North America, Asia · 10 Days · 24 Moments · October 2017

Niño and Amy's adventure in Bali

2 November 2017

Saying goodbye to "our beach" from the runway. So happy to find a normal toilet in Taipei. Loving the "mobile passport app" that sped us through customs ahead of 200 other people in line and out the door is just under 10 minutes! Sad to be away from Bali, but happy to be home.

1 November 2017

Last official day in paradise. Finishing up our trip with another fabulous breakfast view, and a morning at the beach. Sad to see say goodbye to our private pool, and departing in style being driven to the lobby by our butler. Loving premium economy and checking out some planes.

31 October 2017

Wrapping up our vacation and it turns out Bali is starting to celebrate a big religious holiday. The beach shops are all closed up, and restaurants are hard to come by. Still managed to find a decent plate of satay. Spending time in the private pool but trying to stay out of the sun. And finishing the day with afternoon tea in the Villa.

30 October 2017

Went to the "tanah lot" Temple, Bali's most photographed Temple. Found a sign for the "holy snake" but no snake... We stopped and grabbed a coconut snack. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset dinner followed by a fire dance.

28 October 2017

Finished off our day lounging on the beach to catch an amazing sunset, then dinner with our toes in the sand. It's going to be tough returning to the real world in a few days.
Definitely the highlight of the day and possibly of the entire trip so far-today we participated in the release of baby sea turtles into the ocean. Mine was a feisty one but Amy's was clearly saving his energy for the big swim ahead of him. Only one in a thousand baby sea turtles will survive to adulthood and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be mine.
Starting off our day by tallying up everything we've spent and how much more we have. It's like Monopoly money and so easy to spend! Then it's off for a dip in the pool!

26 October 2017

Relaxing and food today. Amy finally gets an order of chicken stay, afternoon tea, tropical fruit for breakfast, seafood lunch by the beach, and face timing with the kids.
Came back to the hotel and it was still pouring rain. Not the best way to end our day, but a great excuse for a nap!
Last stop - asked our driver to take us to the best Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig) in town. It wasn't bad but by the time we got there, they'd run out of the crispy skin. Amy didn't care for it but I enjoyed myself.
Next stop - terraced rice fields. Unfortunately it started pouring down rain and we got stuck under an awning. Took a quick pic with our driver and guide for the day Sofyan!
Next stop - visiting the Ubud monkey forest. Amy and I were amazed at the sheer amount of monkeys roaming around. $1.50 worth of bananas makes you really popular with the locals.
Next stop - checking out a coffee plantation and trying some "cat-poo-chino" (kopi luwak - Google it). It's not half bad! Enjoyed a complete coffee and tea tasting.
Next stop - batuan Temple. Rocking the sarong like a boss
First and second stops on our Ubud day trip - traditional barong dance and fabric weaving and dyeing shop
Starting off our sightseeing day with another fabulous breakfast view!

25 October 2017

Today was all about relaxing and enjoying the luxurious surroundings. I had some work to finish while Amy took a dip in the pool, we had spectacular views for breakfast and lunch. After the exclusively seafood dinner last night, Amy was happy to find a full breakfast, we spent the day on the beach, and came back to the butler pouring afternoon tea in our Villa. We ended the night with a massage on the beach but couldn't quite figure out the disposable underwear we were asked to put on. Tomorrow is a full day of walking and siteseeing.

24 October 2017

Heading out for a walk on the beach, grabbing a bite, and admiring or private pool at night. Dinner was 6 tiger prawns, small crab, clams, squid, red snapper, and rice... For about $25 for two people!
Checking out our Villa with private pool, indoor and outdoor shower, and so much more!!!
Just got to our hotel and this place is the stuff that dreams are made of. Right on the beach and nothing but the sounds of birds chirping and waves crashing. Got a ride to our Villa on a golf cart that we both could have out run, and got a tour of our gigantic Villa from our butler. Not a bad way to start our vacay.
On our way to Bali! Lucked out with a completely empty premium economy cabin! Found a handy hydration chart in the bathrooms, the Bali airport was a mad house with drivers and porters everywhere! Amy and I were introduced to heat and humidity while we waited for our car to arrive. And then we were introduced to teeny tiny streets filled with cars and motorbikes. It's probably best to keep your eyes closed.
Almost 14 hours later, we're beat but arrive safely in Taipei. The men's room proves to be a challenge, and I'm not sure what these tongs are for but I don't want to know.

23 October 2017

Thank God I got a normal toilet.
Boarding our flight to Taipei. Premium economy ends up actually being worth it! Priority boarding, larger seats with more legroom and leg and foot rests! 12 hours into the flight, Amy discovers Sudoku