Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand · 66 Days · 52 Moments · May 2015

Amy's trip to Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand

25 July 2015

I have a tan!!!

24 July 2015

Motorbike trip to the waterfalls after Harry broke down and we had to wait hours for help in the middle of nowhere... Still a good day in Krabi

23 July 2015

Snoring was amazing in phi phi 🐟🐠🏊🏼

21 July 2015

Cutest cat, want to take her home.. Followed us all the way back and waited outside for us to come back out 😻
Phi phi - very drunk, fell over and scratched my bum 😣

19 July 2015

Nicest meal at Hard Rock Cafe, ate way too much meat 😋

18 July 2015

Harry is in his element here in Phuket, loving the JD
I don't know how I feel about this 😐

16 July 2015

Been bitten to shit 😭

15 July 2015

Hammock life 💕

14 July 2015

Koh Toa

11 July 2015

Katie & Harry's first night, Harry lost his phone and we got ridiculously drunk 🙈

10 July 2015

Was up way too early so took some pics of the sunrise 😁

9 July 2015

Back to Bangkok to meet Harry and Katie 😁

4 July 2015

Absolutely loved Pai, met some amazing people and sad to say good bye, so chilled out and no one cares about anything, such a lovely place!

3 July 2015

So after our exciting day, we go 2 mins down the road, a taxi pulls out on me so I have to emergency break and Ellie goes straight into the back of me and falls off 🙈 stupid Thai guy deffo jinxed it by saying "be careful" 😠
Hired mopeds, got to the top of the mountain, ended up on a mountain bike track on these heavy mopeds, only fell off twice, got completely lost and then started to monsoon rain so got absolutely drenched 🙈 safe to say we've had an exciting day

2 July 2015

Had the most amazing day, feeding, playing and swimming with elephants, nice to see them not working elephants and being treated as part of the family. Such an amazing experience!

30 June 2015

Sleeper train was interesting, got woken at 7am by a women shouting breakfast in our faces 👍🏼

28 June 2015

Bangkok has us now
Bye bye Cambodia, hello Thailand 😃
Choill moai
Off to Thailand today, excited but sad as this is the final journey! Gone way too quickly 😕

27 June 2015

Happy pizza 😳

24 June 2015

Car crawl was fun, worse hangover ever though, never drinking again. 😣

23 June 2015

Day two included Ankor wat, Ankor thom, and the tomb raider temple

22 June 2015

Day one of visiting ancient Ankor temples
After a 15 hour bus journey we finally arrived in Siem reap worst journey ever 😣
Great night in Siem reap 😁

21 June 2015

Took a trip to the land mine museum and the butterfly centre

18 June 2015

Rented a motorbike and took at trip round Kampot and Kep, beautiful place, however we're both extremely sun burnt 😣

17 June 2015

Another random night in Kampot, got so drunk and ended up in the pool 👍🏼

15 June 2015

Sihanoukville was nice even though it rained, the thing I love about travelling is the random nights and here was one of them 😂 also got a massage and she bent my body in ways it doesn't bend 😂

12 June 2015

Oi troi oi
These are my fav pics of Ellie so far 😂

11 June 2015

Took a visit to the killing feilds and genocide museum, was an experience to say the least, so many people were brutally murdered not that long ago.
First night in Cambodia, lots of drinking 👍🏼

10 June 2015

Bye bye Vietnam, hello Cambodia

9 June 2015

Last night it Vietnam, pretty chilled after last nights bar crawl, had the best curry 😋

7 June 2015

Mui ne was lovely

5 June 2015

Friday the 5th of June: first time Ellie was sick and not because of alcohol..

3 June 2015

I also tried some street food that was so nice and so filling, and only cost 50p 🇻🇳
Today I faced my irrational fear of heights and abseiled into a waterfall and off cliffs.. As well as jumping off cliffs and water sliding, met some pretty amazing people who supported me and helped me throughout, pretty good day 😁

2 June 2015

As soon as we arrive in dalat it starts raining... First time this whole holiday I've worn my cardigan! First night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant in which I first tried snails and squid, was actually amazing food and stupidly cheap, met some pretty cool people too 😏

1 June 2015

Pretty much famous in Na Trang 💁🏼

31 May 2015

14 hour bus journey to Na Trang tonight 😐🔫

30 May 2015

Trip to the beach resulted in Ellie being impressively sun burnt , bike ride was sweaty but the beach was beautiful! jellyfish in the sea weren't harmful but some little boys cause a huge one! I love this place

28 May 2015

Took a motorbike tour to Hoi An, best experience, although the sun burnt through my clothes. Ate the most amazing fresh fish, drove up a mountain and found an old American base, this picture doesn't give justice to how beautiful this place is

26 May 2015

Had such a good time in Hue, now time for a 7 hour motorbike ride to Hoi An 😏🙈
First night in hostels, come in an a girl is hanging out her ass, gunna be a fun few days 😆

24 May 2015

On a 12 hour train journey down to Hue where the toilet is just a hole in the train 😷

20 May 2015

On the last stretch, not long till we land 😁