Morocco · 7 Days · 8 Moments · October 2017

The Marrakech Express

28 October 2017

27 October 2017

For our final day in Morocco we decided to relax and spend the day lounging around the pool. The weather was hot-and I mean hot!! ☀️ We all tried to top up the tan before our flight home. We took part in aqua aerobics and started a game of volleyball in the pool. Afterwards I decided to book myself in for a traditional full body massage where the lady made me strip for the massage which was great by the way, and she clicked my back a couple of times because apparently I’m very tense 😂

26 October 2017

Azilal - Ait Taguella It was a ridiculously early start today but one of the most beautiful views and funniest experiences of this trip. Following a two hour drive we arrived at Azilal Berber Village, home to the most visited waterfall in Marrakech. So after viewing the falls from above it was time to make the decent down 600steps. On the way we encountered wild monkeys 🐒 They were obviously used to tourists as they took bits of bread from our hands. I hid some in my pocket to give to dad so he could feed them but a monkey stopped me and was literally pulling on my clothes to give her more food! Clever little buggers haha!! One jumped on moms shoulders thinking she had food too and her reaction was priceless 😂 At the bottom of the steps we clambered onto rafts and had villagers row us right up to the waterfall so that we were sprayed! It was so beautiful and we all got to have a turn rowing! Before driving home we had food and stopped to look at a cave which was also impressive 😉

25 October 2017

Gardens of Marrakech and the Souks What a day! We set off at 8:30am on a tour of the different gardens of Marrakech. The first stop was Menara Gardens with a beautiful crystal pool with an amazing view of the city of Marrakech, from which you can understand where it’s name of ‘The Red City’ originates. We then took our life into the hands of Moroccan’s as they chaperoned us by horse and cart to the Majorelle Garden. I honestly thought we were going to die with cars overtaking the horses and mopeds wizzing in between us and the cars!! Majorelle Gardens were absolutely stunning and so colourful and picturesque that it felt you fell into another city 💕 In the evening, we headed to The Square...home to the Souks. You can smell so many spices, see bright lights and people everywhere and can hear music playing in every direction! It was an impressive sight to see!! Despite bartering, I still spent loads buying lamps, scarves, postcards... an incredible experience I’d highly recommend!!

24 October 2017

Camel Trek 🐪 What a morning! It was only a short drive until we arrived where the camels were being kept. But before we could get on one we had to get dressed...robes and head scarves were on the agenda and we all looked fabulous haha!! We were assigned our camel and I was given the most grumpy one there (Fatima)! Groaning all the way around and trying to bite Erin. The baby camel (Ahmed) attached was moody too but about half way through the tour I worked out that if you stroke their nose they calm and quieten down. Getting off the camels were a whole other story with them lurching you forward...I thought I was going to fall off so screamed 😂 This evening we had a traditional Moroccan meal 🥘 which tasted devine excluding the lamb brains. The texture made me wretch and I definitely wouldn’t recommend 😷 Following this was the African drums show which was incredible and how they danced and drummed so fast I’ll never know but it was fascinating to watch

23 October 2017

Ourika Valley, Berber Village and Atlas Mountains Tour A very early start this morning, setting off in the the 4X4 jeeps heading towards the Atlas Mountains. First stop was the Berber Pottery shop where our tour guide Yousef talked about the geography and history of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech and the Berber’s. We watched how they made the tagines and pots which was truly fascinating! Then we were able to buy souvenirs so bought a camel. Whilst driving through the mountains Ed Sheeran was playing as we passed camels and street sellers before stopping to take in the views of Ourika Valley which was beautiful! 🐪 Continuing the drive up we stopped via a Berber Village, greeted by 3yr olds opening our car doors in return for 1DH! The family we visited brewed us mint tea 🍵 and then we continued to the actual Mountains, the highest point in North Africa. The view were magnificent! You could even see the snow on the top!! Lunch also tasted fantastic

22 October 2017

Discover Marrakech Tour What a brilliant tour of both the new and old parts of the city of Marrakech! The architecture is just stunning! We looked at a mosque, palace of Bahia and an African museum before stopping for a Moroccan lunch. Despite it looking weird and unappetising, the taste was superb 👌 In the afternoon we stopped in the Jewish Quarter, Tombs and the famous Market Square. Down some of the narrowest side streets, with mopeds wizzing past you in every direction, we found an organic pharmacy which sold medicines for absolutely anything!! Finally, the sensory overload of the Souks. People calling you over to their market stalls, you can smell so many different spices, see so many bright’s something to definitely see! Then wandering down the streets, again with more mopeds, we came across monkey handlers which was sad yet mesmerising to see and snake charmers who wanted us to take pictures so much they chased us with one angry cobra 🐍

21 October 2017

Tikida Garden Hotel After literally four hours of sleep and quite a nice Moroccan breakfast, it was time to explore our 4* hotel. It is absolutely stunning. The architecture is something to be seen, with lanterns lighting paths and palm trees surrounding the outdoor pools. We also spotted a praying mantis! Something I never thought I’d see on anything other than David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’ lol. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the pool, drinking cocktails and going for the occasional swim to escape the heat of the afternoon sun ☀️ In the evening we watched, well technically took part in, the evenings entertainment. Where you had to dance to the songs you thought were good in order to win a prize. It didn’t go to plan because Ellie and I were dancing for the majority! Then a slow song came on and this Moroccan holiday rep pulled me up to dance, spinning and twirling me in every which direction so I didn’t look elegant but at least he was good looking haha 😍
Birmingham Airport We all arrived at the airport on time and through security smoothly, so naturally, we all headed towards good old weatherspoons 🥃 Whilst there, we ordered two bowls of chips which tasted great, and not 5mins later another waiter comes over with a second lot of two bowls of chips. Ellie decides to document the moment so for the camera when she asked “Amy, what’s happening?” I replied “Free bowls of chips mate” haha 😂 So after our four bowls of chips and alcoholic beverages we sit around the pub chatting before we hear on the intercom “Last call for the flight to Marrakech” so we downed our drinks and ran for the plane!! Free chips, almost missed the flight...swings and roundabouts I guess haha 😂