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Our Adventurous Honeymoon!

6 October 2014

What gives an adventure its value, is knowing it will come to an end. Otherwise, it would be infinite in experiential supply, and would therefore lose the potency that ephemeral deviations, from the dull status quo, provide. Entropy forces the arrow of time forward; never allowing us to relive an experience, but through flawed, fleeting memory. And although photographs and journal entries provide a more reliable account of the journey, they could never capture the infinitesimal details of emotion: the feeling of a gentle coastal breeze in the fading sunlight; the sound of waves crashing against ancient volcanic ruins; the whirling spectacle of dust devils in a barren desert. It's easy to get lost in the flow of time, among the anonymous faces of innumerable others. Our task is to absorb as much of this rare privilege of existence as possible; to know yourself and the cosmos you were born into.

5 October 2014

Our last stop before home. We have about 3 hours until we get there, but we're so happy to get to spend it at one of our favorite restaurants in one of our favorite mountain towns.
Yay! Back in CO.

4 October 2014

The last night on our journey in Salt Lake City. We were much too tired to travel anymore, so we stopped here and grabbed some food, and then relaxed the rest of the evening.
Utah is so pretty. It's the state of pastel colors.
It's been 10 years since I've seen this handsome fella. Good times. :)
Pit stop.

3 October 2014

Aaron recap: I'm laying in bed at the home of some of the sweetest people I know. After seeing one of my oldest and dearest friends, we enjoyed a fabulous home cooked meal, with desert, and lovely tales from our hosts lives. We were gonna try to make it through Utah today, but Cara is still pretty sick, so we decided it'd be best to hunker down here with some nice folks, and hopefully she'll be a little better tomorrow. It's nice that, despite not being able to see Cara's lovely family, we knew some people on this alternative route home. So we'll be able to see some familiar faces on our way back to Colorado. Which is nice, being that there's not much to be seen from here to there :/
Such a pretty mountain(?)
A nice little spot at a rest stop.
Had a chance to stop and see an old friend :)
Pretty much the grossest idea ever.

2 October 2014

Aaron recap: I can't even remember what day this is or which recap we've missed. The last few days have been up and down with sickness. We had a 2 hour drive last night into Santa Rosa, and we were pretty beat up. Today we woke up and drove to San Francisco, about an hour drive from where we stayed. We were feeling a little better, but still under the weather. Our original plan was to make it to Burbank and spend some time with Cara's family. But I don't think either of us had six more hours of southward travel in us. We have a long trip back to Colorado. From SF it's 12 hours, from Burbank it's 16 + 6 (SF to Burbank). So we decided it would be best to comeback next year to visit the fam, and head back now before we get too sick. Tomorrow is a straight shoot to Glennwood. We'll stay there and unwind before the 3 hour drive back to Denver Sunday. It's been a fantastic adventure, with so many memories. But every journey must come to an end. I'll keep updating the trip home.
A little exploring around Fisherman's Wharf.
This was a really cool arcade place. The games were like 100 years old. And they were super cheap.
Over the Golden Gate Bridge.

1 October 2014

So I totes ripped this idea off from an article I saw the other day. I went around finding hidden faces in tree bark , and reflected them to make a new face.
The redwoods were so pretty. Too bad we were feeling so poopy and couldn't stay as long as we'd liked to.
We also hugged some big trees!
We drove through a big tree.
So this happened. Apparently he weighs over 30,000 lbs, as does his bull.
Oregon really does have the most beautiful coast.
Cara being nostalgic.
Oh snap!
Pit stop to enjoy this for a few minutes :)
Days 5 & 6 recap: We were sick these days. We ended up staying in Coos Bay an extra day to just take it easy and rest. So we ate at an amazing breakfast place up the street, and went to Rite aid for some drugs. Then we went back to the hotel and loaded up on NyQuil while dosing in and out of consciousness watching HG TV all day. Hopefully today will be better. We're still a bit off, but we're functional again. Next stop, the Red Woods.
Finally back on the road again after a couple days of sickness. Still a bit out of it, but at least we can continue our journey again.

30 September 2014

Yesterday was filled with amazing views and a gorgeous drive down the coast. We are in Coos Bay at the Red Lion, and we are going to stay another night to fight off this bug that has us both feeling miserable. Staying in bed for the day is frustrating when you are in an amazing place, but hopefully we'll be ready for more adventure tomorrow. <3

29 September 2014

So Reedsport is creepy.
We watched the sunset from this remote beach.
This place was amazing! Watching the waves crash against ancient volcanic cliffs, was mesmerizing.
When angels sleep :)
Looking down on Cannon Beach.
Surfs up bruh. A pretty cove where John told us we could find surfers.
This is John. He's a really nice guy who spent the 7th grade in Colorado Springs. The oysters at his place are fantastic!
Cara's Day 4 Recap - So in love with Washington! We are camping on the beach in Long Beach. We had an AMAZING time by the ocean today, and even enjoyed the sunset from our new home that we built out of drift wood. We could stay forever. 4 more days on the ocean, and I couldn't be happier. We might camp every night just so I can hear the waves :)
Cara's Day 3 Recap - Today started off a little rough with Aaron's shoulder hurting him so much. I think all the driving was wearing us out. We found a great deal for another hotel on Groupon and decided to book it for just outside of Olympia. Once we checked in, we decided to explore the city. We ended up meeting a great group of people, enjoying awesome food, and yes... Aaron even sang a little R. Kelly in front of 30-40 people. He was determined to make me laugh and have a great night... And he was more than successful. It's amazing how far out of your normal comfort level you will go when you know you'll never see those people again! 9 years later and he still surprises me. We will remember that night forever.
Driving on the beach.
Cara killed that whale.
On the boardwalk in long beach.
Our new mansion on the beach <3
Our short walk from the camp site to the beach!

28 September 2014

Aaron's Day 4 recap: The night is still young, but I couldn't think of a better place to sit and write down my thoughts. As I write, I am alone on a beach in a shelter Cara and I constructed a couple of hours ago (photos to come). The ocean tides are swaying gently about 100 yards in front of me, and a gorgeous lighthouse sits atop towering cliffs above. We walked along the beach at sunset, and warmed our toes in the pacific. Cara is bringing pizza , and we're gonna hang out in our bunker until the stars draw pictures for us. Today was amazing. This place is inspiring, and so beautiful. Clouds are gently rolling above, as dark blue twilight sky's punch holes thorough them. The ocean is so serene. This day is so perfect ...
Aaron's Day 3 Recap: We couldn't do a recap last night, so tonight it's double. Yesterday was awesome. Despite me injuring my shoulder, we managed to have a fantastic evening! We met some interesting locals who gave us places to check out, and to avoid, and it's already panning out nicely.
Our awesome shelter we built. When all the other people were going in from the wind, we were in here eating pizza and watching the stars.
Perfection ...
Mom, this one is for you.
A dream come true.
Finally the 101!!!!
Driving to Long Beach!
I married a man that will do anything to make me laugh and smile. Last night was amazing... On to day four of our honeymoon!!! First stop is enjoying some yummy food!!!
Goodbye Olympia. It was fun a fun night. We met some friendly peeps, and ate some delicious food. Now we're off to a place recommended by one of those peeps.

27 September 2014

Aaron did karaoke at this meet up group we found! He's so brave! :) lol
Greek food. Yum!
I either dislocated my scapula, or tweaked it really bad. No chiropractors are open tonight or tomorrow. Because they're friggin lazy morons. Ugh!
Pikes Market and Seattle! My husband bought me gorgeous flowers! :)
Now WA is getting pretty.
We came across this pretty River.
Seattle 218!
Not what I expected from Washington. I know it will get a lot more green and lush closer to the ocean! 4 hours until we see the sea! :) hehe
Goodbye Spokane!! :) Aaron and I are still arguing over how to pronounce it! :)
Goodbye Spokane. :(
The view we woke up to from our hotel room! :)

26 September 2014

Cara's Day 2 Recap - First off... I'm so happy to be in a hotel tonight, because my hot shower was amazing! Thank you groupon for helping us find a place! Yellowstone is so diverse in it's features, and has so much to offer! We had to drag ourselves out of the park, or we would have spent the entire trip there. I can't wait to make it back someday. It was a very very long drive today. Left Wyoming, Montana is incredible, Idaho showed off with a beautiful sunset, and Washington offered a relaxing evening with walking and exploring downtown Spokane. I'm so excited for Seattle and the ocean tomorrow, after some much needed sleep! 💜💜💜
Aaron's Day 2 Recap: It's been a long day of traveling. It was so difficult leaving Yellowstone behind. It's easy to get caught up in its beauty. But Montana was spectacular. It was one of the most stunning places I've visited. Just pure, untarnished land. The short drive through the pan handle of Northern Idaho reminded me a lot of Colorado. That is until we reached Coeur d'Alene, which was breathtaking. Spokane has been great so far. It's nice to have a chance to kick back for the evening, after having driven through four states in the past 24 hrs. Tomorrow, Seattle.
The city and river of Spokane are amazing! There was a play, or concert that'd just finished at the convention center, so we shared the streets with hundreds of well-dressed patrons.
Such a cute city, we had fun wandering around!
We ended up eating at this amazingly delicious hot dog place. The dogs were gigantic! But man were they delicious!
We tried eating at this French place, but they were jerks, so we left.
I love this bookstore! It was huge. And Cara found a lovely arts store attached that was really unique.
Exploring the city! :)
Made it to Idaho! And saw a pretty sunset.
This is Lake Coeur d'Alene. It was so peaceful, and had the feeling of a coastal city. The lake was placid, and the sun was setting as a sliver of moon rode low in the twilight sky.
He gives me kisses... And does the dishes...
Pretty times in Northern Idaho.
The face of alphabet game victory! Muahaha
I want a barn. But no animals.
Big Sky country.
The town of Norris.
The town of Ennis (I think that's the name). It's a beautiful town, with an old western architecture. Cara fell asleep through it, so she missed out :b There hasn't been an ugly town in Montana so far.
We love Yellowstone... But Montana is amazing! Gorgeous land with beautiful views all around.
Us at Old Faithful. It had just finished erupting when we arrived. But fortunately we still got to see it go off on our way up to it.
Grabbed a quick bite before hitting the road.
This canyon was pretty, and there were Bison everywhere!
A pretty drive around Yellowstone.
After a comfortable night of sleeping in the car, we woke up to Yellowstone Lake! No, I am not pooping.

25 September 2014

Aaron's Day 1 recap: It's been a long first day. But the drive was gorgeous, and being there with Cara made it all the more special. We are now hunkered down in our car in a camping spot at Yellowstone. So we drove through areas of Colorado I had never seen, and were absolutely stunning. We also saw some interesting, and pretty landscapes in Wyoming. The drive between Riverton and Yellowstone was amazing. There's a big valley / canyon, with bright red mesas, and a River flowing through yellow and orange colored trees. Then we saw the Tetons far off in the distance. We stood where Ansel Adams stood, and took some photos in that spot. We then drove further south to another lookout point. I think it was a better location to shoot the Grand Teton, but you couldn't really see the Snake River from it. The weather was perfect, and so was the moment. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.
Cara's Day #1 Recap - What a success! Wyoming has some dry/boring parts to it! We were excited to get past the dry earth, and see trees again. The fall colors are absolutely beautiful! We finished off our long stretch of today's drive by stopping at the Grand Tetons and waiting for sunset. Aaron was excited to see where Ansel Adams took his famous photo. We sat on a hillside and watched the sun go down in perfect weather. With a little glimpse of light left, we drove another hour into Yellowstone. With no luck at lodging, we were just grateful to find some dinner. It was gross, but at least it was a warm meal before bed! :) We are now laying in a very cozy setup in the back of the car. The view of the stars is priceless! There is something so pure about my HUSBAND'S smile when we are on our adventures. He lights up and seems so at peace when we are away from the city. Can't wait for day 2! Next stop... Seattle! :)
Not gonna lie, pretty gross, and expensive!
Well, we couldn't find lodging under $300, so we've decided to backtrack about 10 mins and camp at Lewis Lake. But first, we've stopped at the only diner in town for some food.
Not bad for day 1. Stay tuned :)
The Tetons! We made it. The weather was perfect. Now to Yellowstone.
Our first look at the Tetons.
It was a beautiful drive to the Tetons. The desert vanished and we were surrounded by conifers and the brilliant colors of fall.
The cute town of Dubois, WY. We'll have to come back here to visit some day!
Only 2 hours out from YELLOWSTONE! We got stopped and got to chat with the sign holder. Poor guy drives 2 hours to work to hold a sign in the hot sun all day. I'm pretty sure the Gatorade I gave him made his day... Or not. Lol :)
Sorry guys, found our new home... Decided to make it 46!
When we first got to Riverton, we thought it had been hit by the zombie apocalypse. But don't worry, we finally found civilization!! Yay!!
Stopped in Rawlins to get some lunch... Outside looked a little sketchy, but their green chili was amazing! Very delicious lunch!
My sweet HUSBAND took allergy meds that knocked him out... Good thing I'm the better driver anyways! Hehe :)
Wyoming is plain and boring, and we already killed half the bug population with our windshield :)
Beautiful mesas in Northern Colorado.
Preparing for the Journey Ahead: So the wedding was amazing! Thanks to all of our great friends and relatives that attended and gave so much of their time, money, and effort to make it special. We are incredibly humbled and grateful for the tremendous generosity these wonderful people shared with us. We wanted to share one of our greatest adventures yet, with you. And take you along with us, on this new journey of which we're about to embark. We'll be writing and posting pictures of this journey every day until we're home. Our first destination? Yellowstone.

23 September 2014