Malta · 7 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

6 August 2017

Last day was a quick visit to Mdina (old capital city of Malta), got to see some more beautiful doors and buildings and then we took a bus to the airport. While on the bus, we got to see the west coast of Malta that we did not have time to visit by foot. It seemed lovely. So we know what to do next time we’ll visit!

5 August 2017

This was Peter’s Pool beach, that we found randomly on Google. Decided to go there, and took a bus from Valletta. Little did we know that after the bus left us “near” the location, we needed to walk some extra 2 km through a desserted area at 12 pm while outside there were 40+ degrees Celsius 😬. Did not regret the struggle, as the beach was spectacular. We got to jump off all the cliffs and the water was absolutely amazing. On the way back, we paid a guy 3 euros to leave us at the bus station. Best money ever invested!

4 August 2017

Beautiful Valletta

3 August 2017

The most amazing sunset I've seen in my life. (So far) 🥂

2 August 2017

Gozo Island. We got to see the place where Azure Windows used to be and we explored Victoria, capital city of Gozo. Some parents exposed the drawings of their kids --- lovely!

1 August 2017

The punishment we suffered at Popeye’s Village 😂
Popeye's Village 💪🏼

31 July 2017

One of the wildest beaches of Malta. Private beach feeling, since there were no more than 20 people on the area.
Amazing hostel, with a marrocan style rooftop that provided us a view to Gozo.
First view of the beautiful Malta