Asia, Australia and Oceania · 98 Days · 95 Moments · August 2017

Andi's, Bene's und Danny's Reise

4 December 2017

Now, as our journey is about to come to an end we are looking towards to it with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we are totally happy to see all our loved ones back, enjoy the Christmastime, eating western food and have a regular life again. On the other hand, there closes a big capture of our life, as the traveling was so educational and intense - we not only got to know new continents and countries, got in touch with several kinds of people, got to see amazing landscapes, buildings and animals but also learnt a lot about ourselves. Furthermore, now, after we saw all this we are finally able to truly be grateful, that we had the luck to be born in Germany, enjoy amazing infrastructure, a great and free education and finally have loving parents, grandparents, sisters, girlfriends and friends. We are just so happy that we even had the opportunity to travel. We hope this effect will not fade too soon and we can always remember how good life played on us and be lucky for what we have.

3 December 2017

We slowly come to an end, our last day of traveling! In the morning we packed our backpacks in the hostel, in which we nearly were alone, despite it’s really new and everything’s fine. Later on we took the scooter and headed towards the Big Buddha statue from where we had a great view over Phuket. We quite felt we’re in Russia as mostly everybody around us spoke russian. Afterwards, we decided to close this month in Thailand with a traditional massage. As our plane should be departing at 6.40am the next morning, we took the local bus to the airport just this evening and are going to spend the night there. Unfortunately, our flight is delayed by 9,5h and so we’re going to spend around 20h at the airport now. Eurowings stated there was a technical problem with the machine and therefore we hope to receive a financial compensation.

2 December 2017

Spent a slowed down day in Phuket on one of our last days. After our breakfast we went for a gym in the area to hit a great workout. Exhausted and lucky we searched for some food right after before we headed back to the hostel. Suddenly it started raining horribly, which made us going for a little afternoon sleep in our comfy hostel beds. As it stopped raining we drove to the Night Weekend market, which was huge! A lot of booths offering loads of food and clothing. The day ended with us sitting on the rooftop of our hostel , listening to good music and enjoying some icecream while watching over the city from above.

1 December 2017

We decided to leave Ko Jum today as it doesn’t make sense to stay longer anymore in this weather situation. We already miss the hotel staff a bit, they were so friendly to us and happy all the time even though, they have to work from dawn till late in the evening and don’t earn much money. Just because they weren’t as lucky as we were to be born in Europe and to have this perfect starting conditions to live an awesome life without much struggle - in comparison to them. The transport to Phuket was exhausting. It took around 6h and we didn’t arrive at our hostel but the central bus station. After another ride with the taxi, which took longer than expected, we finally arrived at our destination and were really happy since then as the hostel is great and everything we need is directly around us.

30 November 2017

Got to bring another day around at a usually beautiful place that looked kinda grey for us because of the sky full of clouds. After a good breakfast, some reading/ playing around with one of the housecats and Andi slipping out another time in the mud, we went to the closest village to grab some food, water and insect repellent. Back at the bungalow we hit a Freeletics workout and went for dinner right after.

29 November 2017

Said goodbye to Mr. Wayla and his lovely hostel on Koh Lanta and moved on to Ko Jum with the speedboat. The island that we read about as kind of a secret spot turned out to actually be one 100% worth to visit and it must be an amazing place if just the weather would not play against us. Also our little Resort is a gem! Sleeping in clean, traditional bamboo huts, surrounded by rubber trees, green grass and heaps of cats, hearing the waves crashing at the shore and not even 100m walking distance to the private sand beach. And all this (and very important for us: included breakfast) for very low budget as in our case 13€. But sadly with this weather conditions we cannot enjoy it as much as we could without all the clouds and the rain. Yet trying to make to best of it!

28 November 2017

Once again the tropical climate showed us its best side as it has been a rainy, cloudy and windy day here. Nevertheless, we wanted to do something and paddled through a mangrove forest with two girls we met at our hostel. Back at our place we did some sports before we spent the last, grey day in Koh Lanta with playing darts, watching movies and going to a restaurant. Even though the weather did not please us that much, we still made the best out of our stay on this island and had a lot of fun and enjoyed chilling for a while.

27 November 2017

Today we got lucky because we gonna see the sun again! So we rented a scooter to see as much as possible today. At first we headed to the northern island of Ko Lanta, which is more relaxed and pristine, and explored its beauty. Later we drove straight in the other direction; to the south end of the South Island where we found a lovely waterfall which you can climb up and also enjoy a refreshing bath in it. In the evening we got to the beach just in time to see the sunset but unfortunately the sky was so cloudy that we couldn’t see anything.

26 November 2017

Due to the bad weather, all day raining, we had no chance to do some outdoor activity and therefore we just have been at the hostel like yesterday. Hopefully the weather will get better soon!

25 November 2017

Today we had really bad luck with the weather as it rained all the day. Therefore, we just chilled at the hostel playing darts, watching Netflix, working out and swimming in the sea, which was warmer than the outside temperature.

24 November 2017

Enjoyed a nice breakfast with an excellent view in the late morning in our hostel. Right after, we headed to the nationalpark with two mates, we met a few days before in Krabi. Climbed up to a viewpoint with a lighthouse to get some glances over the scenery, that, indeed was pretty sick. Walked to a beach right beneath the lighthouse and took a little rest, even though it was a little stormy. In the area there were a few naughty monkeys eager to steal stuff from people and even stole our fellows their ice right out of the hands! The evening we spent at the hostel torturing ourselves with an intense workout, playing darts and chatting with some other travellers at our place.

23 November 2017

Had a safe but time consuming trip to the island of Kho Lanta this day. As we arrived in the afternoon we just went for the beach to relax a little.

22 November 2017

Today was an exciting day for us as we tried climbing up the ancient limestone cliffs at Railay Beach. We got picked up at our hostel in the morning by a minivan and hopped on the ferry later because this amazing beach is only accessible by boat. The climb itself was a lot of fun, even though it was really hard work to get up to the top of the rope. We noticed, we should definitely improve our gripstrength and our forearm muscles! All in all, we are really happy with our decision to try climbing and would like to do it again.

21 November 2017

Stilled our desire for the beach here in Ao Nang today. Enjoyed it very much and just lay there sunbathing, listening to music and reading books and it was pretty nice. Can’t imagine that we are soon going to be in a country with 0 degrees at the moment as currently we are having 30degrees everyday since 6 weeks straight. Going to be a bit rough for us to adapt to the german climate, but hey, it’s worth it! In the evening we hit a workout, talked with some fellow travellers from all over the world, grabbed some food and planed the next day before we went to bed.

20 November 2017

Could a day start anymore exhausting than climbing up 1237 steps in tropical 30 degrees? I’m not sure but probably you can imagine the struggle. But once again the hard work paid off and we were rewarded by a breathtaking view over the country and an impressive temple with huge Buddha statues. Rest of the day was kind of a calm down and was spent mostly with fooding and reading books. In the evening we jumped on a Songthaew - a local minibus - during a hell of a rain and drove for a little to get to Ao Nang where we are going to spent the next two days enjoying the beach and doing a snorkeling tour.

19 November 2017

Arrived safe at Bangkok in the morning from where we caught our flight to Krabi - it’s in the south of Thailand in which region we’re gonna stay for the last two weeks of our journey. After checking in at the hostel, we planned to get up the hill to the Tiger Cave temple but suddenly it started to rain heavily and therefore we changed our plans and hit the gym instead. Was a great feeling as we finished the workout and thus we were well prepared to get to the nightmarket for eating some delicious thaifood and watching the karaoke event.

18 November 2017

Today was kind of a chilly day - the last one at our amazing host family in Chiang Mai. Together with husband Florian we got to the barber shop and had got a new haircut for 2,50€ but don’t think it looks appropriate to the price! Furthermore, we enjoyed a traditional Thai massage which was quite painful sometimes but afterwards we felt really good. Now we are just sitting in the night train to Bangkok from where we’re gonna fly to Krabi tomorrow in the morning.

17 November 2017

Explored the beautiful scenery around Chiang Mai in the last 24 hours. At first we got to the Mae Sa waterfall which has 10 levels and it’s also possible to bath in most of these. Afterwards we moved from the north of Chiang Mai to the south and on our way we made a stop for catching some food. This ended up lucky in two ways as we got to know our new favorite meal, Khao Soi, a special curry noodle soup, and also met a cool but bit crazy guy from the US who is living here for already ten years and he even showed us his impressive garden. As we moved on, we finally arrived the Grand Canyon - an old loam pit which is now used as a water park. There we did some jumps in the water from about 7,50m and waited for the sun going down.

16 November 2017

Spent a chilly day in the city of Chiang Mai. Walked around discovering some markets, a temple and chilled in a nice park where we read our books. The afternoon we enjoyed in hammocks back at the house of our guest family. In the evening they served us and 2 other travellers a delicious traditional thai meal and we chatted a lot till late in the night and had a lot of fun.

15 November 2017

Yesterday and today were exciting days for us as we absolved a 2 days jungle trekking tour in the northern thai mountains! It all started with a drive to a local market to grab some food for the following meals and afterwards we moved on to the Mork Fa waterfall where we were able to dabble a bit in the water. Was a lot of fun! After another 45min drive to the middle of nowhere, we started the actual hiking part. We trekked around 3-4h until we came to a tiny village where we spent the evening at the bonfire with our guide and two other german guys with whom we had a really nice time. As we woke up in the jungle today which was a unique experience, we got a filling breakfast to trek to an elephant camp. There we could feed these ancient animals with bananas and bamboo and also got with them into the water for bathing and splashing them. Our last activity was a bamboo raft in which we chugged down the river for 2h and left 10km behind us. All-in-all it was an amazing experience!

13 November 2017

Left Pai and its beautiful nature behind us and made our way back to the capital of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. Today was not the most exciting day as we just hit the gym and ate really good Thai food afterwards. Besides, we booked our 2 days - 1 night jungle trekking tour, just starting tomorrow and we are really looking forward to it.

12 November 2017

Once again a day started with an tasty all you can eat breakfast for us. Strengthened by this we made a little drive through beautiful surroundings leading us to a huge cave. We booked a tour through it, where we first went into the cave with a bamboo-raft and later walked around in the inside getting a look at some bats, stalagmites and stalactites. Was very impressive as we have never seen a cave that big, with such impressive limestone structures. For sunset we got to a canyon where we climbed around a bit and chilled at a cool place waiting for the sun to go down behind the mountains. Was a great view even though it was cloudy! Spent the evening having fun with some lads from sweden, the netherlands and germany.

11 November 2017

Enjoyed a lovely breakfast at our host family in Chiang Mai. Afterwards, we headed further north towards Pai, a little, relaxed town but full of backpackers! Surrounded by a beautiful nature, it’s really a nice place to stay for the following two nights. In the evening we explored the street market in the town center and ate really good food like pork dumplings, thai sausages, spring rolls and much more.

10 November 2017

After a surprisingly good sleep in the train we woke up a few minutes before we arrived Chiang Mai. In the city our first step was going to the gym for a intense workout we long wished for. After the shower we drove to relatives of andi who live in Thailand and allowed us to stay a few nights at their place. Very friendly and kind family, especially nice because they live here for 5 years already and have loads of recommendations for us! In the evening they showed us a beautiful temple overlooking the city before we had dinner and some nice talking before we went to bed.
After just getting 5h of sleep, we started our day with an all-you-can-eat toast with butter breakfast in our hostel. Afterwards, we made our way to Wat Saket, a 79m high temple mountain. Had a great view over the skyline of Bangkok from there! As we arrived back down, we asked a tuk-tuk driver to take us to Chinatown and this ride was an experience in itself as he drove like he’s crazy! After strolling around Chinatown and grabbing some food we got back home for getting ourselves ready for the 13h night train ride to Chiang Mai. As we write this diary entry at the end of the night trip, we can definitely say that it was very comfortable and we were able to sleep well.

8 November 2017

Got to see the real Bang­kok today as we booked a biketour through the city. Got across extreme differences as we drove around pretty poor and also very wealthy areas. Was a great experience! In the evening we went to the famous Khao San Road for some drinking and ended up meeting 2 girls from Germany and went to a bar with them. Enjoyed a 3liter beertower and a bucket each, that was, indeed, pretty strong and had a lot of fun till late in the night as we went sleeping at 4am.

7 November 2017

What an incredible eventful day! Early in the morning we woke up to catch our flight towards Bang­kok. Arriving in Thailand we shared a taxi with a few travelers to get to the Khao San Road where our hostel is located. After checking in we headed to the city to grab some food and made our way to a park in the center of Bang­kok. In the park we got surprised by a huuuge amount of people doing Zumba right on the road, never seen something like this before. In the evening we checked out some streetfood, bought a travelsim and walked to the best and highest skybar in the city to catch an amazing view. And it was stunning! Even though the drinks were horribly expensive, it was worth every Baht. Now we are falling to bed overtired...

6 November 2017

After waking up with an headache after skygarden we started slowly into the day. So we drove around the city and did some shopping in a few malls. Got to find some cool stuff. Later we headed to a spacenter where andi enjoyed a backmassage and I tried fishspa. Was a nice experience for both of us. To round up our Bali trip we ate some typical balinese stuff for the last time before we went to bed early, to be fit for getting up at 4am to catch our flight. Sadly we did not get as much sleep because our new roommate was acting crazy and childish as we did not want to sleep in a fridge and let him cool the room down to 16 degrees... In a revolt he was hearing loud music and letting the light on - but, nevertheless, it was funny :)

5 November 2017

Discovered Bukit half island in South Bali today. Green Bowl beach was pretty lovely as you can sit in a cave. Sadly, Padang Padang beach was really crowded and way too touristic for us. In the afternoon we arrived back at our hostel to get ready for the all-you-can-eat buffet in Skygarden Nightclub. This time we made it to not overeat ourselves and had a decent partynight.

4 November 2017

Made our way back to Bali via the speed boat. As we arrived back in Kuta in the TZ Party Hostel, we directly used the opportunity of eating some free pancakes. About noon we got to the beach where we rented a surfboard and tried surfing again. The progress could be better but at least it is existing. In the evening we explored the city for some local food and found a way to get apart from the immense tourism here.

3 November 2017

Spent our morning on the seaside doing a snorkeling trip where we saw gigantic Mantas. It was a really impressive experience as they were up to 5 meters big! In the afternoon we explored the Blue Lagoon in Nusa Ceningan but we weren’t able to jump from the cliffs as the waves were too big. Later we relaxed at the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunset again.

2 November 2017

Hopped over to Nusa Lembongan this day. After checking in at our amazing new homestay, we are the first guest, we checked out a few nice beaches and enjoyed a sick sunset at the last one. It was so beautiful to hear and see the waves crashing, and watch the sun going down behind the sea coloring the sky red.

1 November 2017

Have explored some beaches today with our mate Luca. We started with the Pandan-Beach, a little lonely idyllic beach without any tourism. So it was kind of our private beach most of the time. Later we headed to another kind of secret spot. A beach that usually is only visited by locals and is also a nice snorkeling spot. Took a sunbath, enjoyed the view over the sea to Mount Agung and jumped in the water to discover nice corals and lots of marine life.

31 October 2017

Once again discovered the beautiful nature along the coast of Nusa Penida. Came across two stunning waterfalls streaming down the cliffs where we could even enjoy a natural pool with an amazing view. Also chilled a little bit at a stunning viewpoint overlooking the beauty of the pure blue water crashing at the cliffs. In the evening we spent time with a fellow traveller we met during our trip today and had some nice deep conversation.

30 October 2017

Came to see the most beautiful beach of our entire journey today - the Kelingking Beach. But it was hard work getting there! Looked down on it from the viewpoint and already were speechless, the beauty of the scenery was amazing. So we could slightly imagine how great it must be down there. So we started climbing down the steep path, which was extra hard because we just rocked a workout in the morning that damaged our leg muscles seriously... But to cut a long story short we arrived safely and it was 10000% worth it! Blue water, white sand, huge waves and surrounded by tall cliffs, could it get any better? Plus we got rid of all the tourists who just looked down from the viewpoint. After a tough, sweaty ascent we made our way towards two lagoons. Impressive waves crashed at the rocks along the entire cove. And also the Broken Bay with its huge hole in the rock was pretty crazy. All in all, totally enjoyed the entire day and made our way home with our loved Honda Scoopy.

29 October 2017

Today we rented a scooter and started exploring Nusa Penida. We came across a wonderful beach called Crystal Bay where we spend the entire day with snorkeling - saw amazing corals and marine life - and enjoying our time here. We also ate a fresh caught white snapper while having a lovely view of the sea.

28 October 2017

Once again we crossed the sea. This time to reach an island of Bali, our destination for the next few days: Nusa Penida. As we arrived we walked for half an hour to reach our homestay. After checking in, organizing some stuff and a small workout we made our way towards the night market of Sampalan in order to have dinner. We even explored a new tasty meal called Bubur Ayam.

27 October 2017

Chaotic trip around Indonesia today. Tried visiting two waterfalls but the way got so bumpy on both ones, we had to turn around as we did not want to damage our rental car... But even though we saw some pretty nice landscapes in central Lombok. In the afternoon we headed back to Lembar, gave back our rental car and jumped on the ferry towards Bali. During our way we met a funny and also kind of crazy dude from Lombok who was traveling to Bali with his son in order to buy a car. Finally arrived at midnight in our room, we fell into bed tired of the long ferry ride.

26 October 2017

Plan for today was finishing our Visa extension. We began today’s task fueled by a filling breakfast. After some waiting time and walking around the city we finally got our - now with extended visa - passports back. We finished a workout and than started our search for some streetfood another time. Once again we got lucky and ate some delicious indonesian dishes and got away with paying not even two bucks.

25 October 2017

Spent most of our day in Kuta Lombok at the beach. After enjoying some pancakes for breakfast, we headed to the beach to rent a surfboard and try to catch some waves. It was our first time surfing, but even though we did not want to pay the money for a surf teacher, it went pretty good after a while. Of course we failed a lot, especially in the beginning but the feeling of riding a wave at this beautiful beach with its lovely water and weather makes the struggle worth it! In the afternoon we hit the road towards Mataram again. In our hotel we did some exercise and than headed to the city for some food. Man! We LOVE streetfood here in Indonesia. It’s incredibly cheap, so tasty and so many varieties! Enjoyed 4 different meals today, each single one of them would have been enough, all very tasty and local and not even paid 2€! We absolutely feel like heaven.

24 October 2017

Today we chartered a fisherman’s boat to do a tour around the „secret gilis“ which are far less touristic than the famous Gilis in the north of Lombok. Firstly, we headed to Gili Nanggu for some snorkeling in the beautiful, clear water and walked round the whole island in about half an hour. Next stop was at Gili Sudak where we relaxed at the beach and ate lunch directly at the seaside. Unfortunately, the weather got cloudy but as it became better again, we moved on in front of Gili Kedis and snorkeled one more time. As we have arrived back at our homestay, we hit the road to Kuta Lombok where we try to surf tomorrow.

23 October 2017

Kickstarted into the day with a breakfast buffet to get some energy for our visa extension at the Imigrasi. But luckily they proceeded pretty fastly and told us to come back in three days to pick up our passports again. Right after this we made our way towards the area of Sekotong, where we spent our day at an amazing beach we had on our own for most of the time! Sadly we forgot taking any pictures with Andi‘s phone so we just got the less quality ones from my phone. But it’s enough to get a slight clue of how nice it was.

22 October 2017

Enjoyed our first day in Lombok very much. We spent it by exploring two beautiful beaches, sunbathing and swimming. Unfortunately, the beaches were a bit crowded as it was Sunday but even though it was enjoyable to just stay around local people instead of tourists everywhere - that’s what we really appreciate on Lombok as well as the pristine nature.

21 October 2017

Headed to Lombok with the ferry today. Usually it takes 4-5 hours but somehow we had to spent 7 hours on board of the vessel. But finally we arrived in Lombok, got fetched up by our rental car company, have been brought to Senggigi and then picked up our car for the following days.

20 October 2017

Today was a relaxed day. We explored two beaches near to our homestay, did some snorkeling and enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful sun of Bali. Before going to bed now, we have to do some more planning about the coming days as we are heading to Lombok tomorrow.

19 October 2017

Definitely one of the greatest mornings we had so far! Woke up in this amazing bungalow, located in a lovely resort and looked at the blue sea and the blue sky, it can’t become far better. Firstly, we started with a early morning workout and than enjoyed the buffet breakfast. It was so delicious, and of course we ate as much as possible once again... Than headed towards the beach and enjoyed the quite entire day with jumping into the pool and sunbathing - all this with an astonishing view. Later the day we hit the road towards Padang Bai and even got to see the Volcano from far away.

18 October 2017

This wednesday in Bali we started our day up in the mountains, got to see the locals producing coffee and than headed to the destination of today, the beautiful resort at the northcoast, Danny‘s parents spent their honeymoon back in the days, recommended it and even paid for our visit. :) On our way there we came across a stunning viewpoint overlooking the caldera of the Gunung Bratan. At our resort we were overwhelmed by the beauty of itself and also our seaview bungalow. Laying here right now (in the evening), overlooking the ocean and hearing the waves crashing - priceless. Special thanks to my parents for sponsoring us this beautiful moments here.

17 October 2017

After a hard freeletics workout in the morning, we made ourselves a breakfast in the kitchen provided. Finally a meal big enough for us! About noon we enjoyed 3 waterfalls in one spot and walked around there for a while. On the way to our next stop for today, we made a break for some tasty street food. The longer we stay here, the more we fall in love with this! In Bedugul we walked around in a huge ghost hotel before making our way down the mountains for our guest house tonight.

16 October 2017

Experienced so many things today, it will be hard to all get them in one journi. But let’s start chronological. In the early morning we started a mountain bike tour. Starting from a different route as planned, over a only english learning, so called guide, who did this never before and was only a housekeeper in the hotel usually, up to not working gears, clutches and even a flat tyre, it went quite everything possible wrong. But even though, it was an amazing experience and we saw great landscapes. We headed to the hotel to pay, got a big discount for sure and also some nice tips where to eat good, authentic local food. Following the recommendation we landed in a great little streetfood restaurant enjoying tasty and cheap meatballs. Suddenly a guy popped in, asked for our names and told us we forgot our deposit and handed us the money back. He just drove 30minutes to give us the money back, so friendly! Later the day we enjoyed two beautiful waterfalls and even jumped into one.

15 October 2017

Had a restful night after all this diving and started our day with an exhausting freeletics workout. Afterwards, we left Pemuteran and headed towards our next destination, Munduk. As soon as we have arrived there, we started a roundtrip hike around the village through lovely rice fields and came along impressive waterfalls. After the sun went down, we were looking for some food for dinner and ended up in an old warung with authentic local vibes.

14 October 2017

Today was our big day! After absolving our two last dives up to a depth of 18 meters, seeing a lot of sea animals and even a babyshark and a turtle, we had our test for the open water diving license. The diving today was pretty nice as we already are used to the handling of our stuff underwater and can concentrate more on the marine life. Finally, we both passed the ( to be honest, very easy) test without trouble and are now able to dive all over the world on ourselves until a depth of 18 meters.

13 October 2017

Yesterday we started our scuba diving course with some theory sessions and practicing the basic skills in the swimming pool. In the evening we had to learn some more theory which needed far more time than we have expected. As we woke up today, we were quite excited about our first open water dive and this just on friday, 13th. We had our first two dives in Pulau Menjangan and we have never seen such a clear, beautiful water in our entire life. The feeling of being weightless and the ability to breathe underwater was amazing. What an unforgettable experience!

11 October 2017

What an amazing morning here in Bali! We woke up early to take a glance at the sunrise from our bed but sadly it was a very cloudy one. Nevertheless, the view was still beautiful. After enjoying the scenery we made our way to the yoga lesson. Even though it was not that easy for us, we totally enjoyed it! Midway through the morning we made some sports, took a shower, chilled a little bit in our jacuzzi and ate a tasty balinese breakfast. About noon we made our way to the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Unesco world heritage area, and walked for a few hours next to stunning ricefields and formations. In the evening we hit the road to Permuteran, where we are going to absolve the open water diving course in the next three days.

10 October 2017

Today we had to drive a lot through the island and started our trip visiting a temple. Next activity was walking through the monkey forest in Sangeh, where we met some cool little fellas climbing our heads in hope for some food. In the afternoon we enjoyed an amazing tasty, typical balinese meal in a warung and hit the road towards our quarter for tonight. Arrived at the retreat we were flashed because of our luxury accommodation in an amazing scenery, stay tuned pictures are coming tomorrow.

9 October 2017

Another day in paradise and we slept long and later we made our way around Ubud for some grocerie shopping and a haircut. We recognized that the more distance we bring between us and Kuta, the friendlier and less obtrusive behave the people. The Balinese are absolutely helpful and lovely if you get out of the crowded, touristic areas! In the evening we watched the sunset over the sea at the beautiful Tanah Lot Temple.

8 October 2017

This kind of rainy day in Ubud, central Bali, we spent doing a tour around the entire region to discover its beauty. Indeed we had an amazing day. We came across beautiful temples, holy springs, green ricefields, beautiful landscapes and ended up our day back in Ubud eating delicious pizza for a - compared to european standards - extreme cheap price.

6 October 2017

Arrived at our new Hostel today, they have got pretty decent pools here. After walking throughout the city for shopping simcards and stuff, we spent some time at the pools. In the evening we hit Skygarden, a nightclub and all you can eat and drink events from 17:00-21:00. Sadly the buffet was too yummy and andi and me too hungry. So the evening ended for us at 22:00 because our bellys where hurting and so full, no drinks would have fitted in anymore. Not even talking about dancing. So we decided to hit the pool instead and try clubbing again tomorrow.

5 October 2017

Enjoyed our first full day in Bali this thursday. Drastically changing of our environment. Far hotter climate, far more crowded (as we are currently in Kuta), far cheaper and a lot of pushy people trying to sell you something. Looking forward to get rid of this kind of people in less touristic areas of Bali the following weeks. After taking a taxi to our hostel in Kuta we made our way to a nice warung for some delicious food. In the afternoon we have been driven to Seminyak via bike. The drive alone was a experience, those indonesians are driving absolutely crazy, no rules at all. At the beach we jumped into the sea and sat into a beach bar enjoying the sunset and some cold beer.

4 October 2017

Had a comfortable flight to Bali today but a less comfortable transport to our hotel. Finally we arrived and are looking forward to explore the city tomorrow.

3 October 2017

Packed our backpacks, cleaned our campervan and are ready now for taking off tomorrow. Had five incredible wonderful weeks which we will never forget!

2 October 2017

That's it. Our last day we travel New Zealand. Tomorrow we will only clean our campervan. Today our goal was to hike from Arrowtown to Macetown, a ghosttown. But our plans began to change as we realized the track we had planed to walk was not possible to access due to the river beeing to steep. So we took an alternative route. Andi somehow managed to change our plans. He decided to go for a 'shortcut' across a mountain with merely a recognizable path, only following another guy walking straighter up the hill. As we, totally exhausted, reached the top, we realized Andi had no plan at all and also the guy he choosed beeing our leader had no clue what he was doing. Even though the view was amazing and somehow we made it back down without any casualties. At the next map we realized we only made half of the way and had no energy left anymore. So we walked up a little to a beautiful viewpoint, sat there for over an hour, trying to catch the moment and than made our way back down.

1 October 2017

On one of our last days, we can spent on actual traveling this amazing country, we made two smaller hikes. In between, we made a stop along the road trying to kind of save the beautiful scenery in our minds. Our second hike led us to Bobs Cove, where we could fancy one of the clearest waters we have seen so far.

30 September 2017

Once again we woke up at a beautiful beach, this time on monkey island. We walked along the cove for a while and Andi somehow struggled doing some little jumps over narrow streams. Right after we drove back in the direction of Queenstown we just stopped for a small museum, that, of course, otherwise we wouldn't have visited it, was for free.

29 September 2017

Today we took part in a Glowworm-Cave-Explore tour in Te Anau. We first drove to the cave with our vessel, then saw a film about the glowworms and later moved forward into the caves. After a while, we came to an underground river, where we changed the boat and were driven through the river with glowing little animals beneath and over our heads on the concrete. An amazing experience! Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures so we just got you this pic out of the homepage to illustrate what we have seen. Next step was working out and taking a shower right after. In the young evening we hit the road to reach Monkey Island, the most southern point of our journey, just as the sun was going down.

28 September 2017

Another day in NZ passed by and, once again, we filled it with hiking the entire day. We walked part of the Kepler Track. It was meant to be a 5 hours walk up the mountain but we reached it within 3 hours somehow. We are not sure if we are hiking talents or the planner just made a fault. In our opinion it is definitely the first option! No matter in what time we reached the 1100 meters high peak, the view was worth the hard way up and once again we are going to sleep exhausted and happy with our accomplishment.

27 September 2017

After an early morning start in the day at 5:30 we drove the last kilometers towards the Milford Sound. About noon we started our bootstour through the Sound and were amazed by the breathtaking views. On our way back towards Te Anau, we hiked for several hours and again were flashed by the nice scenery up on the mountain 900 meters above sealevel. As we were on the road again we got to spot some angry Keas behaving aggressively and being destructive. Was a funny picture though. Shortly before we arrived at our destination we had a glance on the sun going down beyond the mountains.

26 September 2017

In Queenstown we woke up to a stunning view: a lake surrounded by mountains which mirrored themselves in the water. Later we made our last big shopping tour in New Zealand, buying groceries and sadly also a new camping table because we lost the other one... Later the day we hiked up a mountain, enjoying a beautiful view over Queenstown and the huge lake it is surrounded by. In the afternoon we packed our bags and drove towards the Milford Sound.

25 September 2017

Our trip on this beautiful, sunny monday led us over the Haast-Pass, where we stopped a few times to have a closer look on the beautiful scenery. In the afternoon we arrived in Queenstown, a lovely little town, surrounded by mountains and lakes and explored the city center.

24 September 2017

Today we spent quite the entire day on the road. We drove from the Glaciers to Haast. During our way we stopped at the Lake Matheson to walk around it and have a glance on the beautiful dark water mirroring the Fox Glacier.

23 September 2017

Today has been a pretty active day. We first made a short walk to enjoy the lake, next to whom we camped the night before. Then we made our way towards the Franz Josef Glacier, where we first warmed ourselves up by hiking to a viewpoint and then followed an intense track to walk 600 meters up on a slippery and partly more climbing than hiking path. But the view was worth it and also the way itself was stunning. We came far closer to the glacier and had an impressive view about the landscape even though it was cloudy. Definitely our hardest but also nicest hike so far.

22 September 2017

After waking up lately on a beautiful day and a far more beautiful scenery at the beach we started with our daily workout and meditation routine. Later we planned our further trip and created an amazing cheap, tasty and filling meal out of noodles, ham, eggs and cheese. On the road towards the glaciers we stopped to explore a nice river with unreal looking blue water and made a little walk before we started heading towards our campsite for this night.

21 September 2017

Had not that intense plans today. After sleeping out and some grocerie shoppings we went towards the Pancake Rocks and walked along the cliffs and beaches. In the evening we enjoyed the sun going down on our next campsite in Greymouth.

20 September 2017

This wednesday we went kayaking in Marahau, Abel Tasman Nationalpark. We rented two kayaks and started our expedition to visit some islands. During our demanding journey through the sea we came across a lot of seals and even got to see some baby seals playing right next to our kayaks. An amazing experience! Later we anchored at a lonely beach, refueled our energy with some food and walked around on this kind of paradise-like looking place. Right after we jumped back into our boats and made our way back to the harbour. We closed the day with a nice dinner and finally some beer.

19 September 2017

Our goal for today was to absolve a part of the Great Walk in Abel Tasman Nationalpark. We hiked a 22km loop walk across beautiful beaches, stunning mountains and next to seal colonies. We arrived at our camper a little bit exhausted but happy and drove after showering to our next destination from where we are going to start our kayak trip tomorrow.

18 September 2017

Enjoyed a beautiful day in Abel Tasman National Park. We made a hike through some forests and over stunning beaches. Even discovered a seal again and walked through the sea during low tide.

17 September 2017

Today we just got this little snapshot of our dinner for you. Usually we wanted to start discovering Abel Tasman Nationalpark. But it was rainy today, so we spent another day in a swimming pool. We have not been lazy though because we first swam 2.5km and started hitting the whirlpools and sauna after that.

16 September 2017

The destination of today was Nelson, the (usually) sunniest place of New Zealand. We walked through rough the city and up to a hill, where the exact centre of New Zealand is located. The centre also brought a viewpoint with it that showed us an impressing look over the country and the sea. In the end of the day, we drove to a beach and even though it was not our favorite so far, it was still pretty nice.

15 September 2017

After setting over to the Southisland in the early morning, we headed towards a place, where also a part of "Lord of the rings" has been filmed. During some hours of hiking through the jungle-like woods to some little waterfalls, we got a 'little' wet by the rain and were glad to enjoy a comfortable evening with playing cards and eating burgers.

14 September 2017

Today our journey brought us to the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. We visited the National Museum, that showed us interesting facts about the roots and past of the country and also a lot about the nature and wildlife. But even though Wellington is the capital, we enjoyed Auckland far more. Admittedly the bad weather today may has influenced our opinion.

13 September 2017

This wednesday we walked through the city of Napier, especially the beach promenade was nicely designed and cared for by the city council. Later we discovered some lovely and lonely beaches in Hastings. In the afternoon we hit the road for a while to drive to Wellington, the city where our ferry to the South Island of New Zealand will leave on friday.

12 September 2017

Woken up by a beautiful sunrise we started early into this kind of lazy day. We spent quite this entire sunny summerlike day at the Ocean Spa with swimming lanes, warming ourselves up in whirlpools, some rounds of sauna and watching the Ocean during this activities.

11 September 2017

Waking up on a terrible rainy and cold morning, we finally made our way out of the warm camper and headed towards the Huka-Falls. Sadly there were a lot of people because it was Sunday, but we still enjoyed the amazing colour of the water. After that we went to a natural thermal spa where, due to volcanic activitiy, bathtub hot water floated down a stream. We were just laying there for hours and heated ourselves up to resist the cold weather.
Today was a little bit spontaneous. First we planned to absolve the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, but it was closed due to bad weather conditions on the mountain. So we drove to the Lake Waikaremoana for some hiking. Even though the day at the lake started warm and sunny, it changed drastically and started to hail during our trip to some small caves. We just spent some time in our camper and after the bad weather came to its end, we climbed up to a lookout over the lake. And what a view it was!

9 September 2017

This Saturday brought us to Te Puia, a volcanic active area, where we watched some geysires. Later the day we moved on to explore the Okere Falls. In the evening at our destination for today, Taupo, we were lucky to spot an opossum close to us on a tree.

8 September 2017

Our day began with Andi cooking us amazing eggs, ham and toast, we ate with a great view over the sea. Later the day we made an ambitious three-hours-hike into the Puketui Valley to see some old goldmines and climb up to a viewpoint. On our journey towards Rotorua we made a spontaneous stop at a waterfall and hiked up to it once again for 1,5 hours to enjoy a beautiful sight over the waterfall.

7 September 2017

We jumped right into the day with a little workout (exept bene, he still slept as usual) and a run into the cold sea. After a small breakfast, we decided to make a 4 hours loop hike, for advanced and fit people, up to a mountain with an impressing viewpoint. During our demanding hike we discovered a lot of different landscapes from jungle over classic forest to beach, also spotted a seal and even came pretty close to it. We rounded the day off laying at the beach and simply enjoying the beautiful view and ourselves.

6 September 2017

We kickstarted into the day with an amazing sunrise. With the weather we had not been that lucky, it was pretty cold and rainy. So we decided to make our way to the Hot Water Beach. There we digged our own pool in the sand. The pool got filled with 60 degree hot volcano water and we were totally stunned, how hot it was even though the sea was 10 meters away and also the airtemperature was about 15 degrees. We spent quite the most of our day changing between the cold sea and our hot pool and totally enjoyed our little spa day. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures with our phones because we were scared of them getting wet or sandy.

5 September 2017

After a four hours drive, our journey brought us to the cathedral cove today. We made a little hike to the cove and by going off-road we discovered a beautiful and lonely beach quite next to it. Finally arriving at the Cathedral Cove we were totally flashed by the pure beauty of it and just sat there silent and enjoyed ourselves.

4 September 2017

After waking up early in the morning, we enjoyed a delicious meal of potatoes, ham and eggs with the waterfall in sight. Next stop was our Bay of Islands dolphin seeking -and if possible swimming - boat tour. We were very lucky with the weather but not with the dolphins. We just saw a few of them and we were not allowed to swim because some of them were having babies. Nonetheless it was a great trip and we would do it again at anytime! The rest of the day we made our way back to Auckland, only stopping to inspect a huge and 2000 years old impressive Kauri tree.

3 September 2017

Started this sunday on the other side of the world with a little hike up to a hill close to the farm, we camped the day before. Had an amazing view there. Next stop was the little city Paihia, from where our boattrip to the Bay of Islands will start tomorrow. In the afternoon we went to the Haruru Falls and during our journey we got lucky discovering a campsite directly at the foot of the waterfall, where we spent this night.

2 September 2017

Travelled around Whangarei today. Tried to explore some caves but stopped midtrip because the water was on waist-height. After traveling to a waterfall instead, we hit the road to find a lovely farm where we spent the night and met some fellow traveller to enjoy the evening with.

1 September 2017

Experienced the Westcoast of Auckland today. Discoverd some dreamlike looking secret Spots, whe had completely for ourselves. We had a lovely day again and enjoy every second of our trip.

31 August 2017

Had an awesome trip to Auckland today, absolutely stunning city! The weather was pretty decent - suprisingly. After that we went to our campsite in Piha. On our way, we drove through surreal looking forests and could have enjoyed it more if driving on the left side wasnt so hard!

30 August 2017

Safely arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, and already love our Jucy Condo Campervan.

29 August 2017

Started our journey in Munich yesterday. 1st Stop: Hongkong Looking forward to Auckland!