United States of America · 5 Days · 6 Moments · April 2018

Anaheim (Disneyland)

9 April 2018

Our last day in Anaheim! Today was a day for relaxing and anticipating our trip to LAX! After breakfast at Mimi’s, chocolate waffles for Lukie yay, we decided to hang out at the water playground for our last day. Annoyingly, the pool was closed but the kids had fun playing on the slides, water guns and bucket. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and our driver picked us up shortly after 1pm. Arriving at LAX again it seemed hectic to start but once we were inside it was smooth sailing. The Koru lounge had an awesome outdoor area with a cool view so we hung out until we boarded about 330pm. And just like that. We were off! Next location, London!

8 April 2018

Our last day at the Disneyland parks :( Today was a cool day, everything went our way! When we first walked in we were stoked to see Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Pluto and Chip & Dale all out on Main Street. Lucas got a photo with Donald which he was stoked about! We managed to do a few rides we hadn’t done yet, including the Winnie the Pooh ride which was neat. As we walked by the river we were stunned to see huge ships sailing past us! We had lunch at the grill by the Pooh ride and watched them sail past. After lunch we spontaneously ended up visiting the princesses. Indi was so excited but as soon as she saw them she got shy, Lucas however embraced them! It was cool to see. Next it was the Casey Jnr Train which was cool and then we decided to call it a day. As we were walking out we were stunned to see all of the characters come out and perform and then walk down Main Street with us! We couldn’t have timed it any better and it was an amazing way to end our Disney Parks!

7 April 2018

Today we spent back at Disneyland. We’d promised Lucas he could go back on the carousel, so that was a priority after a couple of rides! Next up we visited Tomorrowland for the first time. Futuristic and very Star Wars, we wandered around looking for rides for the kids. The rocket ride was ok but just like any you’d find at a fair. We went on the buzz lightyear ride which was one of Lukies faves. Lucas and dan went on the space mountain ride which Lucas hated as it was a rollarcoaster in the dark! After that, we found a couple of chilled rides and then decided to jump on the monorail to downtown Disney! Lunch at downtown Disney was great, then we went to the LEGO store which was incredible. After that we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel for some waterpark fun. For dinner we went to Mimi’s again (regulars now haha!), before our babysitter came and it was date night for us! We had a ball at both parks before ending the night with Disney fireworks!

6 April 2018

For our second day we decided to go to California Adventure Park which is directly opposite Disneyland. We couldn’t help but go straight to cars land, not only because I’d read that it gets busy quickly but because we were the most excited about it! Walking into Cars Land we felt like we were in the movie. It is so well done. First up we went on the Mater ride which was cool, a spinning ride. Then Luigi’s ride. Both quite similar but very cool. After these we went for a wander around checked out some other rides while we waited for our fast pass for the cars ride. The only downside to this park is that there were more rides Indi couldn’t go on. But we just took turns to take Lucas on the rides. A hilarious highlight was the water ride Lucas and I did where we got completely drenched to the point we had to buy Lucas a new t-shirt! We had such fun. The cars ride was awesome for Dan & Lucas. Then it was back to HoJo for some water playground time! And date night for us later :)

5 April 2018

Our first day at Disneyland was amazing. We arrived later than we planned but the whole operation is so well run that we didn’t have to wait for long before we were walking in the gates. Seeing Disneyland for the first time was exhilarating. All my childhood dreams coming true. The kids were so excited and we walked around slightly gobsmacked before getting our bearings. Walking toward Sleeping Beauty Castle was surreal and beautiful. The amount of people also quite overwhelming to start. Our first ride was the teacup ride and Lukies face says it all! Fun! We managed to do quite a few rides before moving into ToonTown to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse - with the added bonus of Goofy too! We had the best first day, exploring and a bit of beginners luck we think! We got back to HoJo later in the arvo, the kids had a play in the water playground and we headed back into Downtown Disney for dinner - which was awesome. And of course the day wasn’t complete without cupcakes ;)

4 April 2018

Departing Christchurch we were a mix of excitement and nerves. We were delayed an hour but the sunset was an incredible sight and way to leave. We flew Air NZ from Chch - Auck - LAX. The kids absolutely nailed it for their first long-haul flight! Arriving in LAX we were nervous to go through customs as we’d heard bad things but we had a great experience with helpful staff! Thankful for our private transfer (complete with the Toys movie for the kids), we arrived ah Howard Johnson. What a great hotel! Our room was perfect and the outdoor water playground amazing! We were pretty knackered so we went to Mimi’s cafe across the road which was the best introduction to an American diner! After dinner it was bed for all of us, we were excited to hit up Disneyland the next day!