North America, Asia · 8 Days · 18 Moments · April 2017

Amy Jane & Shauno in Japan

26 April 2017

Okonomiyaki made right in front of us in Hiroshima. We ordered the house special, and our giant noodle pancake had udon, pork, cabbage, scallions, fish paste, cheese and surely other ingredients I didn't catch. Perfect with 🍺 and lots of cold water.

24 April 2017

Traveling from Kyoto to Uno Port, the mainland connection to Naoshima, took us of the beaten path. Riding a commuter train through the countryside packed with workers and school kids on their ways home!
Nishiki Market FTW! Amy found octopus on a stick, and duck for me. The perfect shopping meal.
I could have walked through Nishiki Market all day. Sesame candies, seaweed dried and fresh, scallops, uni, squid, crispy chicken, monstrous daikon, shiitake, fresh soy milk, cherry blossom ice cream, oysters, sashimi on a stick, quail eggs, omelettes, everything on display.
Our Airbnb in Kyoto could not have been more amazing, and we had the most lovely and helpful host ever!!

23 April 2017

The lighting of the foliage at night in Kyoto was other-worldly.
The Temple Toji -- we ended up here by accident after getting on a city bus in the wrong direction. Proof that even mistakes in Kyoto are amazing and wonderful!
A few of the paths we followed along our way through Kyoto.

22 April 2017

The variety of styles from one home to the next was almost too much to take in. Loved seeing Japanese takes on European designs!

21 April 2017

Put on our kimonos and went up to the very hot onsen for a soak and a slightly higher view of the lake. When we finished, most of the clouds and fog had cleared leaving Mt. Fuji visible!!! 🗻 Amazing.
Exploring our first destination, the resort town if Fujikawaguchiko. What an amazing place to relax and regroup after traveling and the world!
The bus to Kawaguchiko was a mesmerizing ride out of the city. We passed colorful apartment towers before hitting so much green as we approached the Fuji Five Lakes region. We walked to our ryokan from the bus station on some seriously narrow streets. The traditional style room and view from its balcony were such a treat.
Amy make a friend!
A lovely morning walk and lots of time spent figuring out the Tokyo subway. We were lucky to see so much city out the window as we headed to the bus and train station.

20 April 2017

Flying over China was wild. Not pictured: bonkers turbulence.
Flying over the Arctic Circle on the way to Beijing.

19 April 2017

About to take off for Beijing. 12 hours of bad tv and drawing and reading!
All our stuff fits in carry-ons! Ready for 3 flights and almost 24 hours of travel.