Australia and Oceania, North America · 27 Days · 56 Moments · September 2017

USA and Canada

9 October 2017

Vancouver 2010 winter Olympic cauldron, fly over Canada an amazing IMAX flight simulator 4d experience then ride around Stanley park with lunch at tea rooms. Managed to find a cricket pitch for benny to bowl on at park!

8 October 2017

Drive from Kamloops to Vancouver. Another snowfall overnight made drive a bit tricky but roads pretty good. Lunch at Hope. Vancouver is amazing. Holley has arranged great apartment through airbnb type thing. Right over Marina. Quiet dinner in room and off to explore tomorrow!

7 October 2017

Jasper sky tram after overnight snowfall. Minus 6 degrees at top. Then 4 and a half hour drive thru mountains and lakes following river to Kamloops. Finished off day with a great Chinese dinner. Off to Vancouver tomorrow.

6 October 2017

Beautiful start leaving Lake Louise. Amazing drive down ice field parkway. Multiple blue lakes, blizzard at the glacier and then amazing waterfalls. Made it to jasper for a yummy Italian the wildlife museum.

5 October 2017

Canoeing then dinner by Lake Louise.
Lake Moraine 15 km away.
Magnificent morning by Lake Louise

4 October 2017

Lake Louise just out of this world. Great room with view. Stephie pointing to room. Spectacular day.
Gondola ride up mountain at banff. Beautiful morning.

3 October 2017

Snow clearing up. Banff just spectacular. Picnic lunch. Hotel is just amazing.

2 October 2017

Woke this morning to 10cm of snow. When we arrived Friday the high was 25 degrees. Today the max is 3. Kids kitted up and had a great time playing in snow. Some before and after pics. Then after with me in the hot tub!!

1 October 2017

Royal tyrrell museum. Biggest dinosaur museum in the world with real fossils. Just incredible.

30 September 2017

Canadian sports hall of fame.
Calgary winter sports area host of the 1988 Winter Olympics.
Staying at an amazing ranch (farm). Hosts have been so generous.

29 September 2017

Andrew's birthday. Breakfast by the bellagio pool. Packed up then flight to Calgary. Quick dinner. Staying with friends whose son is quarterback for cfl team. Straight to game to watch good win by Calgary. Finished off birthday with fireworks and photos on ground with players. Great night.

28 September 2017

GC4 then home for birthday dinner with the Mugavin's.
GC 2
Grand Canyon tour. Probably the most amazing thing I have done. Pics in several groups.
Morning in vegas walking the strip

27 September 2017

Vegas is great. Holley was taken in stage at the copperfield show. It was mind blowing. View is from our room. Spectacular.

26 September 2017

Last lot from pros
From the pros today.
Final day in Disney. Completed all of the rides. Frozen and Disney junior live shows. Feet need a rest!!

25 September 2017

Pro photos finishing with world of colour pics. Light and water show. Amazing.
Another great Disney day

24 September 2017

Final lot
Autopia - kids driving cars interesting!!!
Cars radiator springs our favourite ride.

23 September 2017

Goofy's kitchen character dinner.

22 September 2017

Lunch at farmers market and shopping at doll shop
Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills
Lovely morning walk in Santa Monica.

21 September 2017

Water world stunt show. Then well fed, tired and heading home.
Harry Potter world was very clever. Serving butter beer at pub.
Many fun rides
Tram tour. Walk thru real props dept. ET still alive. Jaws set. Holley on wisteria lane.
Massive day at universal studios.

20 September 2017

Safely in Santa Monica. Kids proud of there first ever new Nike shoes. Lovely evening. Early night off to bed looking forward to universal studios tomorrow.
Stopped by Malibu. Houses were amazing. Many being renovated. Guess which was our favourite?
Beautiful morning walk along pismo beach. Pamela Anderson not on duty in tower this morning. Lunch at Santa Barbara with a very happy Benny!!

19 September 2017

Motel at pismo beach with mo's smokehouse chicken and ribs for dinner!!
Carmel and highway one spectacular.
Pebble beach amazing. Pro am on there today.

18 September 2017

Safe trip to Monterey. Bushfires smoked out Yosemite this morning. Otters swimming just off where we are eating dinner at Monterey at our hotel. Enjoy!!

17 September 2017

Relaxing afternoon swimming in river at Yosemite.
Yosemite has been amazing. Dining hall like Harry Potter. Great tour today to see as much as we could. Off for a swim in the river.

16 September 2017

Safely in Yosemite. View from balcony. Off to explore.

15 September 2017

Great night. Sf giants lost 2 - 3. 40000 people there eating hot dogs and garlic fries washed down with coke and bud!!
Go giants!! In dugout. Amazing!!

14 September 2017

Another great day. Went over bridge. Walked around Sausalito. Lovely coast town. Felt like in Europe. Then to famous painted ladies houses. Loving it here.

13 September 2017

R8 failed to proceed. Steepest street in the world. Fun day. Off to bed.
Arrived safely. Airb&b place great. Did big bus tour. No one asleep yet. Weather a bit cloudy but 20 degrees. San Fran hills, trams and architecture amazing.

13 September 2017

We are off!!