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Andrew's voyage in Memphis, TN, United Sta...

22 February 2017

I stress to Randy Sites that the job is perfect for me but I did need an appropriate salary. He just went on and on about all the different ways they calculated did say that I would have an offer by Monday. I told him we're leaving town Tuesday for Philippines. He didn't really seem concerned.
Being there reminded me of my days of LA County. Even though the place was filthy I only had one panic attack in the hallway where I felt 30. There was a woman in the wheelchair who. Cognitively intact but had a terrible trimmer for your whole body. She would like a long-standing patient.
Yesterday during the interviews I kind of felt like my old self. I had a chance to talk and tell stories and felt appreciated for my years of experience and hard work. The position they are offering his chief of neurology which sounds great but in fact there's only one other neurologist. We are also offering a probable associate professor of neurology at the University of Tennessee. 20% of salary comes from the University 80% from regional one physicians.