United States of America · 2 Days · 7 Moments · February 2017

Andrew's journi to Norfolk, VA, United Sta...

18 February 2017

Good waterfront $350 Ten min away from hospital Agent with disabled son Administrator with disabled twin daughter Recruiter divorced Gebel with sick wife with cancer Seems like so part of the world or maybe they were just more open about sharing

17 February 2017

Letters to my father. It was only after my father died that we really begin to communicate
Jessica Mueller broke down in tears when I told her what happened about the dinner. She seem to think it was her fault I told her she handled it well. Her boyfriend was angry at her because she took My call.
Hospital boring all good cases transferred Dr Gebel

16 February 2017

Because of this I feel like I don't want to make the effort to even show up tomorrow.
I took a quick shower and rush to the restaurant waited and the guy never showed up. I called the secretary to turns out he thought it was canceled. No one is coming. I feel that this is incredibly disrespectful. I feel like is leaving tomorrow. The secretary of course was embarrassed but it wasn't her fault. I think the guy was just lazy to come. The guy was supposed to come is Joe Oddis
Flight left 30 minutes late so I had to run at the Charlotte airport from gate C2 16 E. No time to eat. No time to go to the bathroom. Luckily I bought a salad. Then got here and got bad directions. Going the wrong way on route 64. Had to turn around. Rushing rushing rushing. Finally got to the hotel shower now. Trying to decide whether I can wear the same clothes or not. Of course really contaminated on my head.but it does look go I'll be like I'll be on time for dinner if I get going Hertz GPS lost the signal in the tunnel and never got it back. I had to use the Waze.