Spain · 206 Days · 17 Moments · September 2016

Ann is off to Barcelona

17 April 2017

Fleurs de mer.

25 September 2016

Gangs of Barça
No inspiration for a meaningful description.
Sometimes this world is too small for travelers' emotions.
It reminds me about flaws that need to be forgot.
Follow the light, dear.
We lost ourselves in things we thought we'd known.
Questionable steps I took in life led to the most significant experiences.

24 September 2016

Let's flip coins. Two sides of the same coin - different but also closely related to each other.
Daily dose of chaos.
We are all wanderers in this life of sins.
When flowers on table keep your stomach quiet & your heart fulfilled.
It is said one needs to get foggy in order to see things clearly.
May I climb you, sir?
When everyone else's too busy taking his own selfie. That's why you need to make the most of yours. Selfie stick is one hell of a partner in traveling.
Inception allowed.