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Andrew's tour through Hartford, CT, United...

24 February 2017

I was very relaxed and drank half a bottle of wine and made a lot of jokes and it was fun. They put up with me but I think they really had fun. Even Dr. Greenfield the loosened up and talked about his sailing trip to Key Largo. but I just don't know if I want to be bothered with all of this
At least it was nice to have my CV so I am braced I have the younger generation and feel important for a night
At the moment it's all speculation because there's no offer. Otherwise maybe just move back to Newport work for angels and write my book.
At the moment I'm expecting two offers one from Memphis and one from Connecticut. But Connecticut I really would be limited with three weeks vacation at a time per year but everything else would be quite tolerable. Memphis so loose that they might be more fun or just could be chaos all the time but being chief of neurology really appeals to me.
Already found out that the plane is delayed so I'll probably miss my connection in Chicago? I did exercise for 30 minutes and sat in the sauna. Feeling contaminated as usual when I looked at the girl going by and she turned out to be offensive looking

23 February 2017

But it seems that I never have much luck.
All this is colored by the egg laying problem and only one poor quality embryo this time around and still waiting for genetics with me here tomorrow. Otherwise have to meet with the doctor on Monday and come up with some kind of a plan. It's really very sad that this won't progress further at least up till now and you're such a strain on our marriage and irene. It would've been so easy if she just got pregnant
Of course all this may come tonight if there are no offers. Dr. Greenfield said to get back to me in a couple weeks and I'm expecting to hear something from Memphis possibly by Monday.
I think I would be a lot more appreciated in Memphis has here I'm just another yellow guy but down there I would be something of an academic a celebrity.
I think a lot is going to come down to the relative salary offers they were both the same I think I would take Memphis $50,000 more a less does make a difference benefits of both places seem to be good maybe even better at Connecticut but the rulemaking in Connecticut seems like a big pain and of course people are a little more stiff year and more formal.
Innoway it would be easier to be here at the University and just show up every day and do my thing but somehow I don't have the inner excitement that I felt in Memphis where it seem that anything was possible. Of course that my translated to additional work. But if I can keep it to the every other week or a normal chairman the schedule I think you could really be fun and I would be a big big fish in a little pond as opposed to a little fish in a big pond.
Plus I would have the guarantee title of associate professor in Tennessee you were as I may or may not get it here in Connecticut. I would also not be stuck in the clinic by myself as all the clinics are a resident clinics as far as I can tell. Looks like much more fun for me in Memphis as the whole place is evolving and I would be part of the rule makers instead of the one who subjected to all the rules.
The clinic is new in the hospital is new and the residents seem good and it's growing and I think I would have a role but only as one of many faculty. In Memphis I would be the chairman I'll be at Aveh to neurologist department but when it's growing to three and ultimately will grow even further. I could also work every other week which would be spectacular. Cost-of-living is much lower there and the every other week option would allow us to fly to Newport and do all kinds of exciting things. Plus I would have to
You seem to be a number of Jewish faculty possibly including Dr. Greenfield. My real concern is the limitation I would be definitely a cog in the wheel and there's not much of flexibility I don't see how I could spend months and Philippines and I would pretty much be told what to do. However there be very limited and I call it would be very comfortable.
I wouldn't really have much time for that anyway. Hartford looks like a nice place to live it would be easy to go to Newport on a regular basis. I do feel like I'm home. Grand Rounds was really spectacular this morning with a great case presentation by the resident and then a nice lecture afterwards by ASM a retired chairman.
This job looks very good in terms of about half the time the clinic by myself the other quarter probably would residence in the clinic in the other corner with a residence in the hospital. But there's only four weeks of vacation. Also the university is very strict about doing work outside of the university in terms of consulting in speaking so that would be very limited.
Had A wonderful evening and dinner with the three young faculty and Dr. Greenfield who seems like a nice human being. He's going to the keys sailing. However he is very much an administrator. Wasn't really clear to me how close he will get to my $300,000 request at my request to do more hospital rather than clinic.
This could work. Could be very nice. Somehow not that exciting.