United States of America · 8 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Riggs Family Roadtrip from Georgia to Alaska!

25 May 2017

22 May 2017

Day 2: 373 miles complete. It was a stormy day and at times we barely had visibility but Bryan did well in keeping us safe. We started at 8:30am and finally arrived around 5pm- 8 1/2 hours for what normally takes about 5. We had a quick breakfast and ate a late lunch at Subway. Olivia and I both had to take dramamine when crossing Tennessee- and we passed out asleep for an hour or so. Brynn was sleeping well and got a lot of stretch time on our breaks. Bryan had 3 cups of coffee, Brynn had 5 dirty diapers. Now time to rest and visit family for a few days before getting back on the road.

20 May 2017

Day 1: 300 miles and overall a success. We ate lunch at Panera bread, met Tony and Nichole Pope and said our goodbyes. I also got to see Maureen PTA who I work with and was able to say goodbye. She gave Brynn and play mat that we used that night at the Inn. We had a Rainy day but the van handled the weather and trailer well. We watched Lion King, monsters vs Aliens, Sleeping Beauty and are Taco Bell for dinner. I had to pump twice on the road making a total of 15 oz. Brynn slept most of the afternoon and Olivia was very well behaved. Bryan has had 4 cups of coffee. Brynn has had 8 dirty diapers. And we stopped twice for gas and food.
3:41 pm our first fill up and weigh.
We are heading out! Alaska bound. Goodbye Georgia!

18 May 2017

2 days left: This life is an adventure. It’s an opportunity to laugh. To cry. To be real about our feelings and emotions. To let God be the artist and we the moss-covered pottery that needs new paint and a new purpose.” The Repurposed & Upcycled Life #PCSALASKA #Fearless #RiggsAdventures #TrustingGod #FaithWithoutBorders #WelovedGeorgia