South Korea · 11 Days · 60 Moments · October 2016

Amy Goh

2016 Korea agri tour - EumSung to Ulsang

13 October 2016

Keongbuk province Food products - vinegar, soya bean paste Jookjangran soya bean Soya beans Water Salt Soak washed soya beans for 18 hours High heat boil for 2 hours Seamer for 6 hours Put purée in jar After 1 week, remove mold on surface
Soyhianggo - food processing Apple Cider making in Cheongsong 1. Microbes around the room, keep low voices, haha 2 learning points - making vinegar from brown rice - make pickles from vinegar Topic of this class is s 'love ' 6 glass bottles Sugared Water 500 Ml Pinetree vinegar 500 Ml A bit of sea salt Pinetree vinegar is from pinetree leaves To drink vinegar 2 parts vinegar 1 part water Pinetree mushroom Used as pesticide Anti cancer food Cure headache, indigestion, stronger blood vessel structure Make vinegar from brown rice 5 kg brown rice 1 kg microbes 25 liters of water Wrap the rice 24 hours soak Steam for 1 hour Spread our the steam rice Add microbes when rice is still a little warm (25 deg). Mix it in in a urn Add water After 1 day will see foam Stir 3 times a day, so stir 7 days later become alcohol (6% alcohol, rice wine Filter using muslin cloth, squeeze Last 3 steps From 30 liters, squeeze out 20 liters Put the 20 liters back into the urn

12 October 2016

Chong song Cultural Center Museum for natural stones A rich man donated his collection. Accommodation Complex
400 yr old juniper tree
Songso house One of the 3 Joesun dynasty houses Owner - descendants of the Sim family
Mountains and persimmon and apple 🍎 orchards along the way
In the coach to Cheongsong
Day3 Breakfast menu

11 October 2016

Omija everywhere
On the way to the Cave Omija wine!
Solo rendition in the Cave!
Around Omija farm
Simple noodles lunch
Omija syrup making and the fruits
Omija !!
Omija Institute 4 countries consume omija China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan This area uses clean farming Preserve 1:1 fruits:sugar. Keep 2 months to make syrup Ideal temperature below 25 deg Celsius Filter the extract using Muslind bag. Keep the 'zar' in the Fridge Sugar extracts fluid from the fruit. Sugar decompose to single sugar
Pear tree outside Omija research institute
Getting near to Omija farm
Apple trees and golden padi- ready for harvesting
Golden padi fields and Apple trees along the road
In munyeong-si
Persimmon trees along the way
In the afternoon, when the sun comes out- beautiful clouds
On the way to mungyeong-si
On the way to mungyeong-si Home of Omija
On the way to mungyeong
View outside the room Spa area

10 October 2016

Karaoke - you raise my up
Drum troop - special performance by the villages
Mr Chng's sins preparing BBQ pork and sausages
Dinner at Komega Farm - Yummy apetitizers
Inside the bean paste pot - komega farm
Pancake making
Finished product - 40 mins job
Making easy kimchi , ie ready to eat
Kimchi making Wongbok Onion White radish Chilli powder Chopped garlic Plum syrup Fish sauce Chinese Chye Ginger powder
Jujube tree with fresh and dried dates
Clowning around😉
Cleanse liver
Cure arthritis
Saponin cream, most potent ginseng content
More herbs at the ginseng institute
Ginseng institute Korea has 25 varieties of ginseng
Ginseng chicken soup lunch
Presenting perilla mooncake to Perilla farm owner. Mr Chng is very appreciative of our visit. Introduction to Komega Farm. Family run business. Organic 60% omega 3, the highest omega3 content among all plants Provide seeds to the farmers. Farmers grow the plants and sell the seeds back. Labiatae - mint family Classification of seeds dominance Omega 6- corn, sesame Omega 9 - sunflower 2nd highest growth in acreage in Korea. Omega 3 - Perilla,flaxseed
Komega Farm
On the way to EumSung Interesting bridge
EumSung Komega Perilla Farm
Night 2 - STX Resort Comfortable 1 bedroom apartment
Komega Farm - Perilla farm

9 October 2016

Bought for Tess to make Ginseng Chicken soup
At some royal ancestral shrine from joesan dynasty Famous poet
Day 1 - explore Gwangjiang Market
Night 1 - Hotel RiAn

2 October 2016