Australia · 426 Days · 153 Moments · February 2017

Amy in Australia

29 April 2018

Girls day out at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs. The boys played golf and then we met them for lunch at Portsea Hotel 🧘🏼‍♀️

27 April 2018

Date night cocktails in Mesa Verde at Curtin House
Spending our Friday night in a padded cell after Brian and I decided to do the night in the Watch House at Melbourne Gaol. It was pretty cheesy but we had fun!

26 April 2018

The best night with these guys watching Melbourne Storm absolutely crush the Warriors on Anzac Day 💜

25 April 2018

Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remembrance on Anzac Day 2018 🌹

12 April 2018

Dinner at Ham & Lara’s to meet their new puppy Duke!

24 March 2018

So excited for the start of the new AFL season. We won our first game against Collingwood 101 - 67, so good to be back at the MCG!

23 March 2018

It’s Jess, Paige & Molly’s housewarming so me and Katherine meet up in the city for dinner at Drumplings (an Aussie twist on dumplings) and then head to Kew. It’s such a good night that I end up puking in to a bucket and then passing out on the couch 🙈 always an interesting night with those girls!

16 March 2018

Corey was in Melbourne so me and Shae decided to meet him in Munich Brauhaus for some food and then we head to this secret bar in the city and stay there until they kick us out, we chatted for hours and I ended up catching the 3am train home
Shae is staying in Melbourne so I decided to show her around the city, she really wanted to see the Shrine of Remembrance and I hadn’t been before so after a very long detour we finally got there! It’s actually incredible, the museum and the view from the top blew me away
Graffiti trail ended up taking me past AC/DC Lane and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this new crayola inspired graffiti 🖍

14 March 2018

I DID IT! I finally completed my skydive over a year after I booked it! IT WAS TERRIFYING. It was also amazing, I’m so happy I did it but I’ll never do it again. My Russian instructor was terrifying and I couldn’t breathe, I kept expecting to stop being scared and start admiring the view but honestly I just wanted to get to the ground. Still, I’d recommend everyone does it once and I’ve finally ticked it off my bucket list ✔️

10 March 2018

That’s it! My east coast adventure is over and I’m heading back to Melbourne. I’ve loved it way more than I ever expected I would and Queensland is truly an amazing part of the world but I’m glad to be heading back to Matt and some normal life. It was nice landing back in Melbourne and feeling like I was home for the first time.

9 March 2018

6 March 2018

5 March 2018

4 March 2018

3 March 2018

1 March 2018

Our first night out in Townsville was so eventful! I did not expect such a good nightlife from a small QLD town that we ended up stranded in. We were pre-drinking in our hotel with our group when we decided to ‘borrow’ a wine cover so that we could use it again to bring our own wine in to the bar. Long story short we ended up red carded from every bar in Townsville but it still ended up such a laugh! We shouted at bouncers, we stole a plant from McDonalds, I ate plastic, I peed in an alley and we danced in an Irish bar! I loved it (it sounds way less fun than it actually was! But I was very drunk..)
Yesterday was a total washout and me and Matt got literally drenched just trying to go for a walk to regain our sanity from being stuck in the cabin all day. Today was no different! It turns out due to all the flooding, all trains were cancelled until Sunday which meant 3 nights unexpected in Townsville. I said an emotional goodbye to Matt that morning and when we reached our (quite swanky!) hostel I decided I didn’t want to waste the day and headed to a small wildlife sanctuary I’d found on Google - Billabong Sanctuary and thank god I did! It was the highlight of my trip!! It was so interactive and close knit, the croc talk was amazing and I got up close to Koala’s, Dingoes, Turtles and more and best of all - I GOT TO CUDDLE A WOMBAT ❤️ it was honestly so worth it, I even managed to hitchhike home which was another thing I can say I have tried (and thankfully survived!)

27 February 2018

We weren’t sure about the weather this morning so we headed out early to snorkel a couple of spots on the island. We hired our snorkel gear from the hostel and grabbed some shrimp bait from the IGA and headed up to the furthest point on the island that we could take the car to, Florence Bay. The fish here were incredible, huge Batfish, smaller tropical fish and the reason we bought the bait - sharks. The fish came right up in front of our faces and even though the Batfish ate the shrimp before we could feed the sharks we saw quite a few of them up close! We stopped at Arthur Bay on the way home where the reef was better but unfortunately the visibility was poor. There was one more lookout I wanted to see in Picnic Bay so me and Matt headed up although the gentle incline turned in to quite a hill but the view of the whole island was worth the walk and I finally got my sunset on the end of the pier!

26 February 2018

We decide to hire out a 4x4 to explore the island today, with Shae, Charlotte & Andreas. We head to the forts walk first and I see my first wild koala and snake! The view is also pretty good and some interesting history along the way. Then we head to endeavour falls and cool of in the waterfall there. We head to the Arcadia hotel for lunch and play pool for a while whilst we dry off. We drop the guys back off at their hostel and me and Matt take the car to explore West Point beach which is a hidden paradise! We invited the guys over for dinner so we buy kangaroo and the plan is to do a bbq although it pours it down so poor Matt had to stand in the rain and cook! We have a few drinks, play some card games (sneaky Charlotte won!) and watch Forest Gump on the couches with blankets. A really amazing day/night with my favourite people!

25 February 2018

Today is a really good day! We check out of Airlie after a really uneventful night (it was meant to be our boat ‘leaving meal’ but it wasn’t exactly wild!) and we’re heading to Magnetic Island today which is especially exciting for me as I finally get to see Matt again for the first time since leaving Melbourne! We take in the scenery on the train and catch the ferry over from Townsville. When I see him my heart nearly bursts! We check in to our Air BnB on Picnic Bay and spend that evening catching up and exploring the island. I even saw my first frog (although I nearly stepped on him!)

23 February 2018

The next day in true tropics style the heavens open so our last snorkelling stop is cancelled. However in true Amy, Shae and Charlotte style we stick pony on the sound system and dance in the pouring down rain in our beautiful yellow raincoats. Pretty sure we annoyed everyone else on the boat but we had so much fun. When we dock back at Airlie Beach, we spend the day showering and recovering from the experience. Sleeping on a boat is not something any of us want to relive anytime soon...

22 February 2018

Today is the day I have been waiting for so long! We head to Whitehaven beach early in the morning, the day is a little overcast but the sun comes out so we can enjoy the crystal clear water and the silica sand. We see some stingrays whilst we are chilling in the shallows. We then head to a couple of really good snorkelling spots, we see a lot more beautiful reef today and loads of fish, we even see a turtle! After snorkelling all the girls sunbathe on deck and then that night the group head to a tiny island to eat nachos and watch sunset whilst having a beer, it’s been such a surreal day! That night on the boat we see Batfish - huge fish that are the ‘pigs’ of the ocean off the back of our boat and then SHARKS AND DOLPHINS! It’s incredible the wildlife in these waters. We play Picolo until the early hours and then sleep on deck that night until the rain wakes us up in the morning.

21 February 2018

This is it! Whitsundays trip! We board our boat, the Broomstick early in the afternoon. Initially it’s a bit smaller than I imagined and the living quarters are cosy but it’s all part of the experience, I’ve never slept on a boat before and I’m so excited! The first day we spend sailing and snorkelling. A lot of the reef at our first stop is dead but we still see some interesting fish. That night me and the girls are the first to crack open the eski’s and we end up drinking with some other girls we meet, Dee, Rebecca and Leanne (from Liverpool!) and two guys, Will and Matt.

20 February 2018

Today we arrive in Airlie, I actually slept like a baby on the train but the girls were pretty tired so we go for breakfast with the group and explore Airlie. We spend the afternoon at the lagoon with Georgie our Loka guide, she’s my favourite so far! We do a bit of shopping in the afternoon and have an early night as we head to the Whitsundays in the morning!

19 February 2018

We have to catch an overnight train to Airlie Beach tonight so after going for breakfast in town and visiting the local markets we spent the day by the pool, playing board games and relaxing. I got a little drunk before we actually left the hotel that night which led to a really funny maccas run and discovering that emu park is super creepy at night!

18 February 2018

Yesterday we caught the train from Noosa to Emu Park and a chilled night spent in what felt like a luxury hotel. Today was also chilled, the girls and I decided to not spend money for a few days and detox so we chilled by the pool in the morning and went on a turtle walk in the afternoon, we didn’t see any turtles and got bitten to death but the views from the top were pretty awesome.

16 February 2018

After spending the day recovering from Fraser Island yesterday, we decided we wanted to explore Noosa a bit more. The girls went off to Australia Zoo but I decided to book on to a trip to the Noosa Everglades, one of only two in the world. It was beautiful and I’m glad I saw the ‘river of mirrors’ however the boat was definitely geared towards much older couples and it was overpriced for what I paid for it.

14 February 2018

Our last day on Fraser! We drove along the beaches to our last stop - Lake Wabby. A gorgeous freshwater lake that is teeming with life, including these tiny little fish who leave you feeling fabulous as they eat all your dead skin! It’s so random in the middle of these huge sand dunes, totally surreal. Unfortunately it involved a 45 minute hike each way to reach it, scorching sand and 35 degree heat meant I was so happy to finally be heading home!

13 February 2018

Today was one of my favourite days of my trip so far! I got to drive the 4WD on the beach, we visited Champagne Poole, Indian Head and Eli Creek. We also saw some more wildlife at lunch, a giant lizard called a Goanna and heard the story behind the infamous Maheno Shipwreck (the story is a little lame in comparison to the wreck itself!). Fraser Island has so much to see and do but we still got back as a group and drank together at night - this time we ended up doing pyramids in the pool which we managed to get 3 of us on ours! Me and the girls Shae, Charlotte and Megan also went skinny dipping in the sea. It was thundering and lightning and pitch black but I’ve never had such a rush! The group has really made my time here.

12 February 2018

Today was our first day on Fraser Island! We picked up our Toyota Cruisers and headed over to the island via ferry. Each 4x4 holds 8 of us and luckily the guys in my car were so much fun, we were crying with laughter at ‘fraseabe’ the driver of our ‘fruber’ and ‘DJ ElliNot’ (Megan really enjoyed those!). We also visited world famous Lake Mackenzie and it was just as amazing as it looks in pictures although it was so strange swimming around in freshwater for once, the water was so blue and the sand so white! I loved it, we even saw a wild dingo!

11 February 2018

Today we head from Brisbane to Noosa, the gateway to Fraser Island. I head down to Noosa beach for a few hours before my welcome meeting. I end up meeting a girl called Megan who is on my tour and a few of us including Dina stay in the hostel bar for drinks and end up coming 3rd in their quiz and winning a bar tab, so a pretty great night.

10 February 2018

What a day! A childhood dream come true visiting Australia Zoo. I had to include a million pictures because I simply couldn’t pick my favourites. All of the animals were in big exhibits and seemed really happy, the zoo had an amazing selection of animals including koalas, crocodiles, tigers and my favourite - wombats!! Steve Irwin’s legacy is still really prevalent throughout the zoo and the croc show started by Steve is still going strong and incredibly entertaining. I held a koala but my highlight for the day had to be when I saw the baby wombat yawn!!

9 February 2018

My favourite thing in Brisbane by a mile was Eat North Shore which was noted as a must-do by our Loka guide and he really wasn’t wrong! It’s basically an old shipping yard that have converted the containers in to food trucks, they also have live music and entertainment, bars and craft stalls. There are fairy lights everywhere and each section is set up differently varying from a circus theme to laneways. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is electric. The live entertainment was a dance troop and a singing group who are both comedy and amazing singers. Cherry on top was the view of Brisbane city lit up at night across the river!
Today we head to Brisbane from the Gold Coast! We decide to do some sightseeing whilst we are waiting to check in and we head to Southbank and cross the river on the free ferry and then over past the ‘Brisbane’ artwork. We end up by City beach which is basically a gardens with a man made beach and a pool either side of a bridge, it’s gorgeous! We go to the cinema to see the new fifty shades movie to escape the heat and then head back to the hostel

8 February 2018

Today was spent by the pool as Dina had slept elsewhere last night and I wasn’t feeling 100% after the bar crawl! I met a girl at breakfast who invited me out with her and a friend to ‘Infinity’ a glow in the dark maze, which was pretty cool but not a highlight and we headed out for a few drinks at Retro - a club that is famous for its cheesy 90s music!
First day back in the east coast of Australia is a flight from Melbourne to Gold Coast! I’m staying in Bunk in Surfers Paradise and already I love the place! There is a bar crawl on the Wednesday night and I meet a German girl in my room Dina, and we meet a few people at pre drinks and play drinking games. By the time it’s time to go out I’ve drank a lot of goon and I’m feeling confident. We go to a few bars and get a free drink and then we head to two clubs, bedroom and sin city. I only pay the cost of the bar crawl all night and it’s such a good night mostly dancing on the stage.

2 January 2018

Spent Matts birthday with his Dad and Doreen. We went to Gracebrook Winery for lunch and then took a steep walk up to Powers Lookout where we could see all of the King Valley. It was a beautiful day!

1 January 2018

We were up early on New Year’s Day as we were quite hungover and the sun was directly on our swag. Luckily everyone else was in bed so me and Matt went for breakfast and then went exploring Corowa. We found some really nice walking tracks, we saw cockatiels in abundance, horses, kookaburras and even found some cicada shells

30 December 2017

Doing my best Ned Kelly impression! We stopped over at Matts dads house on the way to Corowa for New Years and Glenrowan is famous as the last siege place of Ned Kelly and his gang. The very Aussie thing to do is create a giant statue of it in his honour!
Woolshed Falls in Beechworth, finishing 2017 exploring ⛰

20 December 2017

Ivanhoe Christmas Lights with Matt 🎄💡

10 December 2017

Wasteflex Christmas Party at Crowne Metropol! We got a room at Crowne, a free drinks package and breakfast included. We ended up at Hopscotch after the drinks ended and it was quite an eventful night! Loved seeing the girls I worked with one last time

25 November 2017

Reunited with Alice in Melbourne! Such a fun day/night! After getting lost in Melbourne we ended up at Munich Brauhaus where we met these 2 Aussie guys who ended up being a really good laugh. After trying (and failing!) to beat some 10 year old cheerleaders to a handstand competition we headed home very drunk!

22 October 2017

Day at the races! Caulfield Cup Day 2017 with Matt, Sam & Lara, Brodie & Dave, Belly & Menzies 🏆🐎🥂

24 September 2017

The girls from work decided that I needed the full Aussie introduction and took me to the Melbourne show! It’s mostly fair ground rides, petting zoos and animal shows but I absolutely loved it, especially the world famous show bag pavilion! 🎪🎡🎢

25 August 2017

Hawks v Western Bulldogs tonight which was a big rivalry considering Matt backs for Hawks and Belly is a dogs supporter. The three of us, Sarah (dogs) and Bec (Hawks) went with one of Belly's friends Menzies. It was actually one of my favourite nights, we headed in on the train together and went for dinner at a pub nearby before the game. The game we all ended up swapping seats and at some point I ended up next to Bec and in hysterics trying to teach me to talk like an Aussie. We won which was awesome considering it was Hodgey (club legend) last game. Even the trip home wasn't too bad, we picked up some churros in the station and had a laugh on the train, most of us were a bit tipsy.

29 July 2017

We head in to the city for Belly's birthday and because we head in so late we end up staying there until the early hours of the morning where we think it's a great idea to go back to Ham's place in Richmond and keep drinking! I end up dancing in the living room and then passing out on the couch but I remember that it was a pretty awesome night.

28 July 2017

Hawthorn v Sydney Swans for the 19th round clash at the MCG. Surprisingly we actually won! Great game considering they were the favourites to win

21 July 2017

Date night and my first experience of Lygon street is this cool little Italian restaurant called Compass. They have a live pianist and some awesome gnocchi (although naturally I went for the lasagna and mulled wine!)

16 July 2017

Me and Matt finally made the trip to Sunbury to see Jackie and the rest of the Oz family. We went to Sams house which is an eco house they built from scratch using straw bales! The house is amazing, I loved it and even better they showed me a family album Sam had put together when Nan had cancer. It has so many photos of my aunties and uncles as kids and even some of my dad growing up. I actually never knew my Nan was hospitalised for having a mental breakdown but she looked like she had a hell of a time when she was younger. It was a great day, I can't wait to catch up with them again soon.

8 July 2017

Brodie took me to meet some of her friends at a fromagerie on Lygon Street. We had a sparkling cheese board each which consisted of 4 cheeses and accompanying sparkling wines. It was to die for, especially the bread they gave you to accompany it. It reminded me of something Emily would have loved. We were there for hours and I loved having a girls day for once

1 July 2017

I finally got Matt on a horse! It was such a good day, we went to a trekking centre in the Dandenong ranges and considering it is winter here, we got sunshine all day! Unfortunately the group were a little slow for my liking but we did get a couple of canters in (matt too!) but thankfully I could just relax and enjoy the scenery, Australia is beautiful...

23 June 2017

Lara took me out for the first time in Richmond with her friends and let me experience a proper night out in Melbourne. We drank A LOT and it ended up being quite an eventful night but I loved it and I found a new favourite bar, Maeve Fox and a new favourite cocktail - Apple Cinnamon Crumble.

14 June 2017

Winter Night Markets at the Queen Victoria Markets means heaps of food stalls and lots of mulled wine! It was nice to see the city all lit up too ❄️🍷

12 June 2017

Matt took me to visit Mt Buller which is a mountain range a few hours from Melbourne that is a ski resort in the winter months due to the amount of snow up there. We only went for a day but we had fantastic weather for it and we had so much fun sledding on the empty slopes - definitely not what you’d expect from Australia 🏂

10 June 2017

It's mine and matts ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Well. Kinda. It's the day we first started speaking and what a year it's been! To celebrate my first week in full time employment we went to Nykos Greek Restaurant for dinner which was delicious but we ate SO much because we got a sharing starter which was way bigger than we expected and then a main each 🙈
Great Hawks game vs Gold Coast tonight, we won! And because it wasn’t a really popular game we got seats right at the front of the stadium just for a change of view and we even got on TV!

5 June 2017

Sioned arrived in Melbourne! She is currently doing a year in New Zealand but she was in Melbourne for a couple of nights so we decided to catch up. We ended up going for some amazing food on Southbank and then headed to Munich Brauhaus where we met up with Matt for drinks.

4 June 2017

Sightseeing around Melbourne - Houses of Parliament is a really impressive building
Queen Victoria Markets - ideal place to pick up some fresh fruit and veg, meat and unique trinkets

3 June 2017

Matt and I decided we wanted to go out for the night and found an Irish bar with some live music that was very much his scene! We ate stew and then got really drunk on beer watching this awesome band who sang everything from Irish folk to rock and indie. They were fantastic and Matt enjoyed himself so much that he even went and spoke to the guitarist after (definitely drunk Matt!)

30 May 2017

We’re heading home today but of course we’re going to stop off at the Chocolate factory on our way! 🍫

29 May 2017

Today we visited the wildlife park and although those kind of things I usually really enjoy anyway I have to say this is the best one I have visited! They had wedge tailed eagles, so many kangaroos and emus (slightly scary!) roaming round you could feed and I could even get up close to the wombats! Plus cassowaries, snakes, koalas and so many more. Well worth the entrance fee!
We were recommended to a couple of wineries by one of Matt’s friend who visits often so we spend the day sampling the best wine and cheese that Phillip Island had to offer

28 May 2017

My birthday present from Matt was to go and see the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island, it was amazing! You go at sunset and Matt paid an upgrade so that we could stand on a platform near to their nesting sites and you see them come in from the sea and make their way along the path right next to us to their nests. You can’t take any pictures as the flash disorientated them but I’m glad as I was able to enjoy it without all the tourists trying to take pictures. Such a memorable night

27 May 2017

Birthday dinner at Mario's in San Remo! It was amazing, we ordered a bottle of prosecco (I was already on my way from drinking my vintage beforehand), we had bruschetta for start and then I had chicken with feta and tzatziki and matt had beef cheeks in red wine jus for mains. It was SO good! Especially Matt's 😂 it just fell apart in your mouth. We had chocolate mousse cake for pudding too so we just passed out when we got back to the room!

26 May 2017

Matt and I have decided to go to Phillip Island for my birthday! I’m so excited as it’s a new place for me and a little getaway for the both of us. We booked a really nice hotel in San Mereno which is just before the entrance to the island.

19 May 2017

Matt and I decided to take a stroll through the Botanic Gardens as I’ve been pestering him to take me to see them since I got to Melbourne. They’re amazing! Sprawling gardens set in the heart of the city with the Melbourne skyline in the distance. It’s autumn here now so it was just so pretty 🍃🍂

13 May 2017

Today Brodie took me and her friend Nicole to visit the Mornington Peninsula, famous for wineries amongst other things! We also visited Arthur’s Seat which is a lookout point which has a cable car and a few of the other sights in the area (but mostly got very drunk!)

10 May 2017

Visiting one of my favourite places in Australia - the Dandenong ranges.

7 May 2017

Collingwood v Carlton AFL game at the MCG

5 May 2017

Caught up with Jess who I met on the east coast and we decided to finally do the tourist thing in Melbourne so went up the Eureka tower to see the views across Melbourne

4 May 2017

My first visit to St Kilda, the seaside town that most backpackers call home. We walked along the sea front, ate a pub lunch in the sun, got an ice cream and took a picture outside the infamous Luna Park. It’s not nearly as bad as Matt described, it’s actually quite charming - he’s clearly never been to a UK seaside town!
Sightseeing again today involved visiting the State Library of Victoria. It’s very central in the city and it’s famous for its architecture, particularly the dome room. There was an exhibition on Ned Kelly which was quite interesting for me as a non-Australian as he’s a bit of a legend here.

29 April 2017

Holey Moley Golf and Cocktails with Matt, Sam & Lara, Josh & Bec. GIRLS WON 🏌🏼‍♀️
Matt and I were meeting up with his friends Ham and Belly and their girlfriends Bec and Lara for mini golf and drinks so we all decided to meet up in the city for dinner beforehand. We decided on China town so I could experience dumplings! They were delicious

23 April 2017

After lunch Matt took me to see my first live game of AFL at the MCG. We went to see Hawks v West Coast. The MCG IS HUGE - it holds 100k people although this was a quiet game so we got to sit right near the pitch. I love how both sides sit together in this sport and although it was a quiet game the atmosphere was awesome, and we won (it helps!)! I'd had prosecco with lunch and then we were buying trays of beer at the game so I was very drunk when dave picked us up from the station, apparently I kept asking him to get married! It was a pretty great day though
I arrived back in Melbourne very late on the 21st April after travelling all day and loved catching up with Matt who was now in a sling after having a shoulder reconstruction whilst I was at the ranch. That weekend his sister Jules was over from Perth so his mum organised a family lunch at the house and I got to meet her and the other sister Kelly, they're such an amazing family and I felt right at home

20 April 2017

I have grouped the next week in one post as a lot happened that week and although I was glad of the experience I cut it short by a week because in the end I hated it. The main guy John is the meanest man I've met, he used very old fashioned methods to break horses in (although preaching natural horsemanship on their website) which led to us having a few disputes and in the end he was practically bullying me, the final straw was when he beat one his dogs to a pulp and made me cry. I also hated his bitch of a wife, the lack of food, the thousands of kids with no basic manners and the lack of anything to do or meaningful conversation at the ranch in the evenings. Saying that, the experience involved me shooting a gun for the first time, going 4WD, getting the real 'cowboy' experience, seeing a cow killed and cut up (sounds gruesome but seriously interesting), meeting some interesting trail riders and getting my horsey fix!!

13 April 2017

My first night at Garrawilla ranch was really something! There was no mobile phone reception, no TV and no form of entertainment other than watching the stars which were amazing. They set up a campfire and we roasted marshmallows, I couldn't have wrote it better.
I finally got to Bingara although it surprised me how much I enjoyed Tamworth in the end! It makes Tamworth look huge and initial impressions is that I'd really like it there, the main guy John seems nice enough and the ranch is beautiful

12 April 2017

Tamworth also happens to be the country music capital of Australia which is pretty fitting after spending a few hours here. The main tourist attraction is the giant golden guitar which didn't hold much appeal to me not loving country music all that much except to say that I'd been. I didn't bother paying for the museum but I did buy a cowboy hat, seemed like a good investment considering I was about to spend the next week on a ranch! I included mine and Matt's text conversation as it made me chuckle, our sense of humour is so childish 😂
I had a whole day to explore Tamworth so I googled some of the attractions of this little town. Firstly I headed up to Oxley Park lookout point, it was a hell of a walk in the heat and it's not the best lookout I've been to but it was free and it was a beautiful day. I finally saw a magpie swooping sign and sent it to Susie to prove I wasn't making it up although I couldn't believe it myself to be honest.

11 April 2017

I've listed this as 'Worth Seeing' because it turns out that Tamworth is a little hidden gem! I'm so glad I accidentally ended up here it's a real introduction to country life and I really like it here. I scored my own room in the hostel and after a quick nap I just explored and ended up getting a Thai takeaway, a few ciders and watching 13 reasons why in the hostel lounge. This is living!
Today consisted of an 8 hour train from Sydney to Tamworth only to discover that the bus I needed to catch at the other end doesn't run on a Tuesday and it's the only day of the week that it doesn't! It looks like I'm staying in Tamworth tonight, luckily there is a YHA across the road that has a spare bed

10 April 2017

First stop on my way to the ranch is Sydney and coincidentally my favourite travelling friend Aimee from Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam is also in Sydney for 1 night before she starts her east coast tour! We both get in really late but as Aimee only has the one night in Sydney she wants to do the Harbour and as this is my third time here now I agreed to take her for a tour which also gives us a chance to catch up. She has done so much since I last saw her and it makes me wish I'd travelled a bit more! I've missed her more than I realised and wished I'd met her on the east coast. I'm hoping we don't lose touch when she goes back to England. The funniest thing was because we didn't get to the opera house until like 1am there were no tourists which really worked in my favour when I fell down the Opera House steps 🙈 early start to Barraba in the morning!

9 April 2017

It looks like I'm heading back to NSW! I think I'm delaying going back to work for as long as possible as I'm enjoying the holiday lifestyle way too much but it seems like fate that this opportunity came up when I was flying back from the East Coast and I don't yet have a job. At worst it's another experience to add to my belt and I get a horsey fix for a few weeks!

8 April 2017

After spending the day shopping for an outfit I head to Fitzroy to meet Leah for food at Hawker Hall. It personifies Melbourne perfectly as its small and quirky but with an awesome atmosphere and great food. We head back to the Fitzroy Beer Garden where we were drinking the other day but now rather than a dingy pub it's been turned in to a lively bar with a DJ and a dance floor. Leah's friends showed up at 1 and I had spent far too much money and still wasn't drunk so I headed home in the most expensive uber of my life.

6 April 2017

I messaged Matt and me and Leah went to meet Matt and his work mate for a drink I'm Fitzroy. We got drunk a little too quick on the passionfruit cocktails so we called it a night at 8pm after a seriously good souvlaki and agreed to meet up on the weekend for a drink. We ate at Chin Chin near AC/DC lane and I tried goat curry, it was amazing
Leah that I met on the east coast was in Melbourne for the week so we met for a catch up and to explore Melbourne a bit. The guy she was staying with is a tour guide so he gave us a list of must-see's and a great walking tour route. I feel as though I thoroughly know Melbourne these days!

3 April 2017

Back in Melbourne and getting cabin fever trying to decide my next move so I decide to explore Yarran Dheran nature reserve with Steele. It tired us both out!

29 March 2017

Surfing lesson in Surfers Paradise. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be and I was the only one to stand on the board the first wave I rode! Another one to tick off the bucket list

28 March 2017

This was a highlight of the day! The tiger show was amazing, we were quite close considering and all of the methods involved just playing with the tigers so it all felt ethical and the water pool allowed us to see the tigers at full length.
I finally got to hold a Koala!! It felt like the weight of a baby and their fur is just as soft as you would expect, I was totally in love 😍🐨
The Gold Coast is the theme park capital of Australia so the next day me and Dionne headed to Dreamworld, generally considered as the best one for rollercoasters but they also have animal attractions. We had great weather and overall I really enjoyed the day but Dionne isn't someone I would usually choose as a friend and there weren't as many attractions as I would expect for a key theme park, it was quiet but we had done everything by mid afternoon.

27 March 2017

That night we headed up to the SkyPoint observation deck. We went up just before sunset so that we could see it in the daylight, during sunset and at night. There was a bar and cafe up there so we stayed for a few hours with a drink.
We arrived early so we decided once we had checked in to spend a few hours at the beach, it's the nicest beach I've been on so far and it's so chilled out
A girl from my bus called Dionne was staying in my hostel so we went sightseeing around Surfers Paradise whilst we were waiting to check in. I love it here, you get the city vibe but also the beach!
Swanny picked us up from Byron Bay and it's the first place I wished I had stayed longer so far on the east coast. We stop off at this lookout to see the full extent of the Gold Coast skyline, I'm so excited because I've heard good things but I'm a little gutted as I lose the friends I've made so far at this point

26 March 2017

I spent this night in the hostel room with Mona, Tilda (Swedish) and Guido (Dutch), we just played card games and chatted for hours, it was nice to just have a night off from alcohol and hanging out with people from all over the world - definitely my favourite part of travelling
On the way back we stopped at a vegetarian/vegan cafe that is gluten free, organic etc etc...very Byron Bay! These were oat pancakes that nearly bankrupt me but they were bloody delicious
Me and Mona (German) and Ashton (Canadian) decided to get up early to hike up to the lighthouse to see the sunrise. It was a real walk and I'm glad we did it early before it got too hot. It was worth it though, we chatted to the locals who are so friendly, saw pretty much all of Byron Bay and the views were amazing

25 March 2017

Everyone is quite drunk at this stage after a bit of an adventure to get to the 'club' in the first place. I end up playing truth or dare with two total randoms I've just met, I actually headed home early because I was too drunk and I'd had my $7 prosecco thrown over me, great night though
Byron Bay is awesome. This is my hostel and I love it and I'm finally with a group of people I like. My roommates are so friendly and this is pre-drinks. We played drinking games with the Loka group and I drank way too quick
We stop off in Yamba on the way to our next stop to see these amazing cliffs, the water is so dangerous here as it comes in so fast but it's amazing to watch! I'm so glad to be leaving Spot X and hoping for some better weather in Byron Bay

24 March 2017

Again, our river retreat is cancelled due to bad weather (notice a pattern!) so we're stuck here for another night in freight containers, luckily we can still canoe although I'm freezing cold and wet by the time we finish!

23 March 2017

We are sleeping in freight containers as the tipi's we were supposed to sleep in are flooded. It was still raining so swanny got us all drunk playing drinking games and it turned out to be a really great night! We ended up on the beach which is always the sign of a good night - these girls were all awesome
Our next stop Spot X - a surf camp in Arrawara, NSW
We stop for lunch next to the beach in Port Macquarie. These rocks were amazing, they have all been painted individually, some as remembrance to loved ones. I'm learning a lot about New Zealand from the girls in my group, it's made me want to add it to my bucket list
Relieved to be leaving Barrington Tops after all of our activities got cancelled due to bad weather we were on the road again and this time stop off at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Again, it felt like a bit of a let down - it was quite small, there was no guide so no back story about them and I thought we might be able to hold one, this was the only decent picture I could get.

22 March 2017

I decide to make more of an effort with this group than UltimateOz and it actually turns out to be a pretty great night, we play drinking games, table tennis and somewhere a long the line chickens become involved...I spend more than I should but I feel better with this group than the last
First stop Barrington Tops is an activity centre in the middle of nowhere in NSW. It's misty and cold and we're in the hills so there is no phone reception but I like the idea that with one social area it will force everyone to socialise a bit
First day of the Loka tour and we head to a winery in the Hunter Valley, its a gorgeous day and the group start to mingle pretty early on. Our tour leader Swanny is crazy but in terms of wine tasting it's not the best
Back in Sydney to start my East coast tour tomorrow!

20 March 2017

Me and Matt's mum Di decide to hang out and get to know each other so we take the dogs down to Warrandyte and they splash in the river. We laugh so much getting lost on the way back which is something that Matt and Dave make fun of her for apparently

17 March 2017

I decide to head in to the city to explore some more and wander around the graffiti trail. I love this city!

14 March 2017

Super happy to be back in Melbourne but now that Matt is back in work I only have Steele to hang out with. We go for brunch because it's sunny and I want to get out of the house, he's a super star

12 March 2017

The closest I'll get to British fish and chips, bloody delicious
Coogee to Bondi coastal walk, last activity with UltimateOz and heading back to Melbourne tonight. It was a serious walk in the heat but Bondi was well worth it!

11 March 2017

Last night with the UltimateOz crew and we head on a bar crawl and party bus, it starts well but I end up going home early - Sydney nightlife is crap
Day off from the group so me, Hannah and Leah spend the day relaxing in Manly

10 March 2017

Heading back to Sydney today so it's a travel day, the journey feels like it's taking way longer to go back than it did to get here and I'm running out of things to talk about with Hannah 😩 only thing to do is admire the scenery out the window...

9 March 2017

We have a wildlife presentation with some more creepy crawlers and I get to hold a pretty big python, luckily no spiders!
Relaxing on one mile beach for all of half an hour before the sun went in! Standard NSW luck with the weather
Just chilling with the resident eastern grey kangaroo Josie
We head up to Mt Tomaree point, the view is amazing which it has to be because it nearly kills me getting up there (and it's a little windy!)
It was actually so much fun and I'm starting to make good friends in Hannah and Leah
Today we head out on the sand dunes to do some 4WD, Sandboarding and pippee racing on the beach (little sea creatures that come out of their shells to bury themselves in the sand!)

8 March 2017

We head to base camp in Port Stephens, we're out in the middle of nowhere and we're finally seeing some of the Aussie wildlife we heard about...

7 March 2017

Boat trip on the harbour, it should have been an awesome party cruise but it rained and everyone was being boring so I put my songs on the speakers and chatted to the driver, he even asked for my number 😂

6 March 2017

I loved the story about Harbour Bridge that someone cut the opening ribbon in protest and the aussies just tied it back together and carried on regardless, very Aussie..
Sydney sightseeing tour on our first full day with Ultimate Oz including the Botanic Gardens, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Hyde Park

5 March 2017

Heading to Sydney for my Oz intro week, excited to see a new part of Australia

3 March 2017

Me and Matt go to a drive in movie in Coburg to see Trainspotting 2, he puts a mattress and a blanket in the back of the ute and we lie under the stars eating popcorn and drinking prosecco. The best date I've even been on in my life!
Matt cooks marinated Kangaroo on the BBQ in true Aussie style, it tastes amazing and it's so lean
Had lunch and wine tastings at Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley - the best rose I have ever tasted 🍷
Wombat Pat and Play with Maggie 😍
Visited Healesville Animal Sanctuary with Matt to learn all about Australian wildlife

2 March 2017

Sky High Point - the highest point in the Dandenong Ranges, you can see all of Melbourne from here!
Ate dinner at the Pig and Whistle English pub - pumpkin soup, amazing sticky toffee pudding and Mulled wine!
Olinda Falls and the Dandenong Ranges

1 March 2017

12 Apostles
Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park, saw my first roo and fell in love with a llama!
Great Otway National Park

28 February 2017

Air BnB cabin in Apollo Bay, we ate the most amazing Italian this night!
Great Ocean Road with Matt

27 February 2017

First day in Melbourne - Federation Square and Flinders Street on city tour with Matt