United States of America · 3 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Andres's adventure in Washington, DC, United

14 May 2017

Woke up at 4:30am!! Went with bike around 5am to The National Mall. It was great and empty. Lincoln Memorial was great. Saw the sunrise going up as it was going through the Washington Memorial and Capitol Hill. Took lots of pictures. Came back home and took a shower to go to the meeting. But...... We couldn't go to the meeting, there was none and we went out on service. Met amazing brothers!! Nury, Emily, Eduardo?..... Santiago, and other sisters. Emily was cute lol. Found Melvin in service. Great guy very interested. Emily took us back home. We then went to the Nationals game against the Phillies. First Major League Baseball game. It was amazing!!! Slow game. Nats we're winning but ended up losing 4-3. Came back home in the Metro. Had Dinner upstairs. Watched Chivas game!!! Semi finals bound!!!

13 May 2017

Woke up around 7am. Got up at 8am and head out at 9am to visit various embassy's. Walked through the French Embassador residence Mexico's Embassador residence And a bunch more. Visited the Italian Embassy, Denmark Embassy, British Embassy. Tried visiting the Finland Embassy but line was way to long. There we met Damond and his feyonce Jenna. Damond is David's son. After that we went to eat Falafels (first time) and met Heather (David's daughter) and her husband Chase. Afterwards we went to the National Museum of Air and Space. Great Museum. Went back home ate with Heather and Chase. David etc. Planned an early morning trip. Went to sleep

12 May 2017

Arrived to DC. Took Uber for the first time and saw the Lincoln Memorial on the way to Uncle David's house. Met Uncle David Went to sleep at 1:40am