Europe, Africa · 12 Days · 59 Moments · July 2018

Amy's adventure in Spain,Portugal and Morocco

17 July 2018

Random pics other people sent me later

16 July 2018

Final Dinner in Nice
More at the Monte Carlo where I won big... a whopping 1.15 euros And a sneaky picture of the slots. No photos were allowed 😜
More of the Monte Carlo
Starting place of the Grand Prix and walk past the high end shops and fancy cars by the Monte Carlo Casino
A trip to Monaco... and another very, very long walk up the hill to the Palace for some views where I felt deserving of a Peanut Butter Crepe
A walk to the train station and views of Villefranche sur Mer from the train

15 July 2018

World Cup finals France vs Croatia at Wayne’s Pub. I luckily was invited by an older fellow Canadian to share his table because the whole city was packed. We met 2 more Canadians as well and he bought us all champagne at the end! The place was crazy and nothing will top the excitement in the city. Place Massena was a party all night... though I headed home fairly early before things got out of hand... I’m glad they won though! I would have hid away all night if they didn’t 😬😝
A very, very long walk up the colline du Chateau... but the views were worth it
A homemade breakfast (minus the fresh baked croissant from the boulangerie), then a trip to the Sunday market at Cours Saleya.
Morning run along the Promenade des Anglais. To the port and back around almost to the airport. Then a swim in the Mediterranean to cool Off. 9AM at the beach and it was already hot

14 July 2018

Concert by the Nice Philharmonic and fireworks, light show/ balloons at the beach. A light was lit for each victim of the attacks in Nice on Bastille Day 2 years ago
The Bastille Day Parade and then a stop at the Cours Saleya, and the church Ste Reparte and another traditional Nicois dish, Ravioli Nicoise a sauce Daube. Also rose from the region provided by my apartment owners
A stroll through Nice, and a stop for lunch at Chez Pipo, where I had a traditional dish of Socca. Made from fried chickpeas... delicious! And then a stop at the beach
Arrival in Nice and my cute apartment... fantastic location and very clean and spacious. Loved it! Minus maybe the stairs up to the 6th floor 😂 It’s their National Holiday today, Bastille Day!

13 July 2018

Back to Madrid... a little stroll around the San Miguel market and now back at the Cats Hostel to get ready for my flight
A stop in Consuegra to see the Windmills made famous in Don Quixote and then Toledo

12 July 2018

Tapas crawl followed by an Irish karaoke bar. Traditional tapas you order a drink and they bring you a plate of food... you have no clue what it will be... luckily I’m not picky and it was all delicious...
No pics in the spa but I got a picture in the lobby and the brochure to show... a series of warm, Hot and cold baths with a steam room and essential oil massage... so relaxing!!! Loved the Granada Hammam spa
Lunch and a stroll around the markets and cathedral in Granada Also some pomegranate gelato because Granada means pomegranate. So I had to
Visit to the most visited place in Spain the Alhambra. The oldest Muslim Palace in the world. Originally build in the 13th Century, then reconstructed/ added onto since then. The Christians conquered and took It over in the 1492, and there are many changes to it, but still some of the original structure is there
Some shots I stole from others from the kayaking tour in Lagos. At the end of the tour they tied us to a boat so we didn’t have to kayak all the way back 😊

11 July 2018

Nighttime views and flamenco show
White Nest hostel and Tapas dinner
Stop for lunch and some views in Ronda. Bullring and the bridge
Group shot in Morocco
Views of Gibraltar and the countryside from The bus
Morning Run to the beach and then a walk through old town Tarifa

10 July 2018

Traditional Moroccan dinner
Through the markets and a visit to a pharmacy where we learned about the spices and oils Of Morocco and their natural health benefits
More Morocco... and our fantastic tour guide Ali
I could have taken pictures all day... so amazing. And so many cats. Hand of Fatima is for protection.
Arrival in Morocco.. a Mosque right by the port and they were just finishing up prayers.
Arrived in Tarifa and headed to the ferry to go to Morocco
Went kayaking in Lagos... photos to come when I get to download them from the website ... Portuguese Green Wine and fish dinner

9 July 2018

Mini golf and walk around Lagos...
Morning Run in Lagos Portugal

8 July 2018

Arrived in Lagos Portugal where I spent the afternoon on the rooftop pool. We then went to Nah Nah Bah, where they serve one of the best rated burgers in the world... the Toucan burger... totally get why it’s world famous. Then they took us on a pub crawl. Apparently dogs are welcome to wander in and out of bars here.
More of the Alcazar... also the location of Dorne in Game of Thrones
Plaza de Espana and some of my tour group
The Alcazar in Sevilla. A fortress and palace with sections as old as the 10th Century.
Tomb of Christopher Columbus

7 July 2018

Tapas and then the hostel rooftop patio (with a pool!)
Tapas in Spain... so much wine and food and under 10 euros. And then rooftop patio and pool at the hostel. Hostels sure are classier than I thought
Sevilla cathedral and around town
Hostel in Sevilla. Oasis hostel. Beautiful room with a balcony. Walking tour of the city. It’s hot, but shady because the streets are narrow and they put up canopies over the streets
And a little more Córdoba
When the Catholics took over Córdoba they converted this mosque to a Cathedral. So the architecture is Moorish/ Muslim, but the inside is all Catholic
First tour stop, the old town of Córdoba with cobblestone streets. So pretty! And hot hot hot

6 July 2018

Spent the afternoon Wandering the streets of Madrid... Parque de Buen Retiro, some Spanish Hot Chocolate from the famous chocolateria and sangria and World Cup on the Rooftop Patio at the hostel. Lovely day!
Cats hostel. Simple but does the job
Mmm free sangria
Plaza mayor
Royal palace
Arrived in the morning and couldn’t check in, so I dropped off my bags and went an a free walking tour. Beautiful city!