North America · 16 Days · 12 Moments · December 2017

Wintering in Florida and cruise

11 January 2018

Despite our best efforts to avoid Germs, we all ended up getting sick. Pat had the flu and I looks like the rest of us had a stomach bug/virus.

4 January 2018

Grand Cayman

2 January 2018

1. Our morning arrival into Costa Maya. The Holland America ship 🚢 is already there waiting. Another one was in line behind us. You can tell I’m getting lots of rest since I’m up early most mornings. Still on an online teaching schedule I guess. Other pics are on shore through costa maya. Didn’t do much there today. Enjoyed the walk through stuff and the rest later.

31 December 2017

1. Setting sail from key west. Lots of onlookers waving us off. 👋 🌊 2. Our dinner table view 3. Glass blowing show on the ship was super!
1-3: Key lime pie in Key West. Of course. Delish. And it is like the kind I make not the more dense kind. So yay! Mine is authentic. Check out those mixers ally! 4. Superfly octopi 🐙 gummies ... Just thought of connor’s mr octopus. 3. And there was a daschund parade today... we missed it but saw the dogs 🐕 afterwards around town. 6. I didn’t buy a thing at the funky chicken store! Whaaat?! 7. Tonight the shell 🐚 will drop in key west and 2017 will be no more. We will be back on Board and off of internet for the week. Adios friends and happy new year!🎆🎊 We’ve walked 5 miles and are feeling ready to kick back for a bit. Back on the 🚢 and heading to the feed trough .. er ... buffet shortly.
Walking around key west. The boats are amazing. 1. Tall ship heading out with tourists. 2. Marina Boardwalk with the cruise ship in background. 3. A 1400 square ft home for sale. A mere 1.3 million. No biggie.
1. Woke up to ket west outside our balcony. I can hear the roosters crowing all over town! At 8 I heard revelry and the anthem coming from maybe the coast guard station. I guess 8 is the key west military wake up call. Seems late eh? 2. Sky getting pink over key west 3. Remnants of breakfast from our balcony.

30 December 2017

Cast off!
Our room is so 👍. Room 1020. Nice bed and sofa and a bathroom that you can actually move in. Balcony big enough to recline on. ☀️ a robe, golf umbrella and binoculars to enjoy the view. (Pic2 view of Miami from our room) Yes breakfast will be appreciated at my door, thank you. Lots of room for our stuff. Probably will be underdressed 👗 for others in our ‘class’ but what’s new. I’m okay with that because I’m comfy. 👌 I’ve said my first, “whew, I’m full’, even though I thought I took it easy. 🥖🍍🍰🍽🥗
We will have to get better at our selfies 📷 . We are On the ship early and already treated like royalty 👑... or .. ‘celebrities’ ⭐️ I guess. Pat’s scooter 🛴 is also a fast pass through lines and parking 🚗 so we ‘cruised’ 🚢 through checking in. We’re on the celebrity equinox. First time on celebrity for any of us. 🥇 I’m happy to say they make a good latte ☕️ which makes me happy. ☺️ Photo 1 is the fancy dining room for special folks like us. 2 is the eating trough ... er, um ... buffet .... overlooking Miami. Food is great at both and areas are both nice. 🥘 👍

28 December 2017

Hanging at orange lake for a couple of days.

26 December 2017

Tasty dinner in savannah Georgia. Our halfway point to Orlando. Best cheese grits Evah!