Japan · 11 Days · 6 Moments · January 2019

Anaman's Japan Adventure

26 January 2019

Exploration through Nikko! Our first sighting of snow in Japan!

24 January 2019

Explored Kamakura, visited shrines and the great Buddha 🙏

23 January 2019

A fantastic day spent seeing the amazing Senso-ji, and a beautiful old tree 🌲

22 January 2019

Another great day exploring around Harajuku and Shubuya!! Shrines, sake barrels and crepes 🏯

21 January 2019

Great day exploring Gyeon National Garden and having a fantastic experience creating our own intense! 🌻

18 January 2019

First bowl of ramen on arrival in Itabashi! Having fun trying out vending machine drinks, checking out the local convienent store with cheap ass alcohol! Also exploring Shinjuku 😀