North America · 8 Days · 39 Moments · June 2018

Global Connections in Costa Rica

14 June 2018

A huge thank you goes out to Jackie and Luis! Without our tour director and driver, this trip would not have been so enjoyable. ¡Pura vida!
Today was our last day of activities in Costa Rica. We ended the trip with a boat ride to see lots of wildlife in Palo Verde National Park, had a great lunch on a small farm, and did some swimming and snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean at Playa Panama. We leave the hotel at 2:30am to head to the airport and will be back in Minneapolis tomorrow night.

13 June 2018

We have arrived at our final stop and just checked into Nacazcol Hotel & Villas. We spend most of the day transferring to this region, and stopped at Rincon de la Vieja National Park to view parts of the volcanos.

12 June 2018

An excellent view from our rooms to end the day. Tomorrow we travel onward to Guanacaste. Our final stop before heading home on Friday.
Fun day at the chocolate tour, waterfall, and braiding hair from Jackie
After a scavenger hunt and lunch in the town, we did a chocolate tour and had a wonderful guide, Keylor.
We took about 500 steps down to the bottom of La Fortuna waterfall this morning. Which also means 500 steps back up!
More to continue on!

11 June 2018

We have close to 70 photos from rafting today...these are just a few highlights.
We took in a quick coffee tour/demo/tasting and enjoyed some coffee banana shakes after a full morning of whitewater rafting on the Sarapiqui River. To end our day we spent time at the Baldi Hot Springs located and heated by Arenal volcano. Rafting photos to come soon!

10 June 2018

This boy walked up to our group as we were playing cards and asked if he could play with us. He didn’t speak english but we had him playing Old Maid and laughing in no time. So much fun!
We had a little dance lesson tonight at the hotel...bachata, salsa, and merengue!
Ziplining around and across the Sarapiqui River!

9 June 2018

Saturday afternoon and night adventures at the hotel
We heard noisy howler monkeys from our rooms so we decided to find them. We ended up seeing all 3 monkey species, capuchin, spider and howler monkeys, in this area within a few minutes.
Searching for monkeys in the hotel
We took a 2 hour boat ride this morning to spot some wildlife!

8 June 2018

We ended our day with fresh coconut water in Tortuguero and a visit to the Caribbean. Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all.
Our hotel is so beautiful! We decided to take a little hike around the paths and came across some really awesome flowers as well as a few creatures (blue jean frogs, geckos, lots of blue crabs, and a whole swarm of yellow butterflies).
We dissected a banana flower on the bus before hopping in boats to the Rana Roja Lodge in Tortuguero. They welcomed us with fresh juice before we settled into our rooms and enjoyed a delicious lunch.
A quick stop for some snacks and lots of fresh fruits. We tried so many new treats this morning!
The start of the Sarapiqui River, where the mineral water from the volcano (left) meets the fresh rain water (right).
We just drove through the only tunnel in Costa Rica, which happens to also be an extinct volcano on our way to Tortuguero.

7 June 2018

I just finished telling the students that it would be so awesome to have the same driver as my last trip, and who pulls up to the curb 10 minutes later?!? JUAN CARLOS! #hugecoincidence
I love watching the sky change colors as the sun sets.
I lost track after counting a cluster of more than 45 cargo ships hanging out just off the coast of Texas. We are currently over the Gulf of Mexico and should arrive in San Jose in 2 hours!
And we’re off! Costa Rica here we come!