United States of America · 1 Days · 11 Moments · September 2017

A manhattan birthday

30 September 2017

The pork bellies at Fatbird excellent. The oysters were too subtle for me. Muffins murvellous.
Fatbird restaurant under the high line. Southern cooking is alive and well in New York City! Southern fried, my fried, is the best.
A slice of the Hudson River bottom as diorama in the highline.
There even a river at this elevation.
Cast iron walkway on the high line
Zags Hadid building
Breadfruit in Manhattan?
Factories repurposed.
Now hear this! Or that? The sounds of pacific garbage dump in one and the breathing of a lung cancer victim in another. Wouldn't you know it, they sound exactly the same. Is our planet sick?
What is this man's journey? Thanks for keep up appearances!
For breaking in new brooms.