Czech Republic · 1 Days · 8 Moments · March 2017

Random trip to Prague - 2 days, Andi & David

12 March 2017

If you're happen to be around Old Town Square - which you sure will do sooner or later - don't miss to visit Galerie GOAP, just straight across from Old Town Hall. It's a three-storey gallery with a unique collection of Dalí, Mucha and Andy Warhol, one floor dedicated to each of them. I am a huge fan of all three artists so was a must see in my book. Dalí is represented by smaller works, mostly drawings and some statues, Mucha has a little bit more impressive exhibition, and with no question the most thought out is the Warhol-floor. Have fun and get cultured :)
Prague's old town is not accidentally as famous as it is. You can see beautiful buildings and architecture every direction you look with a unique czech hint. The beauty of the city attracted many people during the last few decades, even centuries, and exactly the crowd is which draws the most off of the enjoyability of walking in the old town. I've visited Prague three different times of the year so far, but none of them seemed less overwhelming. Look out for your valuables, ideal circumstances for pickpocketing.

11 March 2017

After a long and unneccessary walk to a pivovar, which couldn't host us that moment despite our reservation, we had to find another place to have a nice beer and rest our feet at for a bit. Miraculously we found out U Medvidku was nearby. Even though there was a huge crowd, they didn't hesitate to find us a table where we could smoke, then a table where we could taste their own special brews (that place is huge with many sections!). I have to tell, we were not disappointed. We've tried their three, that time available, brews from tap 1466, Oldgott and a porter, of which I've shamefully forgotten the name. On the way out we bought them bottled as well, since you can get them just at U Medvidku and nowhere else. Oldgott itself worths a visit!
A friend suggested us to go to U Vejvodu for eating and drinking - acceptable price in a traditional checz pivovar. The beers they have are the brands you can get canned all around Europe, but from the tap they taste indeed really different, much fresher. Accompanied with some traditional dumplings and snaps it was the perfect dinner.
Sunset over Prague - view from Prague Castle.
If you like art noveau as much as I do, you'll love to hunt for little details on buildings like this, especially around Vaclav Place.
Grand Hotel Europa is one of the most outstanding buildings on Vaclavske Namesti (Vaclav Place). It has a luxurious café downstairs, open for everyone, as well.
A hidden sight at Vaclav Place is this statue by David Cerny, whose works are spotting the city. This controversial piece still found popularity even though it pictures the famous King Vaclav - St. Wenceslas - riding a dead horse. It's one reason to walk into all passages at Vaclav Place to find this artifact.