Australia · 5 Days · 9 Moments · May 2015

An Outback Adventure

15 May 2015

What a croc : Relaxing with a cider at the Darwin's Boat Club, by the waters edge, I survey the water in search of the NT's newspaper, front cover, celebrity - the Crocodile 🐊! The water is glistening under the warm rays of the Autumn sun and I note that even the seagulls are not in the water, but are on the shore also surveying the water for what they may know is lurking beneath!

14 May 2015

Mindl Markets Beach Sunset: After stuffing our faces on delicious foods, content, we sat on the beach and watched the sun leisurely kiss the horizon and sink into the ocean 🌅

12 May 2015

Prepare to be conquered Ayers Rock: An early start to the day, we arrive at the foot of Uluru aka Ayers Rock to scale it. After a false start due to windy conditions, the gates open and we eagerly commence the climb. 20m in, I realise the need for the chains. 30 more meters and my legs are burning (maybe I should have skipped the gym yesterday!). Another 20m and my brain catches on to the ever-increasing distance between myself and the ground and I wonder how many times I'd have to roll/tumble before I hit it - my knuckles become white! My legs are on fire and Michael Kelly delightfully points out an upcoming sheer face is less than a meter from the chain and my mind suddenly flashes to the memorials we had only seen an hour prior at the foot of the beast 🙏 I soldier on, motivated by the feat of conquering this natural beauty, with fire in my calves, glutes and thighs, we make it to the landing! We did it 👍 Although the view was spectacular, I much prefer it from the ground 😅
Day of the climb

11 May 2015

Stunning Ayers Rock Sunset 🌅
Another first: First time I've seen red sand! It gave me a sudden urge to break a box, find a red sand dune and slide down it
I love a sunburnt country: I could have been likened to a kid in a candy store or toy shop on my flight from Brisbane to Alice Springs. I had given myself the window seat in the online booking. Every so often I would glance up from my book to watch the landscape dramatically change before my eyes. From glistening blue ocean; to the bustling city of Brisbane; to the lush green mountainous hinterland; to the rolling green speckled red plains of the dessert; until finally we fly into the desserts centre - Alice Springs.

10 May 2015

Anzac Hill
Breaky @ Page 27 Cafe