North America · 17 Days · 39 Moments · August 2017

Amy & Thomas' adventure to Canada!

6 September 2017

Finally back stateside today. Took the ferry into Port Angeles then drove the 2 hours to see our beardy friend CJ for some fun and sushi. On the ferry to Washington this am, we saw a pod of whales! Then while having lunch at Duke's, another pod was swimming right out in front of the patio, some mammas with their babies! Really perfect.

5 September 2017

Making our way around lovely Victoria. So much history and architecture here. Went to dinner at a place called Nautical Nellie's where I actually ordered a steak! Plus many ounces o wine🍷🍷🍷🍷 Victoria is one of my favorite adventures so far!
Started of our day at a local cafe called Nourish, best breakfast in Canada so far!! Made our way over to Butchart gardens, wow what an incredible place. The time and care that has gone into creating this place. So many different types of flowers, some I've never seen before. Lots of roses that remind my of Grandma Betty. Thomas took part in the local fare🌭

4 September 2017

Victoria is beautiful! We are staying right on the harbor which is a good change from tents and hostels. We have a pretty luxurious hotel. After checking in we walked around the harbor for some food then over to the famous Empress hotel for drinks. We walked down to the Warf and watched the sunset with a few beers in hand.
Taking the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria! This was a really cool ride. The ferry was HUGE and we stood on the sun deck the entire trip enjoying the windy sea air. T took a hint from Kylee and tucked his shirt way in because the wind kept blowing it up. There were some beautiful houses on the islands that we rode through.

3 September 2017

We rode our bikes through Stanley Park today, wow what a cool park! So many lush plants and huge old trees. We also rode to see the totem pole which are all over BC. Each one is unique and represents a story. We rode to second beach where we laid in the sun and played in the cold water for a bit then hit up happy hour. After showering from a long day in the sun, out for sushi! Probably the best sushi I have ever had.

2 September 2017

Made it to Vancouver after an 8 hour drive! This is a cool city. Found Lululemon headquarters!!

1 September 2017

Last stop of the day was Maligne Canyon. This was absolutely stunning - blue water running all the way through this slot canyon. With all kinds of waterfalls along the way. We were feeling pretty tired and smelled really bad, going on almost day 4 without a shower. We drove into town and were able to shower at the activity center for a few bucks but money well spent. Had a nice quiet dinner at a place in town called Earl's with a beautiful view of the Rockies. There were also musicians out all over the city, and opera singer! And a great folk band we heard on our way out of town. Gotta say it was a good day!
Drove to Maligne Lake and T was hungover as shit. We also got to see the start of the Tour de Alberta which was a pro bike race that started in Jasper this am, that was cool! We hiked around Maligne Lake and did the Moose Lake trail - I was hoping to see a moose but no go.

31 August 2017

Finally made it to Jasper! We had lunch at the Jasper brewery then made it kind of a down day. Set up camp, had a few beers at the brewery, then filled up our growler and took it back to camp which was right on the snaring river. We took our beers down to the river to enjoy and the smoke actually cleared out for a bit. We meet our neighbor Yan who came to join us for beers on the river and tried to not knock over the rocks! He also came over for dinner at our campsite where him and t drank a shitload of berr. He was a cool dude.
Also stopped at Athabasca falls which was absolutely breathtaking. It was so powerful to see water carving out such intense caves and potholes in the rocks. It was also sad to see that many people have died at these waterfalls , the power of the falls completely overpowers people and the drown or die of hypothermia.
On our way to Jasper! Stopped at Sunwapta Falls on the way there. We hiked down to the lower falls and there weren't many people on the trail so we had the lower falls to ourselves.

30 August 2017

Made a nice dinner at our lovely campsite at Icefields then watched the moon rise above the Glacier. The smoke has been turning the sun and moon orange in the am. Pretty eerie and beautiful at the same time.
We took a super cool ice crawler thing up to the Athabasca Glacier which was so cool! It was obviously freezing but it was worth it. The blue color that peeks out around the ice is so much more pronounced in person. Really spectacular! The smoke from the fires was pretty bad this day so visibility wasn't great when we went out to the Glacier Skywalk which I wasn't too excited about standing on for very long. We were able to see a mama mountain goat and a baby right below us! First wild life we've seen all trip. From the skywalk you can see the Rockies lingering behind us. So pretty!
Stopped at the toe of the Althabasca Glacier for a photo op. Glaciers are fascinating.
Stopped at the Two Jack Lake for coffee in the Adirondack chairs that must have been put there for us. The view was smokey from the wildfires burning in BC but still eerie and beautimous at the same time.

29 August 2017

Went to dinner in Banff at the bowling alley but stopped for a photo op on the bridge. The views are so spectacular here! Went to dinner at the High Roller bowling alley, good pizza and 48 beers on tap! 🍻
Banff has natural hot springs that were a perfect end to our long hiking day!
Our hike up to the teahouse at the Plain of Six Glaciers. I had an orange pekoe tea, T had a strawberry tea. They serve and make 1 hot meal and 1 cold meal a day. The workers obviously live, work, and make all of the food up there and most of the ingredients must be brought up by horse. Really neat sight, patio had great views of the glaciers!

28 August 2017

Our campsite at the Two Jack Main campground and me using my new selfie stick! We played a few games to exploding kittens, Thomas kicked my ass...and we drank a few beers and a few glasses of wine.
Next stop, Lake Louise! The pictures don't even do this place justice. The lake is BLUE, and the mountains surrounding the lake are magnificent.
Made it to Banff! A highlight of our trip so far. Parking was super crowded downtown so we parked a ways away and rode our bikes into downtown. Our first stop - beer and lunch! We went to a local distillery called Park and sat on the patio with a few local beers. I had a veggie sandwich and T had fish tacos that were amazing. By the time we got done with lunch it was time to check into our campsite at the Two Jack main campsite. We rode back to the truck along the river that flows through Banff, then continued up to the Banff Springs Hotel which looks like a castle at the top of a hill! The view was incredible. We decided to stay there for a beer and take in the view a bit longer. We can tell we've been spending alot of time together since we hardly spoke the whole happy hour. Plus the view left us speechless too.

27 August 2017

Walking from Kensington back downtown where we stopped for a few rooftop drinks before going back to the hotel to watch the season finale of game of thrones! Such a fun day.
Walking around in downtown Calgary! After the river walk we walked to a neighborhood called Kensington and went to the Kensington pub for fish and chips, Shepard's pie, poutine, and lots of beer. It is here that I accidentally let out a fart that sounded like a trumpet on a very crowded very small patio 😳.
Walked from the hostel down to the river walk and over to Prince's Island Park. We stopped for a few afternoon drinks at a really great restaurant called River Cafe. Great atmosphere and awesome patio.
Starting off our day in Calgary, relaxing in the hammock of our hostel. The weather was perfection.

26 August 2017

We finally made it to Canada! After a full day of driving we set out to see Calgary. We walked to the bustling downtown area where the nightlife was pretty happening due to the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight. Joan came out for a visit on the way there but was quieted with some calamari and a bomb veggie burger. I ordered a margarita but should know was shitty. Went to a place called charbar for a nightcap on the rooftop patio where we took in the view of the river, complete with fireworks!

25 August 2017

Nature is so cool! Started the day off with some waterfall viewing (so cool!), followed by Old Faithful. From there we went to Grand Prismatic Spring - that place is wild. We visited Gibbon falls and mammoth springs. Capped off the day with drinks and dinner at the Mammoth Lodge where we saw some elk grazing on the grass!

24 August 2017

Hiked about 10 miles today to have an afternoon view! From our campsite we hiked to Hemeth (?) Point. Finished the day with some trout and beer.
I'd say it was worth it. Splurged for a night at Jackson Lake Lodge and woke up for the sunrise view.

23 August 2017

With all campgrounds and hotels being booked in Jackson and Teton National Park, we splurged on the last room available at Jackson Lake Lodge where we are likely the smelliest tenants they have welcomed into their resort. Looking forward to a bed and a shower tonight!
Short stop at Flaming gorge to gorge ourselves on that view!
Stopped at Dinosaur National park today for some fossil viewing and nerding out over stagasauraus see through bones and other partially assembled creatures.
Not a bad view to go to sleep and wake up to! Searched for a camp site all night and settled on this one. Started raining on us around 11pm so we set up the tarp. Naturally, it stopped raining once we got it set up then not anotha drop all night.πŸ˜”

22 August 2017

Made it to The delicate arch! Worth the hike in the heat. And the effort it took to hold up the arch, whew! what a doozy!
Arches National Park was so beautiful. I felt like I was on another planet
We biked slick rock! Kind of...we barely conquered the practice trail. It was rough but the scenery was worth it. The ride included a lot of walking my bike up and down hills. The last part of the ride was awesome. Thomas clearly struggled too!

21 August 2017

Stopped in Flagstaff to say hello to some special peeps! Stopped at Monument Valley for some pics of this beautiful place and a beer at the cafe on the San Juan.
Locked, loaded, ready to road trip. Canada here we come!