Turkey, Spain · 5 Days · 6 Moments · May 2015

Andi's trip to Turkey

25 May 2015

24 May 2015

Our night in Istanbul - LASTED UNTIL 5 am We celebrated my 23rd at 3 am with cake and fireworks with the gang. By the time we got home and tried to sleep (ambien) we decided to get up and go to 5 am prayer at the blue masque. The men go forward towards the chapel, while the women stay behind. We covered our hair and face with scarfs. The next morning (my bday) we went to fly out of Istanbul to Madrid, where Rachel met us. We celebrated my birthday with a delicious dessert. We missed our flamingo dance show because dinner went late. Today, in Madrid, we're looking at the markets going to the Prada and going to the flamingo show!

22 May 2015


21 May 2015

Austin 🚘 Houston ✈️ Istanbul After many overweight backpack checks... We finally got the okay from Bill. With 33 days in one backpack we headed to Houston to catch our flight to Istanbul, Turkey. 11 hours and 15 minutes = one bambien + Shutter Island + sleeping on KT. Still 9.5 hours to go!
Getting ready to go!