Asia, North America · 18 Days · 30 Moments · December 2017

Anais's voyage in Canada

25 December 2017

also randomly found pikes place chowder haha also period came and it fking hurts like hell help la anyway otw back after a short walk in the area and gonna cook food at a weird ass time haha
randomly snowed last night and this morning looked great haha. also jae got her results back and got erasmus and it was kinda shitty this morning sian idk what to do sian

21 December 2017

haven’t posted much haha but 2 days ago wrote in moleskine alr, about yesterday guess i’ll write in moleskine again heh. shiok jacuzzi haha and last dinner/night in banff lol.

18 December 2017


17 December 2017

didn’t do much yesterday, just walked around got tim hortons and used wifi, walked around the town and had a nice dinner. not v good mood yesterday zzz ya.

16 December 2017

ok so there is absolutely no wifi and we’re just at the mercy of daddy’s hotspot which is damn frustrating zzzz. pls send help ugh i’m damn annoyed
huge toilet in lake louise visitor centre cute shiba thingum in the village area lunch ahha butter chicken, pulled pork rice, pulled pork burger, pork ribs and chicken soup lake louise and the waterfall aka slide HAHAH super fun mei died HAHAHA hair was frozen, had the maple syrup bar thing and somehow got cuts on my left hand ahahah
“tHe HiGh wiLl bE -8”

15 December 2017

columbia ice fields, random stops along the way and him forcing us to walk to peyto lake 10min walk my ass
athabasca falls and apple streusel from bears paw bakery haha
bye pyramid lake!!

14 December 2017

yesterday walked on pyramid lake, had a disappointing ice walk but saw a coyote! and walked around town haha and watched a lot of criminal minds scary af wanted to see if there were meteorites but too scared HAHAHA
just ate some chocolate and went out to see meteorites and we were out for 20min but saw a lot and there was one really long one wew :) fun hehe

13 December 2017

dinner at the raven whee also cute bae :)
(maligne lake, jasper) whee super nice scenery
(medicine lake, jasper NP) absolutely breathtaking

12 December 2017

went shopping for groceries yesterday, booked maligne canyon ice walk and went to the hot tub! breakfast cause i was awake the earliest today haha and nice cocoa nibs LOL
dog sledding and beautiful views along the way to jasper! drove a bit too HAHA the car is maddddd

11 December 2017

stopping at valemount, had a&w for dinner and lunch LOL onion rings still good. heading to cold fire creek dog sledding :) also cute bae :)

10 December 2017

beautiful sunset yesterday at third beach in stanley park. yay managed to get my courses and had nice dinner yesterday supposed to meet howe but didn’t work out haha. cute bae and today’s breakfast yay. heading off to jasper now i think haha. 6-7h drive today :p
wew capilano bridge :)
heading to capilano bridge now :)
whee breakfast! woke up at like 8 ish haha breakfast is good :)

9 December 2017

ok so we went to take a walk in stanley park and now am back in the apartment. cooked dinner and i crashed for like 3h HAHA freaking shag wth. but trynna stay awake until at least 12 then sleep so i just ate a magnum and watching buzzfeed and random vids now ahha.
yay vancouver!! first stop sunset inn :)
yay submitted group project finally! also 3 time i’m eating bibimbap HAHA
wew gongcha and cool lounge with nachos and croutons hahaha
went to some palace and had bibimbap, then bought a nice planner for jae haha also randomly saw the dragon beard facebook dude he damn funny help HAHAH. back in the airport now waiting for next flight to canada whee :)
free transit tour haha

8 December 2017

yay to seoul for 12h then 9h flight to canada :)