United States of America · 64 Days · 25 Moments · August 2017

Amy's voyage in United States of America

17 October 2017

8 September 2017

Another early start today heading north from Queens to the Bronx to visit the Bronx Zoo. It was such a good day! They literally have every animal you can think of. The bears 🐻 were cute. They were floating in their water playing with these giant squeaky toys aha but my favourite had to be the gorillas 🦍. This one gorilla came up to the window whilst I had my camera out and literally posed for me!! Once I got my picture he put his hand on the window to match mine it was absolutely incredible! Even the zoo keepers were surprised haha!! After seeing the big animals we went to the smaller petting zoo where there was a play ground and turtle shells which I obviously went on aha and then went to feed the goats and donkeys 💕 On the way back we stopped off at the MoMA to take a look at the iconic ‘Starry Night’ painting by Vincent Van Gogh which was amazing to see in person. For dinner we went to Appleby’s where I had my favourite spinach and artichoke pasta 😍 before heading back to the ho

7 September 2017

We shopped, shopped and shopped until we literally dropped today!! We went to Pandora where Nicole bought her Disney charms, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, old navy, Forever 21...you name it we went there! Bloomingdales is definitely an experience! It’s that big that we literally got lost in the store haha 😂 Afterwards, we decided to take a walk down to see the Iron Building and New York bull before heading back up to Times Square. We ate dinner in Olive Garden and then stayed in Times Square to ‘people watch’ - our favourite past time lol!

6 September 2017

First stop today was The Met, one of the museums I hadn’t been too and some very interesting pieces, I particularly liked the Greek Marble statues. Afterwards we sat in Central Park and ate our lunch before continuing our exploration, determined and succeeding in finding Strawberry Fields where John Lennon’s memorial is and finding the boating lake where the bridge in ‘You’ve got mail’ and ‘P.S I Love You’ were filmed. In the late afternoon we made our way to the New York Central library and sat in the park behind it. A very relaxed day but after the busy couple of weeks we’ve had we needed to just relax!

5 September 2017

In the morning we walked along the High Line as Nicole hadn’t seen it before, again taking numerous photos 📷 At the end of the walk we decided to find the F.R.I.E.N.D.S apartment yet again and stop off at our favourite ice cream shop ‘Big Gay’s’ which we ate in Washington Square Gardens. It’s such a lovely little park. One that you could literally sit in and just watch the world go by! Following this we walked around Greenwich Village, window shopping, coffee shops and finding a vegan restaurant where Nicole could eat!

4 September 2017

Today began our tour around Central Park. We found Central Park Zoo, the lake where Stuart Little was filmed, the Alice in Wonderland statue, wandered around the Shakespeare Gardens where we stumbled upon this castle so naturally we went to explore. The views over the park were beautiful 😍 After stopping for a picnic, we continued our tour walking along literary row and watching street performers. You could literally spend all day in this park and still not manage to see everything it has to offer!

3 September 2017

Due to various road and subway closures we had to make our way to the airport early...in fact 9hours early!! We had to sleep on the floor which I didn’t mind until I got that cold and there were no coffee shops open to buy a drink 🙄 so to pass the time we went to this kiddy play zone and luckily for me was short enough to go in haha 😂 #shortpeopleproblems

2 September 2017

After checking out of the hotel we still had a whole day to wait for our flight so went to the Fashion Show Shopping Mall - the biggest in America! It was honestly huge! Nicole bought herself the Vegas charm bracelet and we bought Erin and Emily a couple of souvenirs to take home with us aha

1 September 2017

Today was way too hot to complete the 6mile trek to the Las Vegas sign on the other end of the strip - it was 52 degrees Celsius!!! So we caught a bus and once we got there you had to queue just to get a picture with the sign! Of course I did queue up and this man decided to help me out by doing a mini photo shoot it was hilarious and took a couple of good shots 😂 From here we caught the bus back to the hotels we hadn’t seen yet including New York, Paris, Aria and Mandalay Bay. All of which were absolutely stunning! On the way home we stopped at the Bellagio to watch the incredible water fountain show. It was spectacular!!!

31 August 2017

Having had a long and exhausting day yesterday we decided to have a relaxing day where we caught up with our washing and went out for dinner. It was going to be our last proper night in Vegas so I decided I wanted a proper night out. So off I went on the roulette table and bet $10 on all black and won $80 by the end of it haha!! So I wanted to use my winnings to pay for a show so booked myself onto ‘Legends in Concert’ and went upstairs to get myself dolled up. Later than evening I caught a taxi to the Flamingo Hotel and watched the show with Dusty Springfield, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis 🕺 who dedicated the song ‘My Way’ to me, his English Rose 🌹 who came out alone and then ended his set with Viva Las Vegas and gave me the tambourine!! Before hearing back to my Hotel after the show there was a free bar so I decided to go for a couple of drinks. These two American ladies adopted me and was later joined by others. It was an incredible night and a very drunk one at that

30 August 2017

GRAND CANYON It was an extremely early start this morning so that we could be picked up to start our long journey towards Arizona to see the Grand Canyon South Rim. The first stop on our journey was in Nevada to see the Hoover Dam which was a sight to see in itself. Absolutely amazing! But after a short stop it was back into the coach ready for the rest of our drive and my goodness was it worth the money and the drive! Never in my life have I ever seen something so wonderful 😍 The natural beauty literally took your breath away and left you speechless as your eyes gazed hungrily over the views!! No matter how long you gazed you couldn’t take in the sights. It was STUNNING! No wonder it is one of the 7 wonders of the world 🗺

29 August 2017

VIVA LAS VEGAS!! We’ve been in Vegas two days now and both have consisted of walking down the Las Vegas Strip and looking in as many hotels and casinos as we can! Each one is completely different! We’re staying I the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino which is the tallest one at the bottom of the strip so we have the views but the Venetian has gondolas inside it’s Hotel, Circus Circus has a theme park and the Bellagio has this amazing water fountain show! I can’t begin to tell you how crazy yet mesmerising this place is!! Of course we’ve had a bit of a gamble and a couple of drinks. My new favourite game is deal or no deal haha 😂 We have also been to the top of the Stratosphere where we looked out on the 360 views of Vegas which were incredible

27 August 2017

We took a cab from our hostel to Warner Brothers Studios where we met up with Jacinta again ready to start our tour! We were all so excited 😆 literally acting like kids on Christmas morning!! Our tour guide was brilliant and took us around the various studios and took us to every place where Pretty Little Liars (PLL) was filmed, along with Friends, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman. When we were arrived on set I was in Rosewood! You could see the church, The Brew and he took us into ‘Emily Fields’ house and ‘Spencer’s Barn’ and we spotted the school and I literally had tears of joy 😂 Then the guide took us into an indoor studio set and there was F.R.I.E.N.D.S!! The actual coffee house and couches!! So of course we took pictures haha. After a fabulous day we spent the evening back at Marisa’s house and ate pizza and stayed up chatting and watching Moana until the early hours. A great way to end a great week! Going to miss those gals so much 💕

26 August 2017

Caught the train down to Santa Monica where we met up with Jacinta and walked along the pier which was the end of Route 66! Whilst walking along we noticed a bench with a pair of trainers and three boxes piled on top of each other. Turns out it is the bench where Tom Hanks, in role as Forrest Gump says “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” 🍫 so of course I had to take a picture there!! From here we walked along the beach all the way to Venice beach. The sand was literally white and the sea crystal blue. Having had a picnic on the beach we walked back along the walkway through a market, street performers, roller skaters and stopped to have a look at muscle beach 💪🏻 👀

25 August 2017

We spent today on the open too tour bus for a tour around uptown LA and Santa Monica. It was really interesting and we were able to see Rodeo Drive, the famous Four Seasons Hotel and so much more! I’d recommend the tour but be aware that it is quite pricey for what you actually see. Afterwards we got off the bus and walked around Beverly Hills and the houses...oh my!! Once we got back to the hotel and had dinner we went up to the rooftop to take advantage of the bar, the pool and the sights

24 August 2017

Today we explored Downtown LA, visiting the Walt Disney Music Hall and taking a tour of the L.A Grammy Museum which was so interesting! It had the outfits of some of the most amazing artists such as Michael Jackson, Elvis, Beyoncé and Ella Fitzgerald. With musical instruments to create your own band - now I’m definitely no musician but even other tourists were impressed with my playing the Titanic on the piano haha 😂 Then in the evening we made our way over to University of Southern California where we watched Marisa in band practice, ready for the American Football match at the end of the week. It sounded incredible and that was only the first practice!! Marisa then took us on a tour of her uni and we looked around the frat and sorority houses which were just out of this world! They were literally like the movies!!

23 August 2017

Los Angeles So we survived the long bus ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles yesterday so after having an early night we set off this morning feeling refreshed. We headed straight to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and literally walked the length of it twice so that we could read every star and take pictures with the legends. On the walk we also came across the old Chinese Theatre which looked cool and not only that but on the pavement outside the theatre were the foot and hand prints and signatures of other celebrities including Robin Williams, Julie Andrews and the Harry Potter cast! Following this we decided we wouldn’t pay for the tour because we could walk to the Hollywood sign instead...DO THE TOUR! It’s way too hot to walk it in August and we got lost on the streets so we only got halfway haha 😂

21 August 2017

For our final day in San Francisco we stayed in Fisherman’s Wharf where there was a fundraiser on one of the piers with live music. It was a lovely little stop. Then we walked down to Pier 39 where we not only heard but actually saw the seals and my goodness there were literally hundreds of them!! We looked around the shops, stopped for coffee, watched the various street acts and had a picnic on the beach. A well deserved more relaxed day after a busy week ☺️ Now back to the hostel to pack ready for our 7hour bus journey to LA in the morning

20 August 2017

Today we decided to walk from Fort Mason to the Golden Gate Bridge before turning off to the left for a short hike through Presido and down to Baker beach on the left hand side of the Bridge. It’s a beautiful viewpoint that not many people see but it’s definitely worth it. From here we carried on walking down to Land’s End which again had some stunning views 👌

19 August 2017

We decided we needed a break from walking so caught the bus to Union Square where we spent the majority of the day shopping. Bought myself a new perfume - the Gucci Bloom - which was the first bottle sold in San Francisco haha!! Claim to fame right there. I also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted, spent a small fortune in Victoria’s Secret as well as finding the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones in this electronic shop!! Fan girl 😍😂 We decided to get the famous San Francisco cable car back to Fisherman’s Wharf which was brilliant! Putting my shopping bags on the chair, I held on with one hand whilst holding my camera in the other literally hanging off the cable car! It was epic!! Then as another cable car passed us the passengers from both vehicles cheered and waved haha we had to have all been British tourists 😂 Before going back to the hostel we stopped off at the Buena Vista Irish bar for a few drinks and as it happens is the bar from a movie scene!!
For the third day in San Francisco we walked in search of various movie houses including Mrs Doubtfire, That’s so Raven and The Princess Diaries! Once we found them we continued walking to find The Painted Ladies - a row of beautifully painted and decorated Victorian Houses 🏠 From here we caught the bus down to the financial district where we found an outdoor market, the Capitol Building. We walked through Chinatown which had some amazing street art! And looked around the cable car museum before walking back along the piers to the hostel.

18 August 2017

Today we went in search of the actual Lombard street which was definitely a much longer walk than we had anticipated! The view was definitely worth it though along with knowing we were standing right there-on the iconic Lombard street!! Afterwards we continued our walk to find the Historical Coit Tower, which was built as a look out over San Francisco to spot any fires. So again you can just imagine the views from here! From here we walked down some extremely steep steps and found ourselves standing at the Plaza where the Levi denim jeans originate from 😂 We walked along the piers all the way back to Pier 39 where we caught the bus for a night tour of San Fran. The city is so beautiful 😍 We even went to treasure island to watch the sun set over the city 🌃 I can’t put into words how magical it looked. It was bloody cold on the open top bus, we had to snuggle for warmth!!

17 August 2017

San Francisco So for our first full day we decided to walk from our hostel in Fort Mason along the crissy fields towards the Golden Gate Bridge - literally stopping every five minutes for photographs! The Bridge itself is incredible. I could just keep looking at it all day and not get bored. We walked the length of it and ate our packed lunch of bagels and an apple before catching a tram back across the bridge. It dropped us off at the Palace of Fine Arts which had some amazing architecture before we found ourselves at the bottom of this hill and we could see flowers so assumed it was Lombard Street, thus began the assent up. I shit you not the steps up were vertical! And we were so out of breath by the time we reached the top! The views were spectacular though!! It was so beautiful 😍 It turns out it was Lyon street which is another famous street in San Fran. I’d definitely recommend the bus up though

16 August 2017

It was an early morning start to get to Newark Airport ready for my flight to SAN Francisco ✈️ Once I arrived at the airport I had to wait for four hours until Nicole’s flight arrived and even with four hours waiting I still managed to be in the wrong section of the airport so had to get the air train to the right terminal!! Thankfully we found each other which was genuinely a miracle in itself as neither of us had working US phones! After checking into our hostel we walked down to the pier at the back of the hostel. We ate dinner at this superb Spanish restaurant and the food was excellent 👌🏻 We then decided to walk along the beach and pier up to pier 39 where we could hear the seals but couldn’t see them as it was pitch black so walked back to the hotel in fort Mason

15 August 2017

Brooklyn, New York After walking along the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning we headed into Brooklyn and ate a late lunch at this fancy/hipster restaurant which tasted amazing too! Then made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge Market, more commonly known as the Flea Market. It was camouflage galore there so of course both Kate and I had a field day haha 😂 It was a lovely afternoon relaxing and just browsing the rails. Then we relaxed in the Brooklyn Bridge Park and tried to teach Kathleen how to whistle haha. In the evening, both Kate and myself caught the subway to Hoboken, New Jersey where we met up with Sarah, a friend from camp last year!! It was so good to see her and forgot how much I missed her 💕

14 August 2017

After an emotional goodbye to camp the previous day, those of us in NYC decided we’d spend the day together and walk The New York High Line. It’s a gentle walk with lots of street art and sculptures along the way so obviously there were numerous photo stops 📷 Afterwards, Kate and I took the rest of the group to Greenwich Village to see the F.R.I.E.N.D.S apartment followed by “The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop” (I shit you not, that’s it’s name haha) 😂 and it has the best ice cream I have ever tasted there! Next stop was Washington Square Gardens. It’s a lovely little park where you can people watch and relax. There are always various street performers there, kinda like Covent Garden in London. Next, we visited the Guggenheim, an expensive as famous art gallery which we paid a dollar for which was stunning!! Highly recommended 👌 In the evening we took Phoebe, Kathleen, and Katana to Times Square whilst the others went to the Empire State Building.