North America, Europe · 10 Days · 15 Moments · September 2017

Ana's Semester Abroad in Scotland

19 September 2017

Running on the beach this morning

16 September 2017

A hike along the coast of Scotland on the Fife Trail - this trail runs along the entire coast from St Andrews to Fife. We got on the trail near the Links at St Andrews (which is right near my dormitory) and then took it for 3 miles and turned around!

15 September 2017

Fish and chips - a regular delicacy here
View from west sands - on the right of these photos is the links (which the Old Course is part of) and in the distance is the town of St Andrews. I love this beach because everyone takes their dogs there to run and it reminds me of Harper - she would love it here!

13 September 2017

Alongside the sea is a trail that goes all the way down the coast to Fife - the part of it that is in St Andrews takes you past the Old Course (not pictured here at all), the castle ruins, the cathedral ruins (complete with cemetery), and the pier. When I was walking around today the tide was lower, which is why you can see all of the exposed rocks.

12 September 2017

West Sands and The Links and The Old Course (with the town of St Andrews in the background) -- I went to an event titled "Bubbly on the beach" which was meeting people and drinking champagne on the beach.

11 September 2017

Castle beach at dusk - this beach is exposed when the tide goes down. It is at the base of the ruins of the St Andrews castle, and looks out on the North Sea.
The St Andrews Campus -- the university was founded in 1413, so these buildings are old and interwoven with the town. The two pictures with the really blue sky were taken next to their economics department building, which overlooks the North Sea (you can't see the sea because of the walls they erected to protect people from plummeting over the 60ft cliffs on the other side)

10 September 2017

Making my way around town - the town of St Andrews is 3 main streets, so it is pretty easy to get around (I didn't get too lost when I was without a phone/Google Maps for the first two days)
I made it to St Andrews! This is my dormitory room there (complete with a bathroom all to myself)
My first sightings of Scotland -- no surprise, there were many clouds 😂
Flying out of Iceland at dawn (I think it was 6am their time) -- had to walk across the tarmac to my plane -- the air was crisp and fresh
The airport in Keflavik, Iceland -- I spent $4.80 on a cup of coffee because I didn't understand the conversion rate -- whoops...

9 September 2017

A quick flight over to Chicago - final view of Lake Michigan for the next 4 months
Drop off at the Grand Rapids airport - I somehow managed to fit all of my stuff into a backpack, a carry on, and a 50lb suitcase!