United States of America · 2 Days · 9 Moments · June 2018

An escape to Washington DC

24 June 2018

Had a smooth ride on the awesome Megabus. A much more reliable bus service than The Greyhound! It was on time! As I reached to my destination lonesomely in approximately 4 hours from NYC-rain was expected. I was worried about my phone and camera. But let me tell you something...it didn’t rain at all until I was done for the day. It was very hot and humid but the skies looked gorgeous, and cloudy days with grey skies are preferred for better photos. I didn’t get to see everything in Washington DC...as you can see I visited the Capitol Hill building/the Washington monument/ the Smithsonian. All worth seeing. There were protests going on, so many visitations weren’t possible. I get uncomfortable when it comes to big crowds😰.

23 June 2018