North America, Europe · 5 Days · 6 Moments · September 2014

Andrew's adventure in Finland

20 September 2014

Last couple days in Finland. Trip to fiskars(the maker of scissors) since 1648. So cool. Dinner of roasted vegetables and peanut coconut chicken. Breakfast of fresh scones with blueberry jam and cream. Little exercise with my bf Tomas. Good times, good food, and wonderful friends.

18 September 2014

When in Finland go to ikea for the free coffee for members (I am a member in 4 countries) and have fun with your best friend. Side note( quickest ikea trip ever of half an hour with 20 minutes for the coffee and pastry, 10 for the actual shopping. )

17 September 2014

Wonderful day in Finland with my friend Tomas and his family. Beautiful sunrise walk, baked porridge for breakfast, exploration through Helsinki, and then traditional reindeer with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce for dinner.

16 September 2014

Oslo international airport- pulled out my sleeping bag and set up camp in the corner of a gate desk they weren't using. Kevin (my traveling smiley face) and I had a great little nap. Only 4 more hours until the flight to Helsinki...

15 September 2014

After dinner coffee with my new traveling partner whom I am calling Kevin, after my favorite minion. Getting ready to board for Oslo, Norway.
Albuquerque international airport. And so the journey begins.