vendors of shops and food, tour operators like our good friend Victor, and even the citizens that live there like Mr. and Mrs. Jang sho are able to make additional income by being incredibly hospitable and opening their home to foreigners and allowing into their lives. I think it is truly incredible that we were able to sit down and talk to someone that has seen the progression of the village for the last 70 years and has first had experience and opinions about all of those changes that have occurred over time. I also really enjoyed Victor speaking. He is a wonderful story teller and it is clear he is very passionate about his job.

4 June 2017

#2- first impression of cultural differences and similarities- When we arrived at the airport you could see people that were native to China were very busy and moving very quickly. I could also spot people that were from this area because they were already wearing their backpacks in the front of them. Unlike most visitors that still had their backpacks on their backs. Another difference I noticed was in the cuisine itself. Very common things that I am used to having in America, fried rice and dumplings, are very different here! Even the way these dumplings were shapes differ from what I am used to back home.
#1- first impressions of China as a destination- As my first international journey I figured that everything would be completely topsy turvey. My first impression of China though was noticung how similar it really was. Our guide met us st the airport and while driving (on the same side of the road as home) she gave us fun facts about China. This would happen if I had a guide pick me up from Orlando airport as well. This gave me a sense of ease as China as a destination, that I would be comfortable sending others on this trip as well.