Ghana · 1 Days · 5 Moments · August 2014

An Obruni in Ghana

25 August 2014

July 17th: I couldn't sleep last night, the church of Pentecost is right across the street. I've named it the Jesus nightclub. They tell into megaphones and have brass bands and chant all night long. Processions start at about 10pm and proceed till about 4am... Apparently they donate about 5 times in a night and sleep in the church. I was awake all night an all day today, I swear I'm running on adrenaline while I get over my jet lag. Katie took us to this really cool Western Italian ice cream Pinocchios, this place will keep me same for the month
July 15th: I've arrived!! This place is so hot! I got off the plane and stepped onto Accras dusty Tarmac and the heat hit me then. I'm now lying on my blue bed in my blue room writing in this for the first time after my awkward confrontation with 'Aunty and uncle' (my host family) upon arrival.. I'm so tired after my day and a half worth of flying but my room wasn't ready so we sat in a dark living area awkwardly with an accent- can't understand each other barrier trying to make conversation that was going no where. She welcomed me with a hug and a sachet of 500ml of water; I have never drank that much so quickly ever. Ask me then and I would've sworn it was 100ml's.. Unbeknown to me one of the volunteers Katie was in the house and after about 27 minutes saved me and took me out into the streets of Ghana with her because she needed to go to the supermarket. Katie's Australian and really sweet. Can't believe I'm in Africa!
July 18-19 this weekend we travelled to Cape Coast- situated West along the coast to Accra. Getting here was a mission in itself. We caught a Tro-Tro taxi from Labadi to Kaneshie station and haggled the price to 14 cedis ($4) which was agreed on by both parties. After a lot of miscommunication on his part we were stranded in the middle of the street market with the taxi driver causing a scene about us robbing his service.. After some kind assistance from a local and an hour and a half later; we were in a van on our way to the Coast. The scenery to Cape Coast was beautiful! There were little villages with straw top huts and amazing greenery.
The view from my bedroom window .. It's definitely an eye opener living in a wealthy Ghanaian home amongst such a poor neighbourhood...
16th July: 'Circle'- crowded and hectic, we visited this place on our induction day into Accra. It's packed! People grab your arm an beg you to buy the cellphones you know are mostly stolen off other people like me.. Lauren from the UK is here now, we get on really well and are both starting placement at metro tv tomorrow. We're in for a good time! My host parents are nice enough bit boy are they stingy or what! We get one toilet roll for the 8 of us- I think my $3000 should cover that?