Austria, Malta · 225 Days · 13 Moments · May 2016

I'm moving to Malta!

14 December 2016

A winter morning

9 December 2016

Real Coffee!

5 December 2016


27 November 2016

Off to Vienna

25 November 2016

Dingli Cliffs

6 May 2016

Waving as I'm passing by my old home town :')

5 May 2016

4 May 2016

A characteristic impression that catches an essence of beautiful Sliema. Sliema - just like St. Julian's - is very mediterranean: small, old streets with narrow sidewalks that you would expect to find in Italy; add that undeniably British touch - cars, of course, drive on the right - and you get the unique charm of this area. This, of course, is becoming the Hipster / artsy neighborhood - the Neubau or Prenzlauer Berg of Malta, with property being developed and modernized. I had the opportunity to view a few properties with a friendly local agent by the name Michaela. If you love living in the city, this is probably the perfect area, where, in walking distance, you can jog at the seafront with impressive views of medieval Valetta.
Arrived at Oasis Office! This is in the heart of Sliema, a charming and lively part of the town with plenty of stores and cafés. Glad I actually made it to here :) I was using my phone as a map, which of course was draining my battery. I was running as low as 1% when luckily I came by an Apple Store that let me re-charge. I know could really take more and better pictures - I'm just more focused on experiencing life here with my bare eyes rather than putting myself behind a camera :)
Walking along the beautiful seafront with inspiring bay views from St. Julian's to Sliema where I will view Oasis Offices, a co-working space here in Malta I'm checking out.
Oh hello Naples :)
It's is the perfect weather to remind myself why I'm going!

3 May 2016

Join me as I'm moving to Malta! Tomorrow marks the first step into a new era as I'm visiting Malta to meet with real estate agents and view apartments that I hopefully will like. Follow my trip and I will keep you updated :)