Sweden · 8 Days · 24 Moments · July 2017

André and Aleks' tour through Poland

16 July 2017

Last breakfast before trip back home.

15 July 2017

Last dinner in Warszawa, André enjoying his "schabowy" (schnitzel), Alex her beetroot burger! 👌🏻☺️
Playing memory while waiting for the food!
Taking the train from Sopot back to Warsaw, where we'll be staying the night before flying home to Stockholm.
Waiting for the train to take us back to Warsaw, our last stop on this amazing trip!
Enjoying a nice cold lemonade in the sun!
Beachday in Sopot!
Breakfast time in the sun! We're having jajecznica z pomidorami (scrambled eggs with tomatoes) 😎

14 July 2017

Aperol is never a wrong choice 😎🍹 pre-drinking in Sopot before the dinner.
Ready for the dinner in Sopot! 😍
Super tired after the night on the train André waiting to finally eat while Alex photo-shooting the plates ✌🏻💕 First lunch in Sopot!
Enjoying a walk in the city center in Gdańsk while Aleks is getting her haircut 😎 Later on in the evening we explored Sopot together 💏

13 July 2017

Checking in to our train "luxury suite"! Heading to Gdańsk and Sopot for a haircut and later hopefully sunny beach weather. 😎☀️
Absolutely delicious breakfast in Wroclaw - waffles with eggs and bacon and shakshuka ❤️

12 July 2017

Dinner with Aleks' family in a super cozy traditional polish restaurant. Trying a polish red wine for the first time ever! 🍷😀

11 July 2017

... And then our awesome weather turned into a complete rainstorm! We all got totally soaked while hiking in our fancy outgoing outfit in the mountains 😂✌🏻still in a good mood and with sunglasses 😎😎
While we originally planned to go to the cinema, the weather turned around and we decided to go hiking in the mountains instead. 😎✌️ Later on resting in the shelter on the mountain top ☺️
Lunch before hiking! André trying Żurek for the first time ☺️

10 July 2017

We came across the cutest little sheep that can transform into a fluffy pillow (perfect for traveling!). In a stroke of creativity we named her Owca (polish for "sheep"). 😂✌️ Also, soo many beautiful shoes in Poland 💕❤️😍
A fantastic and cozy lunch in Kraków, sitting under a tiny roof and listening to the sound of the rain! Pierogi, zucchini soup and toasts with goat cheese 👫❤️🇵🇱
Delicious jajecznica in Kraków! #breakfast

9 July 2017

Woohoo! We're going to Kraków! 🇵🇱🇵🇱
After waking up we packed our bags, stowed them in the train station and went to explore the city center. The weather was lovely, and we got our first taste of Poland's love for fountains.☀️

8 July 2017

Beers and burgers before our first holiday together! 💕