Sweden, United Kingdom · 5 Days · 15 Moments · July 2017

André and Aleks visit Edinburgh

22 July 2017

Well deserved SPA day after extremally delicious mezze ❤️👏🏻 #edinburghdelivers

21 July 2017

Found world's cutest rabbit shoes! 😍👠🐰
Whisky distillery trip!
Dancing with Hanna, Jennifer, and Robin at a wonderful pub with live music! 💃🕺🍷

20 July 2017

Delicious dinner and night out! 💃🕺🏼🍻🍽
No comment can do this slogan justice.
We visited the Scotch Whisky Experience, with a massive whisky collection!
Making myself comfortable at the airport while waiting for the flight 😎✈️😴
Alex on her way! ✌🏻😎👏🏻

19 July 2017

Drinking whisky and hover-handing at the Whiski Rooms 🤗

18 July 2017

Evening stroll after dinner with Hanna, Dennis and Lukas.
Edinburgh Castle in walking distance from the apartment! 😎☀️
Outside of our apartment, waiting to get the keys.
Lunch at our second favorite restaurant at Arlanda, Pontus in the Air (second only to Jonas)! 🍷
On my way to the airport! Aleks is joining us on Thursday 🙂