Australia · 16 Days · 35 Moments · September 2016

The Braddiicks adventure to Queensland, Australia

10 October 2016

On our way to the sunshine coast we stopped in at Noosa for a stretch it perfect timing as the sun was on its way down, it was so beautiful on the water.
Last day continued....
On our last day we decided to get up and watch the sunrise and venture away from the typical touristy spots and do a little exploring, we found an inland track that bypasssed two lakes and this was in the same direction we wereheading to get on our barge. We found Lake Birrabeen whoch was absolutely stunning and secluded, it is nestle amongst the bush. This was our favourite spot, just as beautiful as everywhere else but untouched an not populated which was very peaceful..

9 October 2016

Eli Creek etc continued...
And the last of the camp site...

8 October 2016

Day 4 we spent at Eli Creek and also visited the Maheno Shipwreck and the Rainbow Pinnacles. There is a dream time story behind the Pinnacles and also an old story about the shipwreck the kids loved hearing these and were so fascinated. Eli creek was a beautiful fresh water creek that joins onto the eastern beach it has a current and you float from one end to the other.
Camp site continued....
Lake Wabby Continued....
Day three we went for a bush walk to Lake Wabby, this was 2.3km one way through beautiful bush and opened up onto massive sand dunes it felt like we were in the desert, the lake wasnt as clear as the others we had visited but it was fresh water and so refreshing. There were little fish swimming around that suck on your feet. The kids loved it!!

7 October 2016

Photos of our Campsite on Fraser, we loved our spot surrounded by beautiful trees and wild life. We had games of volley ball, played cards, told stories and had a camp fire with our new friends on the last night. Amarli especially love making sure she was covered head to toe in dirty sand daily.
Last pics of champagne pools
Champagne pool continued....
On our 2nd day we drove up the eastern beach to Indian head and Champagne Pools. The name Champaigne Pools was given as the waves come in crash into the rocks creating a bubble like effect over the nature made rock pools. The water was crystal clear and there were fish swimming all around us so beautiful.

6 October 2016

Lake Mckenzie continued...
Lake Mckenzie continued...
Oon our first day we spent the day at Lake Mckenzie, this fresh water lake was so beautiful the kids loved it there, they have strict rules on fraser we were not allowed to eat at the lake, and had to sit in an enclosed picnic area to be protected from dingoes. We didnt see any there but did see one on the eastern beach this was the only dingo we seen on our whole trip.

3 October 2016

Our last day on the goldy we spent at our holiday village swimming i didnt get many photos except this action shot of marls haha. She also went down the big slide with me too her idea! !
Today we took the kids to Pancakes on the rocks!! It was delish
Seaworld!!! What an amazing experience lyss and axel had, they got to meet 3 seals, feed them, teach them tricks and hug them. They learnt lots of interesting facts about them too!

3 October 2016

I forgot our group pic in the 'olden days' can you believe anarli was screaming the whole time? She hated the people there. Lol.
Surfers continued....
Surfers Paradise with the Crillys and Danielle!

1 October 2016

Seaworld continued

30 September 2016

More pics from the bike ride 😄
We hired some bikes and went on a beautiful bike ride along the esplanade all the way from mermaid waters to burleigh heads, around 18km return! Kids absolutely loved it!!
Time zone is so much fun the kids had a ball!!

28 September 2016

Movie world was amazing the kids loved it. Smiles all round!!
Some more from movie world

27 September 2016

And the beach fun 😄 amarli was so funny everytime we built a castle she destroyed it!!
More beach fun
Our first day at the resort we swam and went for a bike ride tp the beach 😍

26 September 2016

Our time in Coffs Harbour lots of fun was had at a great park we found and yummy dinner at the yacht club on the water.

24 September 2016

We are on our way! First stop Coffs Harbour
The rest of the pics 😄
And a couple more haha