North America · 17 Days · 13 Moments · August 2017

Anaïs's voyage in Canada

27 August 2017

Nice last day at the water park and then coming back to the hotel and relaxing with everyone🌴 very hot weather!☀️☀️🔥🔥

26 August 2017

and todayyyy we had the aquarium! much better choice than the theme park i think although a tad more expensive as we had to get a taxi there! it was absolutely amazing however so it was definitely worth it! so many jellyfish!! and nemos! the weather was gorgeous and it got to about 32° i think! i was very hot ! When we got back at about 4:30 we went to the pool (in the hotel!!!) for a cool off

25 August 2017

Once we had transferred to Knotts Berry Farm Hotel (nicest place ever!) then was the baseball game! not going to lie, it isn't the most thrilling sport there is... in the whole game both teams scored a whopping 3 runs between them... and it lasted for 3 hours... but hey the atmosphere was great! And I purchased a foam finger!!! $10 for a foam finger? bargain.

21 August 2017

Arrived in LA in the evening and went to the Army and Navy Academy for 4 nights. Went to the aircraft carrier museum in San Diego for our day out (wasn't too great) and weather wasn't either but oh well
Can't see but the photo of the sun is an eclipse! seemed very insignificant as we couldn't look at the sun to see it but apparently it was a big event!😂 Travelling very easily to LA !

19 August 2017

Grenville Island in Vancouver was very nice, there was a huge food market where we saw bagels being made in the oven and they were DELICIOUS!

17 August 2017

Stayed in Banff for a night and then off to Kelowna and stopped off at Lake Louise! got a photo of a very tame bird (no idea what it is) that stayed near me for ages! Very pretty

16 August 2017

Driving through the Rockies to get to the Glacier! Saw a chipmunk at the cafe we went into hahah and then drove in huge truck things to the place where we could walk on the glacier ❤️

15 August 2017

Went to the largest Mall in North America and wondered around the area!

13 August 2017

our day out yesterday to the Calgary tower and around the area! Twas very high up! Then we went to a fountain with the maple leaf underneath and we all went in and took some good photos 📸

11 August 2017

been to canadas hall of fame sporting place and it was really good now watching some ice hockey practise
en route to Calgary