United Kingdom · 15 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Andrew's adventure in Iona Mull Orkney

22 June 2017

highlight photos

12 June 2017

now in stromness in mainland orkney. adventure in large sea cave (see magsi on ladder,and at tomb of eagles (see magsi on pull thru trolley) great time being had by all.

8 June 2017

just a medley of photos while we have the chance. having a great time - mull iona fidden calgary mallaig and onward to armadale kinlocjlewe dunnet bay stromness kirkwall. comes with love
should have said NO WIND what a tongue slip!!

7 June 2017

all peace and quiet you would think. but the rain pours on and on and on and on. this van however, and at least is water proof and there is virtually 100% no rain